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Now, check out the Microcivilization: Hero Guide. After this unique guide, you'll easily learn how powerful each hero is and which strategy each one should apply!

In this topic, we discussed the Microcivilization: Hero Guide. Let’s start learning everything about the heroes!

Microcivilization: Hero Guide

Unveiling the World of Heroes: Types, Traits, and Strategies

In the vast realm of heroes, there exist two main categories: the ‘standard’ heroes, numbering twelve, and an undisclosed multitude of ‘unique’ heroes. The heroes are distinguished by three vibrant colors—Blue, Red, and Green—forming the BRG spectrum. Shapes play a crucial role too, with four variations: Circle, Up-curve, Square, and Down-curve, collectively known as CUSD. Additionally, heroes come in three rarities: Normal, Elite, and Rare.

The interplay of color, shape, and rarity determines a hero’s essential attributes, including their first power line, bottom power or ability, and overall power level. Let’s delve into the distinctive characteristics of each hero type.

Color-Coded Abilities

  • Blue Heroes: Possess auto-like abilities, such as Auto Research, Combat, construction, and the use of militia for defense.
  • Red Heroes: Exhibit combat-oriented abilities, involving resources for risk, stunning, extra food, and the ability to ignore certain attacks.
  • Green Heroes: Showcase active play abilities, including risk reduction, eliminations, damage boosts, click bonuses, and militia enhancements.

Rarity Matters

  • Normal Heroes: Feature one random power in addition to the fixed set.
  • Elite Heroes: Boast two randomly assigned powers alongside the fixed abilities.
  • Rare Heroes: Shine with three random powers, offering a diverse range of effects.

The random powers are a varied assortment, ranging from extra authority and its uses to bonus resources tied to specific buildings, or even additional stunning capabilities.

Currently, the pinnacle seems to be at level 43, with potential for further improvement awaiting discovery.

Strategic Team Compositions

  1. Stunning Team (Pacify the Neighborhood):
    • Heroes: Red Circle, Blue or Red Up-curve (choose based on stun requirements), Blue Square, and Down-curve.
    • Build Priority: Stun, Wood, Damage, Authority (used for Clicks).
    This team, properly built, can take down level 40 barbarians at level 7.
  2. Research Team (From Peace to Prosperity):
    • Heroes: All four Blue heroes.
    • Build Priority: Wood (for building homes), Research, and possibly workers in early ascensions.
    Activated once the world is pacified, this team excels at completing all building and research tasks.
  3. Single Resource Focus Teams:
    • Heroes: Red Circle, Blue Up-curve, Green Square, Blue Down-curve.
    • Build Priority: All powers boosting the same resource type.
    Manually deployable to rush build specific items as needed.
  4. Late Game Damage Teams:
    • Heroes: Green Circle, Green Up-curve, Red Square, Blue Down-curve.
    • Build Priority: Damage, Weapon Auto-refill.
    Focused on late-game damage, essential for dealing with prolonged weapon rebuilding times.

Optimization Strategies

  1. Get to Level 43:
    • Utilize level 43 heroes for building dream teams.
    • Discard lower-level heroes.
  2. Evaluate and Upgrade:
    • Compare new heroes to existing best in class.
    • Upgrade if superior; otherwise, discard and try again.
  3. Strategic Building for Each Hero Type:
    • Tailor Blue heroes for Wood, Research, and workers.
    • Red heroes for Stun, Wood, and Damage.
    • Green heroes for Damage and Weapon Regeneration.

Embark on this strategic journey, and may luck be your constant companion!