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Let's take a look at our Marauders Best Items For (HP, Pain, Armor, Stamina, Fatigue) guide and get familiar with all the details.

In this guide, we’ve covered Marauders Best Items For (HP, Pain, Armor, Stamina, Fatigue). Let’s head over to the guide now.

Marauders Best Items For (HP, Pain, Armor, Stamina, Fatigue)


This Health Guide is intended to provide clarity on basic game mechanics and give insight into how to maximize your results regarding choosing items and making decisions.

Use the Table of Contents to skip or find the appropriate section for you.

Below are some abbreviations I will be using throughout this guide:

Pirate Bandage = PB
Small First Aid = SFA
Pirate First Aid = PFA
Large First Aid = LFA


Maximum health is 100.

Damage formula: ((Shot Damage – Armour) x # of Projectiles) x Limb Multiplier = Damage Dealt

Body = 1x
Legs = 0.5x
Head = 3.25x

Whenever you receive damage, your health is decreased. This can be increased by consuming food or meds.

Chocolate – 6
Cracker – 6
Water – 6
Biscuit – 7.5
Food Can – 7.5
Large Water – 10
Ration – 12
Bandage – 12
PB – 14
SFA – 36
PFA – 39
LFA – 96


Whenever you receive damage from any source, a percentage of that damage is converted into pain.

Pain formula: Damage Received x 0.1175 = Pain gained

This is shown as the white portion on your health bar. You can heal pain with drugs.

Chocolate Spice – 5
Aspirin – 15
Spice – 25
Meth – 50
Morphine – 75


Whenever you receive bullet damage, you have a percentage chance to receive the bleeding status effect. Different guns/ammo types have different bleed chances. Bleeding does 3 damage/second for 60 seconds and stops at 10% HP.

Bleeding can be stopped with a bandage, SFA or LFA. Food/drugs will not stop the bleeding.

Helmets & Armour

Players and AI have 4 hitboxes:

  • Head
  • Torso
  • Arms
  • Legs

Helmets protects the entire head hitbox, including the face.
Armour protects the torso and arms.
Legs do not receive any protection from armour, but have a 50% base reduction from incoming damage.

Helmets and armour can have up to 2 values displayed in the top left of the icon.

The top value is Armour Protection, the bottom value is Blast Protection.

Armour Protection reduces incoming damage by 1 per point.

  • Damage Formula:
    ((Shot Damage – Armour) * # of Projectiles) * Limb Multiplier = Damage Dealt

Blast Protection reduces explosion damage by 10 per point (except explosive barrels), and bombardments while in disabled ships by 1 per point(may need correction).

  • Blast Damage Formula:
    (Explosive Damage – (10 * Blast Protection) * Limb Multiplier = Damage Dealt
  • Bombardment Damage Formula:
    Damage – Blast Protection = Damage Dealt


Maximum stamina is 100.

Stamina is consumed when sprinting, jumping, and when you ADS. Stamina naturally regenerates over time.

Chocolate spice, spice and meth can be used to “pause” your stamina consumption for X amount of time. This gives you unlimited stamina for X duration, and prevents your stamina from regenerating until X duration elapses.

Chocolate Spice – 25s
Meth – 50s
Spice – 125s


Whenever you consume stamina, a percentage of that is converted into fatigue. This is shown as the white portion on your stamina bar. You can heal fatigue with food.

Cracker – 4
Biscuit – 5
Canned Food – 10
Chocolate – 15
Water – 20
Large Water – 40
Ration – 50

Obtaining Meds

Meds are obtained by purchasing from the Trader (food, bandages, Aspirin and SFAs), crafting (PBs and PFAs) or looting from raids (medical bags, medical crates, salvaging, Vending Machines)

Buying bandages will be your primary method. You can buy SFAs from any Trader lvl 10 (except Pirates). You can buy Aspirin at Kingdom Alliance lvl 6 (XP from raid missions) and Pirates lvl 6 (XP from Zero to Hero contracts, unlocked specifically at rank 12)

The best way to obtain first aids/drugs is by salvaging, followed by looting med bags, using VMs (1 copper coin/SFA), and collecting med crates.

You can also collect disinfectant from common containers (garbage bag/can, cardboard/wooden boxes, filing cabinets/drawers).

I suggest you spend your disinfectant on crafting PFAs instead of PBs. My reasoning for this is that bandages are sufficient and can be bought from any trader, compared to SFAs which cannot be bought until your traders hit lvl 10.
The only other ways to obtain SFAs is through medical bags, medical crates, medic AI on Colony Cruiser, Vending Machines and other players. That is why it is better to spend disinfectant on PFAs: the jump from bandages>PFAs is much higher than bandages>PBs. Healing per second is much more important than total healing per cell

You receive 3x PBs per craft, and 3x PFAs per craft

Other Useful Tips & Info

  • Middle mouse is the default quick-use keybind.
  • You can cancel healing by pressing Fire once.
  • You recover stamina significantly faster while crouched.
  • If you want to be very conservative with your money, I recommend using food instead of meds to heal when fighting AI or if you are safe and have time. Once you acquire enough funds, you can use bandages more frivolously.
  • For your med loadout, I suggest:
    – 4-6 stacks of bandages
    – 2-4 aspirin
    – 2-4 waters/chocolates
    – 1-2 stacks of SFA’s
    – 1 LFA
    I recommend this as your minimum amount. Aim for the higher end if you are PVP focused or engage is heavy ship combat.
    This may seem expensive at first, but saving your life and/or winning the fight will allow you to keep your loot and help you snowball into a more bountiful stash, making this very affordable. Think of it like insurance.
    LFAs heal 96 HP total, and the high healing/second is vital in recovering from a firefight in short time.
  • Fill the remaining space in your bag with food. It is exceptionally cheap and gives you extra resources to spend instead of your more valuable meds. You can always drop it for better loot.
  • Always top up your fatigue as you go to be prepared for PVP. Heal your pain before a fight as some guns deal 97.5 damage on headshot to lvl 12 helmets.
  • Place meds in your rig pockets, specifically the LFA in the centre. When you press tab, your cursor appears in the centre. This allows you to tab and immediately middle mouse to use the LFA
  • Meds heal over 3-5 seconds, with food healing the least/second, followed by bandages, then SFAs, then LFAs. Save your bandages/first aids for PVP when healing time is crucial!
  • Bring 1-3 copper coins with you into every raid to guarantee you can buy 1-3 SFAs from the VM. You can easily find more coppers in-raid from common containers/valuables pouches. Copper horns can be scrapped for 4-8 copper coins.