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MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE: How to Get Exclusive Costumes

Special Login Bonus (Left: 7d)


  • Costume for “Izuku Midoriya” (third day)
  • Emote for “Mt. Lady” (fifth day)
  • Costume for “Tomura Shigaraki” (seventh day)


Log into the game every day during the event and you’ll get both costumes and an emote.

Twitch Drops campaign (Left: 7d)


  • Emote for “Shoto Todoroki” (60 min.)
  • Costume for “Himiko Toga” (120 min.)
  • Costume for “Tenya Ida” (180 min.)

How to Participate:

1. Open “MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE” and head over to the Menu located on the Title Screen, then choose “Link Account”.
Use the displayed QR code to access the page where you can link your account to your Bandai Namco ID. If you don’t have a Bandai Namco ID yet, create a new one and follow the on-screen instructions to link it to your account.

  1. Use the following URL to link your Bandai Namco ID to your Twitch account.
    Link your Twitch account here[]
  2. Watch the “MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE” live streams on to obtain rewards.

*You can check the status of the drops and more details about how to obtain your rewards on the MY HERO Ultra Rumble Twitch Drops page.

  1. Open “MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE” and head to the “Notifications” option located in the Main Menu to claim your rewards.

Plus Ultra Roll #1 (Left: 7d)


  • Costume for “Tomura Shigaraki”
  • Costume for “Dabi”
  • Costume for “Himiko Toga”


Exclusive costumes for “Gacha”. Use the red tickets on the “Roll” menu and maybe you’ll get lucky.

Mission Event vol.1 (Left: 14d)


  • Costume for “Tsuyu Asui” (2000 event coin)
  • Costume for “Ochaco Uraraka” (2000 event coin)
  • Emote for “Ochaco Uraraka” (1000 event coin)
  • Voice for “Ochaco Uraraka” (1000 event coin)


Complete various tasks in the “Missions” menu (“Events” tab), then use the currency received from that event to buy various items, including costumes, emote and voice.

Starter Pack (until October 30, 2023)


  • Costume for “Izuku Midoriya”
  • Costume for “Ochaco Uraraka”
  • Emote for “Tenya Ida”
  • Emote for “Katsuki Bakugo”
  • Effect for My banner
  • Background for My banner

Battle Event vol.1 (The event will start soon)


  • Costume for “Izuku Midoriya”
  • Costume for “Katsuki Bakugo”
  • Emote for “Izuku Midoriya”
  • Voice for “Izuku Midoriya”

Lisence #1 (Left: 50d)

Free reward:

  • Voice for All Might (level 15)
  • Costume for Izuku Midoriya (level 25)

Pro reward:

  • Voice for All Might (level 5)
  • Voice for Izuku Midoriya (level 10)
  • Costume for Eijiro Kirishima (level 15)
  • Emote for Izuku Midoriya (level 20)
  • Effect for My banner (level 25)
  • Emote for All Might (level 30)
  • Costume for Itsuka Kendo (level 35)
  • Voice for Izuku Midoriya (level 40)
  • Costume for All Might (level 45)


You can buy a professional license without spending real money, for this crystals can be obtained in a temporary event, with which it is purchased. In this case for a fully completed license you will get back 4.500 crystals.

Ranked Match #1 (Left: 50d)

Reward “Pro Rank”:

  • Costume for Dabi

Rewards “Ace Rank”:

  • Costume for Dabi (the same as a “Pro Rank”)
  • Costume for Ochaco Uraraka


Awards will be given out at the conclusion of the season.