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Anime Action RPG! And all in one game. It's the legendary series game. Come on, don't hesitate, read the My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List! Master it! Crush your enemies!

MHA: The Strongest Hero is a role-playing MMORPG game published by Crunchyroll Games on Google Play Store and the App Store, which has achieved great success by reaching millions of downloads. It is a game that encompasses beloved characters from My Hero Academia and a rich anime world. With its open-world features and multiplayer capabilities, it allows you to interact with other players. In the My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List, we have compiled legendary champions that you need to use in this game with its stunning graphics and unmatched theme. Keep showcasing your skills in the game and continue progressing through our My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List!

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List

MHA: The Strongest Hero is an action-packed anime RPG of My Hero Academia. You can battle against villains alongside other players, using powerful champions, earn rewards, and experience an exciting gameplay filled with strategic fights. In the game, you will explore MHA’s aspiring heroes, professional heroes, and cunning villains. You can roam around Honei City, wander through the streets, and fight against villains that threaten the world’s safety. Additionally, you can collect your favorite anime characters from MHA and form a team to go on patrols. Of course, we have some advice to help you become stronger than other players. In My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List, you will read about the strongest characters and find their detailed information. Are you ready? Let’s get started!Scroll the page for our My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List!





Tier List Overview Criteria

  • T0: This is the highest tier in a tier list, reserved for the most powerful or effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are considered to be essential picks for competitive play and are often banned in tournaments.
  • T1: This tier is just below T0-tier and includes characters or strategies that are still very strong and effective, but not quite as dominant as those in the T0-tier.
  • T2: This tier includes characters or strategies that are considered to be average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. They may have some strengths and weaknesses, but they are not as dominant as those in the higher tiers.
  • T3: This is the lowest tier in a tier list, reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered to be inferior to other options and may be rarely used in competitive play.

It’s important to note that the exact definitions and criteria for each tier can vary depending on the game and the community creating the tier list. Additionally, a character or strategy’s placement in a tier list is not always an accurate reflection of its overall strength or effectiveness, as factors such as player skill and game balance can also play a significant role.

MHA: The Strongest Hero Best Champions

We have arrived at the information corner of our My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List. Here, you can find everything you need to know about the strongest characters!



Stain is the strongest character in our My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List


Overall Abilities: Stain is an extremely powerful villain who has claimed more lives than any other since All Might’s debut. Stain’s aptitude allowed him to murder 17 known Pro Heroes and cripple 24 others to the point of being unable to recover fully. Stain has displayed creativity and mastery over his fighting style. He can deal with close and long-ranged opponents through misdirection, aggression, prediction, and use of the environment. His battle prowess allows him to overwhelm his targets in armed combat and compensate for his Quirk’s restrictive activation cost.

Stain defeated and critically injured Ingenium, a Pro Hero with above-average formidability and high fortitude, who had attempted to apprehend the former vigilante. This spectacle left Tensei as a paraplegic, Stain’s 24th disabled victim, and the last Pro Hero that Hero Killer had defeated. Stain’s reputation and abilities garnered the attention of Tomura Shigaraki, who attempted to recruit the Hero Killer into the League of Villains. After Stain refused to join the Villain Alliance, Tomura and Kurogiri engaged him, but the swordsman easily overpowered the formidable pair.

While in Hosu City, Stain attempted to kill the Pro Hero Native, was faced with Tenya Ida, and was able to incapacitate the new Ingenium, primarily due to the U.A. student being vengeance-driven over the Hero Killer crippling Tensei, Tenya’s older brother. Stain almost killed Tenya had it not been for the timely arrival of Izuku Midoriya, who was searching for Tenya. Even though Izuku’s new abilities took Stain by surprise, the ex-vigilante could still blindside him with his Quirk, Bloodcurdle, but, seeing Izuku as a true hero, decided not to kill the latter. After Stain paralyzed Izuku, he attempted to kill Tenya and Native again, but his crusade was interrupted again due to the additional appearance of Shoto Todoroki.

Stain found it more challenging to handle Shoto compared to Izuku, Tenya, and Native, primarily due to the heterochromatic using his fire and ice interchangeability. This drawn-out confrontation caused the effects of Bloodcurdle to wear off for Izuku, giving the One For All inheritor a chance to join the fight, resulting in Izuku and Shoto tag-teaming to oppose the Hero Killer. Tenya also found himself free from his paralysis, and with him jumping into the fray as well, having purged himself of his desire for revenge, Stain found himself grossly outnumbered, three-to-one, and nearly overpowered.

According to Izuku, Stain’s tenacity completely changed his movements after getting desperate to kill Tenya before reinforcements arrived. Overall, it took the combined efforts of Izuku, Shoto, and Tenya, 3 of U.A. High School’s strongest students, to finally defeat Stain. After the battle, Shoto commented on Stain being a strong combatant who likely allowed him and Izuku to live. When the Winged Nomu arrived on the scene and captured Izuku, Stain broke free of his restraints and displayed that, even when incapacitated, he was still more than capable of immobilizing and killing the artificial human, saving Izuku as a result.

Immense Speed: Stain’s most notable ability is unmatched speed. He evaded Tenya’s high-speed kick when they first clashed and partially blocked Tenya’s Recipro Burst during the ensuing battle, and Tenya is revered as U.A.’s fastest student. Shoto Todoroki could not land a single strike on Stain, even using fire and ice attacks, due to the Hero Killer’s formidable reaction time. Shoto mentioned that Stain is so fast that he could not even consider running away as an option. Despite Stain’s incredible speed, however, he was unable to evade the combined, high-speed assault from Tenya’s Recipro Extend and Izuku’s Full Cowl that was used in tandem with a 5% Detroit Smash, though Shoto claims this was partly due to Stain getting desperate knowing several pros would be arriving on the scene.
Enhanced Strength: Stain has considerable strength, as it was enough to slice through many of Shoto’s ice attacks cleanly.
Immense Stamina: Stain has a high pain threshold, as shown when he takes a direct blow from Izuku’s 5% Detroit Smash to the head and remains primarily unfazed. After battling against the trio of U.A. Students and killing the Winged Nomu, it was revealed that Stain’s lungs were perforated by his broken ribs, but he could remain standing even after falling unconscious. Stain was also capable of swimming from Tartarus back to the mainland.
Tactical Intellect: Stain is shown to possess some analytical skills. Stain noticed all the chaos caused in Hosu City and correctly deduced that Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains were behind the attack. While engaged in a battle against Shoto, Stain pointed out that the hero relied too much on the destructive power of Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk, making him predictable and easy to exploit in battle. Stain also carries a spare knife under his sleeve to surprise his opponents if the Hero Killer is deprived of most weapons.

Indomitable Will: Stain’s ridiculous force of will, seems to impact the psyches of others, even during combat substantially. He was able to paralyze several top heroes, including a seasoned veteran like Gran Torino and the No. 2 (now No. 1) Hero Endeavor, with fear despite having suffered severe injuries. He also forced many heroes to reconsider their actions and beliefs, even during combat. Even after his capture, footage of his speech to the heroes inspired many criminals and vigilantes into action bolstering the ranks of the League of Villains considerably.


Weapon Arsenal: Before being arrested, Stain carried various weapons with him:

  • A worn and partially damaged katana.
  • Five daggers.
  • Throwing knives.
  • Toe-spiked boots.
  • Folding knives.

After escaping from Tartarus, he made with fewer weapons:

  • A worn katana.
  • A small machete.
  • Throwing knives.


Endeavor will stay among the top-tier characters for a long time in the My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List


Overall Abilities: Endeavor was ranked 2nd of Japan’s heroes before taking the spot of No. 1 after All Might’s retirement. He is known for having the most solved cases out of any crime fighter, and by the age of 20, Endeavor took his place as the No. 2 Pro Hero. He also possesses a professional handle on his powerful Quirk, Hellflame, using his flames to overwhelm his opponents with extreme heat, becoming airborne with flame propulsion, among other applications.

Endeavor, being highly ranked, stands as a formidable hero, a fact that has been repeatedly demonstrated through his encounters with the League of Villains. He has faced numerous grades of Nomu and emerged unscathed, a feat that has garnered praise even from All For One, the most dangerous and experienced villain in history. In the Kamino Incident, Endeavor joined forces with Edgeshot to engage All For One in a temporary battle, emerging without any harm inflicted upon him. Additionally, Endeavor has showcased his ability to confront High-End Nomu, such as Hood and Woman, with the assistance of other heroes.

During his previous encounter with Hood, Endeavor showcased his incredible speed and power by slicing through a large portion of a skyscraper before its collapse, incinerating Hood’s body multiple times. In the Paranormal Liberation War, Endeavor played a pivotal role in the confrontation against the 75% body-enhanced Tomura Shigaraki. Alongside Izuku Midoriya, he dealt the most substantial amount of damage, leading to the eventual breakdown of the villain’s body. Despite being outmatched by Tomura, Shoto acknowledged that Endeavor was the sole individual who held hope in defeating All For One. This belief proved accurate when, with assistance from Hawks, Endeavor overwhelmed the Demon Lord, almost incinerating him, had it not been for his acquisition of the reverse-engineered Quirk-Destroying Drug.

Endeavor’s prowess in battle, resilience against formidable foes, and unwavering determination to protect others make him a truly mighty hero deserving of admiration and respect.

Enhanced Strength: After years of physical training, Endeavor obtained enhanced physical strength, though it is not at the level of All Might. Impressively, he could knock the enormous Gigantomachia backward with a flame-propelled skull bash.
Enhanced Durability: Endeavor possesses above-average durability as he was able to withstand being thrown through multiple concrete-laced skyscraper walls by Hood, who was using various Quirks, and emerged with moderate injuries.[19] When fighting a body-modified Tomura Shigaraki, Endeavor endured the impalement of the latter’s Rivet Stab Quirk and several of his augmented blows despite the villain possessing physical strength that nearly rivals that of All Might. Afterward, Endeavor could skull-bash the thick-bodied Gigantomachia without suffering significant head trauma, but his attack knocked the pyromancer unconscious.
Enhanced Stamina: Endeavor is far more resistant to pain than the average Pro Hero, as seen when he could stand up, despite receiving numerous attacks from Hood and long after his body should have become unable to move.During the climax of the Paranormal Liberation War, Endeavor’s movements were stymied by his Quirk overuse burning his lungs and being repeatedly stabbed by Tomura’s Rivet Stab Quirk. Despite the injuries, the pyrokinetic hero could still stand and eventually knock down Gigantomachia though Endeavor himself was put out of commission afterward.
Enhanced Reflexes: Due to training to become the No. 1 hero, Endeavor learned to react exceedingly fast to dangerous situations and people in need. During his battle with Hood, he could counter one of his attacks with his “Jet Burn” despite his clouded vision. Later, while having a conversation outside with Izuku, Endeavor reacted to a cry for help before the shout reached the One For All inheritor.

Keen Intellect: Endeavor has extraordinary intelligence, having used it to tally up the most resolved criminal cases in history. He has very keen deductive skills, shown when he deduced that Izuku’s Quirk resembled that of All Might after only seeing it used briefly. During the Hosu Incident, Endeavor identified the nature of Four-Eyed Nomu’s Absorption and Release Quirk and noticed that the creature retained damage from the low-temperature flame attack Endeavor employed, even after the creature redirected it back at the Flame Hero. Throughout his battle against Hood, Endeavor displayed more intelligence as he analyzed the situation against the High-End Nomu while fighting against it.

As Endeavor witnessed the impressive regeneration abilities of Hood and reflected on the lighter-colored Nomus lacking such capabilities, he deduced that the black Nomus possessed greater powers than other breeds. Recalling how Hood actively sought out strong opponents, Endeavor concluded that the High-End Nomu had no interest in weaker adversaries. This realization explained why the villain spawned lower-level Nomus, which acted as obstacles to hinder the reinforcements of the flame-manipulating hero.

Observing Hood self-decapitate on two occasions, Endeavor discerned that this particular body part served as the central weak point for the villain. In the climactic moments of their grueling battle, Endeavor noticed Hood’s increased feral instincts and the remarkable Super Regeneration that allowed the Nomu to keep up with the internal burns inflicted by the hero. To prevent excessive collateral damage, Endeavor instructed Hawks to employ his nearly incinerated plumage as an arrow of flame, enabling Endeavor to soar even higher in the skies. This strategic move allowed them to maintain the fight at an altitude where the destructive power of their clash would be minimized.

When confronting the body-modified Tomura Shigaraki, Endeavor made another astute observation. He realized that the villain’s ability to leap vast distances through the air was not a result of his Quirk usage but instead stemmed from sheer strength, generating air pressure akin to All Might’s formidable movements.

Endeavor’s keen analytical skills and adaptability in combat allowed him to identify critical weaknesses and strategize accordingly. His ability to make accurate assessments of his opponents’ capabilities and adjust his tactics accordingly further showcased his prowess as a hero.

Indomitable Will: One of Endeavor’s most prominent traits is his ability never to give up, befitting his hero’s name. This tenacity is shown in two significant instances: he continues to bridge the gap between himself and All Might regardless of the differences in their abilities and continues to push past his limits and injuries in his battle against Hood. In the latter instance, Endeavor, seeing his old self reflected in Hood, resolved to no longer be the misguided and virulent person he has been his whole life and used that resolution to go beyond his bodily limitations and finally defeat the High-End Nomu for good, all while finally embracing U.A. High School ‘s “Plus Ultra” credo that he previously deplored.

In the climax of the Paranormal Liberation War, after failing to destroy a body-augmented Tomura Shigaraki, an injured and exhausted Endeavor could summon the strength to attack Gigantomachia despite Dabi’s attempts to break his spirit thanks to the words of Izuku. In the aftermath of the war, Endeavor’s will was revealed to have been monumentally shaken regarding Dabi revealing himself as Endeavor’s thought-to-be-deceased son, Toya, which took the entire Todoroki family, including his wife, Rei, to give him enough willpower to stand back up.

All Might

When it comes to pure physical strength, who comes to mind? Of course, All Might! He is also one of the strongest characters in our My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List


Overall Abilities: While officially earning the rank of the Number 1 hero of Japan, All Might was also well-recognized as the greatest hero in the world. He was the “Symbol of Peace” and such a deterrent against crime that villains were largely discouraged by his presence in society, single-handedly bringing near-absolute stability throughout Japan, a stark contrast to the rest of the world. He was able to defeat All For One, infamously known as the world’s most powerful villain, twice; a feat that all the previous wielders of One For All could not. Despite winning however, All Might suffered a gruesome injury at the hands of All For One that limited his maximum power output going forward, gradually reducing his sheer might and how long he could use his power at all.
After his Quirk was constrained by his injuries, and even after he passed it onto Izuku, relying on the residual energy of One For All, All Might’s power and capabilities were still unmatched by any other hero, despite his strength and time limit decreasing more rapidly. Against Izuku and Katsuki, who are among Class 1-A’s elites, he completely dominated them in their fight, even while wearing high-density weights. Forced to once again break the limiter placed on his Quirk, All Might defeated All For One by using up his remaining reserves of power.

Trained Muscles: Usage of One For All requires the user to have strong muscles, as One For All is a lot to handle and could cause the user’s body to be blown apart if they don’t possess the necessary strength of body. Gran Torino said that All Might, in particular, had a strong body that allowed him to master One For All much faster than previous users.

All Might’s indomitable spirit shines through in every aspect of his heroic endeavors. Renowned for his unwavering commitment to saving people with a smile and his iconic catchphrase, “I am here,” he embodies the essence of being the Symbol of Peace. This unwavering resolve becomes especially evident during critical moments of his battles.

During his climactic encounter with the U.S.J. Nomu, All Might summoned his memories of his duty as the Symbol of Peace. Fueled by his determination, he pushed beyond the limits of his power, surpassing even 100%, to ultimately overcome the formidable artificial human. This display showcased All Might’s unparalleled willpower and his unwavering dedication to protecting society.

Another remarkable testament to All Might’s resilience came during his final confrontation with All For One. All For One employed psychological warfare, taunting All Might by mentioning his former mentor and predecessor, Nana, as well as revealing Tomura Shigaraki as her grandson. The first taunt ignited a fiery rage within All Might, while the revelation of Tomura’s kinship plunged him into despair. Despite the guerrilla tactics employed by All For One, All Might found solace in Nana’s teachings on heroism. He reclaimed his willpower, allowing him to gather the last remnants of his fading strength and continue the fight. Even when worn out of his muscular form and faced with certain defeat against an almost unscathed All For One, All Might summoned the remaining power of One For All, delivering a single strike that proved victorious.

All Might possesses an incredibly strong presence that instills fear in others, as witnessed during the Final Exam when even Izuku and Katsuki, his own students, experienced trepidation in his presence. This aura of strength was potent enough to freeze two villains in terror, despite their initial intent to kill him, and this was all accomplished without the aid of his powers.

All Might’s unyielding spirit and unwavering determination make him an inspirational figure and a symbol of hope for both heroes and citizens alike. His ability to rise above adversity and tap into hidden reservoirs of strength exemplifies the true essence of a hero.

Even though he is unable to keep his hero form for more than a few seconds after his final battle with All For One, All Might still keeps a keen intuition and sharp reflexes, which helped him hone his skills as a hero ever since he acquired his powers. This is shown in his observations regarding Izuku’s use of One For All, and the fact that he was capable of catching one of Mei Hatsume’s “babies” coming in from behind with minimal effort in his true form. Despite his physique in his true form, he is actually quite physically able but isn’t as efficient compared to when he is in his hero form.

While All Might may have displayed shortcomings as a teacher on certain occasions, such as his initial reliance on a script for his first lesson, he does demonstrate exceptional skills in training and hero practice. One notable example is his ability to transform Izuku Midoriya’s initially frail body into a vessel capable of handling One For All. All Might devised a meticulous training regimen that allowed Izuku to gradually develop his physical capabilities and safely inherit the powerful Quirk within a span of ten months. Moreover, he recognized that Izuku had been pushing himself excessively and designed the regimen to balance rigorous training with avoiding complete exhaustion. This highlights All Might’s profound understanding of physical training and the limitations of the human body.

All Might’s practical battle lessons were also thoughtfully crafted to simulate realistic scenarios. He equipped the villain team with earpieces for communication and provided them with a map of the building, while the hero team operated without these advantages. This replicated the experience of heroes storming a villain’s hideaway without proper preparation, enhancing the authenticity of the training. Furthermore, he assigned partners in Class 1-A randomly, acknowledging that professional heroes often have to form impromptu teams and rely on their collaborative skills in the field. This approach fostered adaptability and teamwork among the students.

Following his retirement, it became apparent that All Might had dedicated more time to studying teaching techniques from a guidebook. This newfound knowledge allowed him to provide verbal advice and feedback to his students more effectively. He praised Izuku for developing his unique fighting style and was observed offering guidance to Kyoka Jiro during the Ultimate Move training in Class 1-A. This signifies his growth in understanding the importance of motivating his students without providing them with all the answers, taking the necessary steps to encourage their personal growth.

While All Might may have had initial shortcomings in teaching, his dedication and ability to adapt are evident in his improvements. He possesses a profound understanding of physical training and has learned how to provide valuable guidance and motivation to his students, nurturing their development as future heroes.

Shoto Todoroki

The calm yet incredibly intelligent student of the class. Here we have Shoto Todoroki, a character we cannot replace in our My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List.


Shoto Todoroki, trained by his father Endeavor from a young age, has established himself as one of the strongest students in Class 1-A at U.A. High School. His exceptional abilities and versatile Quirk, Half-Cold Half-Hot, make him a formidable force in combat. With the right side of his body, Shoto can generate intense cold, freeze objects upon contact, and shape ice into various constructs, including ice waves and barriers. He also utilizes his cryokinetic abilities for mobility, propelling himself forward using ice shards or skating on frozen surfaces. On the left side of his body, Shoto can generate scorching hot flames, releasing them as consuming streams or protective waves.

Despite his immense power, Shoto has yet to reach his full potential due to past decisions and circumstances, such as intentionally neglecting one half of his Quirk. However, his abilities have already been demonstrated in several notable events. During the U.S.J. incident, Shoto easily overpowered small-time villains in the Landslide Zone single-handedly, showcasing his superior strength. In the U.A. Sports Festival, he displayed exceptional judgment, combat awareness, and athleticism. Shoto neutralized a Villain Bot-Executor, defeated his agile classmates Hanta Sero and Tenya Iida, and engaged in a prolonged battle with Izuku Midoriya, demonstrating his equal footing with a promising hero-in-training. In fact, a fan claimed that Shoto was already stronger than the average Pro Hero.

However, Shoto’s inner turmoil and conflict affected his performance in the Sports Festival. During the final round against Katsuki Bakugo, he had the potential to win using his fire powers but chose to extinguish his flames, leading to his defeat against Katsuki’s “Howitzer Impact.” Following the Hosu Incident and his encounter with the Hero Killer Stain, Shoto fully embraced his left side and began exploring the interchangeability of his pyro-cryogenic abilities. This marked a significant turning point, and he gained recognition as one of the strongest students in Class 1-A.

Initially, Shoto had limited control over his pyrokinesis compared to his cryokinesis, especially in comparison to his father Endeavor. However, after the Joint Training Battle, Shoto realized the importance of his neglected left side and sought to improve his mastery of pyrokinesis. Through training and learning Endeavor’s signature technique, “Flashfire Fist,” his control over his pyrokinetic abilities has significantly improved. He can now utilize his flames to enhance his speed, launch himself through the air, and deliver powerful punches fueled by fire.

While Shoto is undoubtedly powerful, facing formidable opponents such as Stain, Eraser Head, Wolfram, Moonfish, Mr. Compress, Gang Orca, Chimera, Ending, and Tomura Shigaraki often requires effective collaboration with multiple allies. Notable exceptions include his encounter with Leviathan, where he prevailed independently. In the climax of the Paranormal Liberation War, Shoto faced his brother Dabi in a fiery battle that pushed him to the brink of being burned alive. Ultimately, he lost the clash but was spared by Dabi, who deemed it meaningless to kill him without Endeavor present.

Shoto Todoroki’s abilities, growth, and potential make him a force to be reckoned with. With further development and the integration of his dual elemental powers, he has the potential to become an even more formidable hero in the future.

During Class A’s mission to bring Izuku back to U.A. after he left following the events of the war, Shoto displayed an even greater mastery over his cryokinetic abilities. In particular, his control over the shape of his ice has become much more refined, being able to form a massive vertical pillar of ice with Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall, and even being able to create a smooth curved ramp without the need of a solid framework. Furthermore, he’s shown the ability to use his signature move, Flashfreeze Heatwave, without needing to cool the air down first; now he can simply put his hands together and unleash the power of both sides at once to create the same effect.

By the time the Final War began, Shoto displays increased efficiency over his fire and ice Quirk, as noted when he manages to snuff the larger and more hotter flames from Dabi’s Blueflame with his ice. Due to his training with the Pussycats, he has finally managed to reach Dabi’s equal in terms of power and efficiency of his Quirk. Although Dabi’s flames are more hotter than Shoto’s because the temperature exceeded over 1000 degrees to the point he can melt the All Might statue, Shoto’s ice Quirk can compensate for his brother’s flames, giving him essentially two Quirk worth of power strong enough to cover ice over a city block and overpower Dabi’s flames, besting his older brother (albeit with assistance from the flaming sidekickers).

Enhanced Durability: Shoto has proven himself to be quite resilient, being able to withstand multiple attacks from Izuku, including a direct, One For All-enhanced punch at 5% strength to the stomach, without sustaining major injuries. During his fight with Leviathan, Shoto was able to withstand his punch, which was strong enough to destroy the floor of the Humanise headquarters. One of the most impressive examples of Shoto’s resilience, was when he endured the superior pyrokinesis of Dabi, although, Shoto was partially shielded by his own pyrokinesis, and Dabi intentionally held back in his final attack that left Shoto alive.
Enhanced Stamina: Shoto has shown to be able to endure combat even while injured. For example, in his battle with Stain, he was able to continue fighting and supporting his allies despite suffering from multiple bleeding injuries on his arm and face,and was still able to drag the villain’s unconscious body once the battle is over.When he engaged Dabi in an pyrokinetic brawl, Shoto continued to fight on despite his body becoming charred.
Enhanced Agility: Shoto is fast, agile, and has quick reflexes. He was able to keep first place during the majority of the Obstacle Race during the Sports Festival thanks to his own athletic ability. Shoto Todoroki repeatedly created ice walls within a split second in order to prevent himself from getting thrown out of the ring through his matchups with Izuku and Katsuki.He was the only one in Class 1-A capable of at least partly reacting to and dodging Tenya’s Recipro Turbo. He was also able to partially dodge a knife thrown at his face and several other attacks by Stain, a notably swift opponent.

Fumikage Tokoyami

Music equals Fumikage Tokoyami. He is the musical note of our My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List


Overall Abilities: Fumikage has continually shown to be one of the strongest members of Class 1-A, equaling, and sometimes surpassing the likes of Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki, and Shoto Todoroki. Fumikage’s skills allowed him to earn 9th place in the U.A. Entrance Exam, having the fifth-highest amount of villain points, fifth place in the Quirk Apprehension Test, and 3rd place at the U.A. Sports Festival. Fumikage has incredible proficiency with his Quirk: Dark Shadow, using it for both attack and defense, boosting his mobility, and even aid in rescue operations. Fumikage’s abilities have received praise from several prominent and notably powerful characters, including the likes of All Might, Hawks, Izuku, Shoto, and Fat Gum.

During the U.A. Sports Festival, Fumikage Tokoyami, also known as the Jet-Black Hero “Tsukuyomi,” showcased his formidable strength and combat abilities. He demonstrated his prowess in one-on-one battles by forcing Momo Yaoyorozu, a recommended student, into a defensive position and defeating her swiftly. This impressed Izuku Midoriya, who acknowledged Fumikage as one of the strongest individuals in terms of one-on-one combat.

Despite having a Quirk-type disadvantage, Fumikage displayed remarkable skill by holding off Katsuki Bakugo, one of Class 1-A’s strongest members, for a considerable period of time. Even without Dark Shadow at its full potential, Fumikage’s strength caught the attention of All Might, who provided him with advice to further improve his abilities. Shoto Todoroki was also amazed by Fumikage’s power when he witnessed Dark Shadow effortlessly defeat Moonfish, a villain who had previously kept both Shoto and Katsuki on the defensive.

Fumikage’s strength and potential were recognized by Mr. Compress, who attempted to capture him after witnessing his victory over Moonfish. Additionally, the Pro Hero Hawks, who was ranked No. 3 (now No. 2) at the time, took Fumikage as an intern due to his impressive abilities.

During the Provisional Hero License Exam, Fumikage utilized the advice he received from All Might, as well as his experience from the Final Exams, to create his Ultimate Move, “Black Abyss.” With only five days of intensive training, he developed this move, which eliminated his physical weaknesses. Fumikage went on to create two more ultimate moves related to “Black Abyss.” His work-study training with Hawks further enhanced Dark Shadow, allowing it to travel farther from his body, albeit at the cost of increased energy consumption. He also acquired a new ability called “Black Fallen Angel.” Hawks and his sidekicks were impressed by Fumikage’s progress and noted that he still had room for growth, particularly in close-range combat.

Fumikage’s improvements were demonstrated during the Joint Training Battle between Classes 1-A and 1-B. His enhanced speed and strength enabled him to defeat Kinoko Komori and Shihai Kuroiro with a single blow. However, Fumikage’s failure to render Kinoko unconscious led to his defeat when she used mushrooms to incapacitate him through asphyxiation.

On Nabu Island, Fumikage once again displayed his refined skills. Utilizing the speed granted by “Black Fallen Angel,” he saved Mashirao Ojiro from being crushed by Chimera. However, Fumikage struggled against Chimera’s raw power, and even with the assistance of other Class 1-A members, he was unable to defeat the villain. Later, Fumikage faced off against Slice, with Mina Ashido providing backup. Although initially on the defensive, Fumikage managed to briefly overwhelm and stun Slice, creating an opportunity for Mina to attack. When Mina was injured, Fumikage unleashed the full power of Dark Shadow, overpowering and defeating Slice, albeit not before the cave they were fighting in collapsed.

Fumikage Tokoyami’s continuous improvement and mastery over his Quirk, Dark Shadow, make him a formidable asset in battles. His impressive combat skills and strategic thinking allow him to hold his own against formidable opponents, and with further growth, he has the potential to become an even greater hero.

During the Paranormal Liberation War, Fumikage is once again shown to have significantly bolstered his strength, and ability to fight on all fronts. He’s chosen alongside Denki Kaminari to assist in the assault on the Gunga Mountain Villa sanctuary, despite the Stun Gun Hero’s light-based Quirk posing a risk to Dark Shadow being weakened. Utilizing his new Ultimate Move, “Ragnarök”, Fumikage was able to push back Re-Destro, a villain capable of mass destruction whom even Tomura Shigaraki struggled to defeat, though it’s unclear whether Dark Shadow was simply stronger or if Re-Destro’s legs failed, the fact remains at the very least the stress villain had to exert much effort against him. Later, Fumikage returned to the battlefield after escaping from Fat Gum’s fat (something the BMI Hero remarked has never happened before) and utilized his incredible speed to save Hawks from death at the hands of Dabi.

Later during the Final War, Fumikage further showed off his tenacity when he assisted his mentor Hawks in the battle against the extraordinarily powerful All For One, being personally selected to assist the Heroes in the event of a stalemate, a massive testament to the young hero’s prowess. While working in tandem with both the Winged Hero and classmate Kyoka Jiro, he managed to land a devastating blow on the Demon Lord, resulting in his extremely durable life support helmet being completely destroyed, and emerged from the battle unscathed. He then further demonstrates his abilities by taking advantage of the heavy storm weather and builds up the darkness, allowing him to achieve Total Release of Dark Shadow, a giant monstrous form that even stunned All For One into silence. Fumikage’s performance and strength displayed against All For One impressed the villain enough that he intended to steal Fumikage’s Quirk.

Enhanced Durability: Even without Dark Shadow, Fumikage is capable of withstanding vast amounts of damage. During the Joint Training Arc, Fumikage quickly recovered from a punch from Dark Shadow (who was under the control of Shihai). On Nabu Island, Fumikage was buried under rubble after Slice collapsed a cave on top of them, and was easily walking after being rescued, no worse for wear.
Enhanced Reflexes: Fumikage has incredible reflexes. Despite her superior speed and agility, Fumikage was still able to block all of Slice’s attacks during their battle and later seized an opportunity to briefly incapacitate her.
Tactical Intellect: Even though he is not the most academically efficient, Fumikage has proven himself to have a strategic mind. He ordered Dark Shadow to guard his team’s blind spot during the Human Cavalry Battle and grabbed one of Shoto’s headbands when the opportunity arose. Using the knowledge he has on Shihai’s Quirk, Black, Fumikage was able to exploit the standby function of the latter’s power by using his black-colored cape to trap the Scheming Hero, knowing that Shihai would instantly integrate with it. When pitted against Dabi, Fumikage, in spite of being placed at a disadvantage due to the enclosed area wherein they battled, and the light generated by Dabi’s flames, he was able to exploit an opening created by Geten’s nearby attack and Dabi’s tendency to monologue in order to escape the flame-wielder with Hawks’ unconscious body.

Musical Talents: Fumikage has shown to be very skilled at playing the electric guitar.

Nejire Hado

Don’t be fooled by her calm demeanor. Wait until you see her in action in the game! Nejire Hado is one of the recommended characters in our My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List


Overall Abilities: Nejire is one of U.A. High School’s most powerful students alongside Mirio and Tamaki, who are all collectively known as The Big 3. Like the rest of the Big 3, Nejire’s abilities can rival or even surpass that of most Pro Heroes.

She has shown on multiple occasions to have great mastery over her powerful and versatile Quirk, Wave Motion. Despite Wave Motion’s lack of speed, Nejire utilizes the energy surges to boost her own mobility. By doing so, she can quickly close the gap between her and the target before unleashing blast waves at close range. The waves have proven to be very effective against large enemies who also lack speed. Nejire can control how much energy she wants to output and can release it from her palms and her feet. By releasing small amounts under her feet, Nejire can levitate herself with fine control. She can defend herself and use the waves to attack from long range. A combination of the aforementioned applications is effective for Nejire controlling a battlefield and keeping her distance.

Nejire’s abilities not only garnered her the opportunity to be mentored by Ryukyu, the No. 10 (formerly No. 9) Pro Hero, but have also proven to be enough to allow Nejire take on villains that are much larger and physically stronger than she is. At the beginning the Shie Hassaikai Raid, the Ryukyu Squad acted as the first line of defense against Rikiya Katsukame of the Eight Bullets and were able to successfully subdue him. During the Paranormal Liberation War, Nejire’s abilites were proven to surpass most pro heroes as she alongside Shoto Todoroki managed to overwhelm the enhanced Tomura Shigaraki (albeit he was severely weakened due to his earlier battles). She later held back multiple Near High End Nomu alongside Mirio Togata, Tenya Ida, and Katsuki Bakugo in spite of her being burned by Dabi just before the encounter.

During the Final War against the Villains, Nejire was selected to join the assault team pitted against the body enhanced “Tomura Shigaraki”, a massive testament to her abilities. A short while later, while working in tandem alongside her Big Three teammates, they were able hold back the enhanced Villain for an extended period of time.

Enhanced Stamina: Due to her Quirk’s drawback, Nejire has built up an intense amount of stamina through training. Due to this feat, along with the nature of her Quirk, facing Nejire in a drawn-out battle would eventually become a battle of stamina. After her stamina was siphoned by a Trigger-enhanced Rikiya Katsukame, Nejire was still able to hold her own against the Yakuza member for 20 minutes until the Trigger drug wore off, allowing the Ryukyu Squad to defeat him once and for all. When she was blasted by Dabi’s flames, Nejire recovered, and helped ward off 4 Near-High Ends in spite of the burns she bore.
Enhanced Durability: Nejire has proven herself to be rather resilient, as she was able to survive being scorched by Dabi’s flames, and emerge with only moderate burns. This is an exceptionally impressive feat of Nejire’s resilience, given Dabi’s firepower exceeds that of Endeavor, and can turn his targets to ash in an instant. Nejire also survived a torso slash across her face and stomach from Tomura, continuing to fight despite her major injury.

The Various Game Modes

Did you read our My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List? Is it over? Of course not! Let’s take a look at the exciting game modes it offers.

Within the game, there exists a diverse range of modes for users to immerse themselves in. However, several of these modes can only be accessed once players have achieved specific levels of progression.

Solo Mode

This mode grants users the opportunity to engage in Combat Training, the Story Campaign, Night Ops, and Operation X. Combat training serves as an entry point for beginners and can be accessed through the Peacekeeping Handbook option.

Co-op Mode

Initially, no features are available in this mode. However, the Emergency option becomes accessible earlier than other features. In Co-op Mode, your hero can form a team with two randomly selected heroes within the game and engage in combat. Additionally, you have the option to fight alongside friends in this mode.

VS Mode

The Super Co-op Battle serves as the first available option, providing an easy path to rewards. Through the auto-battler mode, players can participate in 3v3 hero battles up to five times a day. More details regarding this aspect of the game can be found in the Tips Section below. The Arena, where the user takes control of heroes instead of AI, becomes available once Agency Level 19 is achieved. Warzone Co-op becomes accessible at a later stage.

Timed Mode

For beginners, all options in this mode are initially locked. They only become available upon reaching Agency Level 25. Once unlocked, these events offer exciting rewards for players to obtain.


We have reached the end of our My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List. In this article, you may have noticed that even the best characters are very different from each other. It is very challenging for all players to be able to use every character effectively. If you want to master a character, it should definitely be one of the six characters for which we provide detailed information! If you enjoyed the My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero Tier List our website for tier lists of other games you play. Now, let’s get into the game and put what you’ve learned into practice!