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Now, check out Like a Dragon Gaiden: Gaiden Guide. Just follow the steps and learn the best money grinding strategy!

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Like a Dragon Gaiden: Gaiden Guide

Obtain Chicken Man

You can purchase Chicken Man as the second fighter from the oil baron in the VIP casino section, located at the top of the stairs. This will require spending a few million yen to reach him through other fighters, attain Castle Platinum rank, and gather 3000 fans. Investing money is essential to make even more money.

(To earn the initial funds for Chicken Man, complete some of Akame’s requests, which provide a significant amount of money early on. Additionally, participate in the matches needed to achieve Platinum rank and gather the required 3000 fans.)

Upgrade Chicken Man

Chicken Man is most effective in combat after maximizing his friendship bond to level 3 with two Sakura Oath cups (600k yen each). Provide him with one of the 1.8 million yen combat guides to boost his level to 13. This will streamline the grinding process, as the max bond level allows his ability to instantly kill a boss every 30 seconds.

Combat Guide Combat guide for the three fights

1st fight:

  • (1) Dodge behind the enemy, use a light attack once, and heavy attack thrice to initiate juggling (keep punching the enemy to keep them in the air).
  • (2) Once the enemy is in the air, use the job action (grab/spider gadget button) twice to deal significant damage.
  • (3) After the first two hits with the job action, use a few heavy blows to potentially re-juggle the enemy in the air. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry, return to step 1, and you should be able to defeat most of the boss’s health in two tries.
  • (4) If you succeed in juggling the enemy twice, you should be able to finish the remaining health with a few light punches.

The 2nd fight employs the exact same strategy as the 1st one.

The 3rd fight only requires you to use your special heat action, pulling out a machine gun and firing it in a large radius to instantly kill the final boss.

Summary: This strategy can yield ¥327,888,000 in an hour. While there may be better strategies out there, give this one a try. Repeat this strategy as much as you like, and good luck.


¥327,888,000 in an hour:

3,643,200 every 40 seconds, 3600 ÷ 40 = 90, 3,643,200 x 90 = 327,888,000

Funds needed: 5.4 million in total

  • 800k for Yappi
  • 1.6 million for Chicken Man
  • Upgrades: 2 x 600k = 1.2 million + 1.8 million for the combat guide

800k + 1.6mil + 1.2mil + 1.8mil = 5.4 million in total