Monster Hunter Now: Zinogre Guide

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Master Zinogre with our guide! For hunters, new and seasoned, learn attacks, weaknesses, and essential tips. Dive into details, master dodges, and defeat the electrifying monster!

Conquer the formidable Zinogre with our comprehensive guide! Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting, this guide breaks down Zinogre’s attacks, weaknesses, and provides essential tips for a successful hunt. Let’s delve into the details, mastering dodges, and optimizing your strategy to defeat this electrifying monster.

Monster Hunter Now: Zinogre Guide

Zinogre Overview

Found in the Forest and Swamp habitats, Zinogre boasts Thunder as its main element. Ice is its weakness, so prepare a build with that specific element.

Breaking Parts

Target Zinogre’s back, horns, forelegs, and tail. Slicing weapons are needed for severing the tail.

General Tips:

  • Zinogre becomes more aggressive as its HP decreases.
  • Watch out for its charged state, signaled by visible electricity.

Zinogre’s Attacks & Dodging Techniques:

  1. Headbutt (Attack #1): Dodge to the side or backward.
  2. Claw Slam (Attack #2): Sideways or backward dodge.
  3. Swift Rush (Attack #3): Backward dodge at least twice.
  4. Pouncing Attack (Attack #4): Sideways dodge as it winds up.
  5. Tail Swing (Attack #5): Dodge backward.
  6. Tail Flip (Attack #6): Sideways dodge.
  7. Tail Slam (Attack #7): Dodge left or right.

Charged State Attacks:

  1. Chain Claw Hits (Attack #1): Dodge backward.
  2. Electric Flip (Attack #2): Dodge in any direction.
  3. Aerial Slam (Attack #3): Backward dodge at least twice.
  4. Spinning Claw Attack (Attack #4): Dodge backward.
  5. Charging Rush (Attack #5): Sideways dodge.
  6. Electric Orb Toss (Attack #6): Time dodges to avoid orbs.

Tips for Success:

  • Stay aware of Zinogre’s charged state and avoid standing too close during the transition.
  • When Zinogre charges electricity, seize the opportunity to land hits.

By mastering Zinogre’s moves and timing your dodges, you’ll be well-equipped to triumph over this electrifying adversary. Happy hunting!