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Discover Mirage Island in Blox Fruits with our guide! Learn how to locate it and the steps to summon it. Dive into our article now.

In this article, we will guide you on how to locate Mirage Island in Blox Fruits and what steps to take to bring it to the surface. Let’s dive into our writing.

How to Find Mirage Island

1. Sailing and Spawning

  • Mirage Island spawns in danger levels 1-6, and a Boat must be sailed to trigger its appearance.
  • The island will vanish after 15 minutes or if the player who spawned it is no longer nearby.
  • There’s no cooldown for its reappearance once it de-spawns, but it’s one of the rarest sea events in the Third Sea.

2. Increased Spawn Rate

  • The number of boats in your exploration group slightly increases the chance of finding Mirage Island.
  • As of Update 20, the spawn rate is influenced by the number of ships in the area, not the number of players in a ship.

3. Optimal Strategy

  • Scout for Mirage Island with a crew scattered in their respective ships for increased coverage.
  • Ignore most Sea events, excluding the Terrorshark Raidboss, which can be troublesome, especially for low-level players.
  • The Terrorshark can be forced to despawn by Portal users when engaged in combat.
Mirage Island in Blox Fruits

4. Time-Efficient Hunting

  • Post Update 20, Mirage Hunting is faster, but you’ll encounter sea events. Knowing what to expect is crucial.
  • Hunting with a friend is recommended, and having a private server can streamline the process.

5. Choosing the Right Ship

  • Use a strong ship with high health points in danger levels to tackle irritating sea events effectively.
  • The Lantern and the Miracle are excellent choices, offering speed, agility, and survivability.
  • Avoid using the Sentinel as Mirage’s spawn rate is unaffected when it’s in flying mode.

6. Additional Tips

  • Expect Mirage Island to spawn day or night.
  • Reset and try again if the Terrorshark proves overwhelming; it won’t leave until defeated.
  • Consider using a private server for a smoother experience.


Q: How do i find this super fast?

A: Go to danger level four or five and drive around in that danger zone found it like 2 or 3 times doing that.

Q: What’s the best danger zone to find Mirage ?

A: 4/5.

Q: Does mirage have a higher chance to spawn the farther out you are? like if i was in sea level 1, is it rarer than if I was in sea level 6?

A: Nope. It only depends on number of ships in the area.