Melvor Idle: Chicken Coop Guide

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Now, check out the Melvor Idle: Chicken Coop Guide and learn everything you need to successfully navigate the dungeon!

The Chicken Coop dungeon poses a unique challenge with combat skill caps in the Ancient Relics mode. However, this guide will help you navigate the dungeon efficiently, assuming all non-combat skills are at a similar level.

Melvor Idle: Chicken Coop Guide

Chicken Coop (Level 10) Guide

Note: This guide is tailored for the Ancient Relics game mode but is suitable for players in Standard Mode as well.

Auto Eat Upgrade

Ensure you have the Auto Eat – Tier I upgrade from the Shop, allowing efficient idling with Hitpoints Level 26.

Equipment Recommendations


  • Helmet: Steel Helmet
  • Platebody: (G) Steel Platebody
  • Platelegs: Steel Platelegs
  • Boots: Steel Boots
  • Weapon: Black Scimitar
  • Offhand: Steel Shield
  • Obtaining (G) Steel Platebody: Complete a Township Task, killing 25 Goblins.
  • Black Scimitar: Acquire from the Confused Pirate.


  • Helmet: Earth Acolyte Wizard Hat
  • Platebody: Air Acolyte Wizard Robes
  • Platelegs: Air Acolyte Wizard Bottoms
  • Boots: Air Acolyte Wizard Boots
  • Weapon: Staff of Earth
  • Spells: Earth Strike or Wind Bolt
  • Magic equipment is crafted in Runecrafting.
  • Skip Air Acolyte Wizard Robes for Ancient Relics players due to Runecrafting Level 11 requirement.

Additional Tips

  • Summon a Goblin Thief for a significant damage boost, especially effective against the dungeon boss.
  • Prioritize equipment that enhances your combat style without spending excessive time grinding for items that will soon be replaced.


Equipped with the recommended gear, delve into the Chicken Coop dungeon with confidence. Adapt your strategy based on combat style, and may your journey be filled with successful encounters!