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Now, by taking a look at the Limbus Company: Seven Association Guide, you can find information about team building, details about the sections, and much more.

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Limbus Company: Seven Association Guide


Seven association focuses on Rupture, by all of it’s Ids inflicting it, they also have focus on Glut. sin, with all of their passives using it.

When hit by an attack, take fixed damage by the effect’s Potency. Then, reduce its Count by 1.

This status effect can be rather tricky to work with, it can be underwealming at times, but with the right setup, it can quickly blow through boss gimmicks.

The name of the game is maintaining Count, there aren’t a lot of Ids that finish on a positive count, most of them are negative ou neutral, so Ids like Seven Heath or EGOs like Dimension Shredder or Ebony Steam are really good.

Id’s TL;DR

Good damage dealer with neutral rupture generation.

Versatile support with good damage and positive/neutral rupture generation with her EGO.

Good rupture inflicter with positive rupture generation.

Good damage dealer and with a good passive, neutral rupture with his EGO.

Best clasher and really good support to slash.

[Faust] Seven South Section 4 ★★★

Before The Tea Cools: [3x Glut. Owned] When attacking with a damage type the target is “Weak” or “Fatal” (Resistance>x1) to, gain 1 Poise for each Rupture on target before the attack (Max 20 per turn)

Her passive is a nice damage boost on Slash weak characters or staggered enemies, outside of this scenario, it ist much useful.

Predictive Analysis: [Envy x3] (Slash)
Coin Power +1 for every 3 Rupture on target (Max 2)
[2] [On Hit] Inflict 3 Rupture

Her first skill is pretty generic, it can roll a 10 or a 12 with rupture.

Dissect Target: [Gloom x2] (Slash)
Coin Power +1 for every 6 Rupture on target (Max 2)
[Clash Win] Inflict 3 Rupture Count
[1] [On Hit] Inflict 3 Rupture
[3] [On Hit] If target hax 6+ Rupture, inflict Weakness Analyzed next turn

Her second skill can roll decently high for a second skill when the target has rupture, or even without rupture, its a nice damage dealer.

Profiling: [Glut. x1] (Slash)
[On Use] Deal +10% damage for every 3 Rupture on target (Max 50%)
[Clash Win] Inflict +2 Rupture Count
[2] [On Hit] Inflict 3 Rupture
[3] [After Attack] If target is Staggered or defeated, gain 1 Haste and 1 Slash Power Up next turn

Her third skill deals a pretty good amount of damage, plus you can get a nice damage boost on stagger or kill.

Summary: Faust Seven South Section 4 is a nice damage dealer for rupture teams, by having neutral rupture generation, unlike other rupture characters that have negative rupture generation. She is pretty decent but requires a rupture team to really shine.

[Outis] Seven Association South Section 6 Director ★★★

Grasping Vulnerabilities: [3x Glut. Res] When attacking a target with a damage type the target is “Weak” or “Fatal” to, deal +10% damage.

3x Glut. Res. is really easy to activate with a seven team, but 10% more damage will not change a lot.

Predictive Analysis: [Glut. x3] (Blunt)
In a clash, the opponent has -2 Clash Power.
1 [On Hit] Inflict 1 Paralyze next turn
[On Hit] Inflict 1 Rupture

All of her skills have the -2 Clash Power on then, making her first skill a 12 on paper.

Field Command: [Sloth x2] (Slash)
In a clash, the opponent has -2 Clash Power.
1 [On Hit] Inflict +1 Rupture Count
[On Hit] Inflict 2 Defense Level Down next turn
2 [On Hit] Inflict +2 Rupture Count
[On Hit] Inflict 2 Defense Level Down next turn

Her second skill is a nice slash skill, and powerfull debuffer, and it also has positive Rupture Count.

Exploit the Gap: [Lust x1] (Blunt)
In a clash, the opponent has -2 Clash Power.
If target has 7+ Rupture, Coin Power +2
1 [On Hit] Inflict 2 Offense Level Down next turn
3 [On Hit] Deal bonus Slash damage by 15% of damage dealt
[On Hit] Inflict Weakness Analyzed next turn

The third skill rolls high and inflicts Weakness Analyzed, its a good suport skill.

Summary: She is quite versitile, even in non-rupture teams, on top of heaving a really good speed range, she can act as good support.

[Heathcliff] Seven South Section 4 ★★

Instictive Read [4x Glut. Owned] When attacking a target with a damage type the target is “Fatal” to (Resistance>x1.5), inflict +1 more Rupture with skill effects.
If 4 or more surviving units, including this unit, are Seven Association Fixers, additional +1 more Rupture.

His passive is good, or useless depending on the enemy, it can make he into a powerfull rupture inflicter, or do nothing.

Intuition: [Wrath x3] (Slash)
If target has 6+ Rupture, Coin Power +1
1 [On Hit] Inflict 1 Rupture
[Heads Hit] Inflict 1 Rupture
2 [On Hit] Inflict 1 Rupture
[Heads Hit] Inflict 1 Rupture

His first skill doesn’t roll high, but it’s good for inflicting Rupture.

The Wrap—Up: [Envy x2] (Slash)
[Clash Win] Inflict +1 Rupture Count
1 [On Hit] Inflict 3 Defense Level Down next turn
[On Hit] Inflict +2 Rupture Count

His second skill is really good for inflicting Rupture Count, which is really important in a Rupture team.

Forensics: Glut. x1] (Slash)
If target has 6+ Rupture, Coin Power +1
1 [On Hit] Inflict +3 Rupture Count
2 [Heads Hit] Inflict 1 Rupture
3 [Heads Hit] Inflict 1 Rupture
4 [Heads Hit] Inflict 1 Rupture
[On Kill] Inflict +2 Rupture Count against the enemy with the lowest Rupture Count

Summary: Outside of a rupture team he is pretty useless, but on a rupture centric team, he is pretty amazing for the rupture infliction.

[Yi Sang] Seven Association South Section 6 ★★

Keen Observation [4x Glut. Res] In a clash, the opponent has -2 Clash Power.

His passiveis really good, it can change the outcome out a battle by actvating it.

Flèche: [Gloom x3] (Pierce)
1 [Heads Hit] Inflict 2 Rupture

His first skill is a generic seven skill, on part of being good for generating Gloom resources, it isn’t really good.

Riposte: [Glut. x2] (Pierce)
[Clash Win] Inflict 3 Paralysis next turn
[Clash Win] Inflict 1 Rupture Count
2 [On Hit] Inflict 1 Fragile next turn
[On Hit] Inflict 1 Rupture

His second skill doesent have a good roll range, but it has really good debuffs.

Moulinet: [Sloth x1] (Blunt)
1 [On Hit] +1 to Count of effect applied by the last Coin
2 [On Hit] +1 to Count of effect applied by the last Coin
3 [On Hit] Inflict 1 Pierce Fragility next turn
[On Hit] Inflict 1 Rupture

His third skill has a good roll range, and does a good amount damage, on top of inflicting Pierce Fragility.

Summary: He is really good for a rupture team, because of his EGO Dimension Shredder, it has a really good passive, which make your attacks not deplete rupture count, basically he is a good support.

[Ryoshu] Seven Association South Section 6 ★★

C.I.H. [5x Glut. Owned] Deal +10% Slash damage this turn.

10% damage isn’t going to change the world, but is nice to have.

Slash: [Sloth x3] (Blunt)
1 [On Hit] Inflict 2 Rupture

Her first skill is a generic skill, a part of being named slash and being a blunt type skill, it isn’t special.

Upper Slash: [Pride x2] (Slash)
Skill Power +2 Against units with Slash Fragility.
[Clash Win] Gain 1 Attack Power up next turn.
1 [On Hit] Inflict 2 Defense Down

Her second skill can roll really high with the right setup, on high sp, it becomes a good source of damage.

Swash: [Glut. x1] (Slash)
[Clash Win] This skill applies 2 additional stacks of Slash Fragility
1 [On Hit] Inflict 3 Slash Fragility next turn

The third skill is really good, it inflicts a pretty good amount of Slash Fragility, making other slash characters like Seven Faust and W. Don do a stupid amount of damage.

Summary: She is the best clasher of the Seven Ids, and she inflicts a really good amount of Slash Fragility making she good even in non rupture teams, the only bad part is that most of her skills are 1 coint attacks, maaking she inconsistent in low sp situations, and the fact that she doesent have any rupture support.


Seven Association is mainly focused on Rupture, making other Rupture Ids have good synergy with them.

Lobotomy E.G.O::Red Sheet Sinclair: This id is really good with other Seven ids if you know how to play around with the talismans.

K Corp. Class 3 Excision Staff Hong Lu: K. Lu on top of being arguably the best tank in the game, it has a good support to rupture by playing around with his K Corp. Ampule, plus he has his Dimension Shredder EGO, that increases his rupture support.

G Corp. Manager Corporal Gregor: He can act as a damage dealer, by using the rupture inflicted by the other Ids, plus he can act as a false tank, by his self-healing skills.

W Corp. L2 Cleanup Agent Meursault: He is good as a support, by using his support passive he can help set up rupture.


Dimension Shredder Yi Sang: this ego is really important if you want to use Seven Yi Sang, it’s passive makes your attacks not deplete rupture count, and it does a lot of damage.

Dimension Shredder Hong Lu: Less important that Yi Sang EGO, but it inflicts potentially 5 rupture count on it’s target.

Ebony Stem Outis: It’s passive is simmilar to Dimension Shredder Yi Sang, making her attacks do not deplete rupture count on heads hits.

AEDD Gregor: It inflicts Spark Discharge, which makes all gloom attacks have neutral rupture generation.