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Explore our MHW Bazelgeuse Guide! Uncover weaknesses, combat tips, and knockdown strategies. Conquer Bazelgeuse with confidence and ease!

Welcome to our MHW Bazelgeuse Guide! Discover the weaknesses, effective combat strategies, and tips for knocking down this explosive monster. Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to conquer Bazelgeuse with ease.

Monster Hunter World: Bazelgeuse Guide


  • Thunder (Three-star weakness)
  • Dragon and Ice (Two-star weaknesses)
  • Choose fast-attacking weapons like Insect Glaive, Sword and Shield, or Dual Blades with high Thunder damage for maximum effectiveness.

Combat Strategies

  • Aim for the head for high damage.
  • If head is challenging, target the legs to trip the monster.
  • Prioritize cutting off the tail and breaking wings early.
  • Beware of exploding scales – pay attention to the ground.
  • When Bazelgeuse is down, focus on wings, back, tail, or head for maximum damage.
  • Use Clutch Claw for effective grappling and damage.
Bezelgeuse in Monster Hunter: World

Dealing with Exploding Scales

  • Watch out for scales shed during combat.
  • Run away or use Slinger to detonate scales quickly.

Knocking Down Bazelgeuse

  • Mount the monster on a slope or ledge for effective knockdown.
  • Perform jumping attacks and capitalize on the downed state.
  • Utilize Clutch Claw to grapple towards the monster as you fall.

Fire Damage and Resistance

  • Bazelgeuse’s explosions deal Fire damage, not Blast.
  • Wear high base defense armor and use Fire Resistance skills for added protection against Fireblight.

Equip yourself with this comprehensive guide to tackle Bazelgeuse confidently. Master its weaknesses, employ effective combat strategies, and make the most of knockdown opportunities to emerge victorious in your encounters. Happy hunting!