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Now, by taking a look at the Moonring Traversing Caldera Guide, you can quickly pass through Caldera. So, let's start reading without wasting any time!

The topic of our short article is the Moonring Traversing Caldera Guide. Let’s dive into our guide!

Moonring: Traversing Caldera Guide


Moonring is a game about discovery. Explore the land, learn its secrets, make a few bucks, and don’t get killed. This isn’t a guide where I tell you what to do, though I’m sure someone will. The purpose of this guide is to let you know your options, spelling out a couple less overt mechanics.

Moonring is a game that’s best played blind, and the tutorial included is very user-friendly, but if you’re stuck trying to puzzle out some object interaction, this guide is here for you in plain, simple terms.

Adventuring 101

You are not a hero. You’re an adventurer. You’re encouraged to be curious, but also cautious. There’s no shame in running away when outmatched or outnumbered. Sneak, fight from range, use bottlenecks and traps. You’re a scrappy dungeon delver, use your full range of tools.

The overworld is fixed, but dungeons are procedurally generated. If you die in a dungeon, the game reloads your last autosave and scrambles the interior.

Health, Poise, and Energy

Your health is what keeps you alive. Take good care of it. Recover health through sleeping, drinking potions, and the occult. Some hazards, traps, attacks, and conditions affect your health directly. For everything else, there’s poise.

Your poise is basically your adrenaline reserve. Your enemies need to wear you down before they can land the hit that kills you. So long as you have even 1 point of poise, it’ll absorb the first blow with no overflow. Poise regenerates naturally over time, but only when you’re not engaged in combat or starving.

Your energy is basically your mana. It allows you to use gifts. You generate energy by dealing damage. Certain herbs and potions will also give you energy.

Travel, Lumoscite, and Camping

There are six major settlements in Caldera: Moon-upon-Thoss, Barrow-Linn, Hearthhaven, Wintershall, the Red Grove, and Harrow-Dus. Yarrow is the boonies. Moon-upon-Thoss is the capital city, with the others dedicated to their deity of choice. The gods look favorably upon pilgrims and tippers. All cities have priests, shopping centers, and secrets.

You’ll find the same shops in every city, but the selection is usually better when it’s something that falls within their god’s purview. You can talk to shopkeepers over the counter. You can talk to anyone in range by clicking on them.

Most cities can be reached by taking the main road. Barrow-Linn is the exception. You’ll need to take the ferry. The ship to Barrow-Linn costs money, but the return trip doesn’t. Maybe you’ll have your own ship one day. Sometimes you’ll encounter traveling merchants on the road. Talk to them to trade or rescue them from monsters.

The world of Caldera is shrouded in fog. Sometimes this fog is thicker than usual. Spending too much time in the fog drives you mad. It can also drive monsters mad. Sometimes this is useful. Your lumoscite lantern drives away the fog, but can’t be extinguished once it’s been lit. Sneaking makes you shutter the lantern, conserving its light at the cost of your speed.

Press enter to zoom in on any given tile. From time to time you’ll find herbs, animals, and berries. Meat and berries rot, hides and herbs do not. You can also find kindling; 10 kindling lets you camp. To camp, select the camping kit in your inventory. Camping recovers health and energy. You can always find more kindling so there’s no need to be stingy.

Somewhere near each city there’s a circle of standing stones. This is the fast travel system. Experiment to learn more.

The Gods, Gifts, and Leveling Up

You level up in Moonring by devoting yourself to the gods. You do this by performing acts of service, helpfully identified under the gods tab, or offering devotional tears to the god of your choosing. Each god governs a different statistic: the Wolf is Strength; the Harlequin, Finesse; the Lords, Intellect; the Lady, Perception; and the Angels, Endurance. Higher stats allow you to use better equipment. Damage does not scale with your stats, but a few invisible parameters do.

You cannot access the gods tab until you have earned devotion in some form. The quickest way to do this is to visit the Street of Gods in Moon-upon-Thoss.

Devoting yourself to a god grants you gifts related to that god’s domain. Using these gifts consumes energy. Gifts consume less energy when the moon representing their god is overhead. Dedicating yourself exclusively to one god halves the cost of all their gifts, along provides other boons so long as you stay faithful. You can still invoke the gifts of other gods, but you can only dedicate yourself to one god at a time.

If you do something your god doesn’t like, they will curse you. You can alleviate curses by offering sacrificial icons in their name, or a charitable donation to their chosen city.

Alchemy, Devices, and Magic

Alchemy requires herbs, blood phials, and empty bottles. To perform alchemy, select an empty bottle in your inventory. If you have two blood phials, you can brew a potion on the spot. The potion you brew depends on the herbs. Experiment to learn more.

Blood phials can be bought, picked up, or created with Gash. Creatures that don’t bleed don’t produce phials.

Devices are Sibaroon artifacts. Each one has a set number of charges, after which it’s useless. The right to repair is the exclusive privilege of the Lords of Dust, and requires ancient metal scrap. Most devices are a mystery to you when you find them. To identify a device, select a rosetta from your inventory. Once you’ve figured out what a device is used for, all future devices of that type will be preemptively identified.

Broken minor constructs are Sibaroon robots. Unlike devices, anyone can repair them. To fix a broken minor construct or deploy them, select them from your inventory. Once they’ve been killed again, they’re destroyed forever. Sorry.

Magic isn’t real. You can’t believe everything you read.