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Explore crafting and using the Refiner in My Time at Sandrock to enhance material and item quality. Let's dive into the details!

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to craft and utilize the Refiner in My Time at Sandrock to enhance the quality of materials and items. Let’s dive into our article.

My Time at Sandrock: How to Make a Refiner

The Refiner serves as a crucial tool for enhancing the quality of processed materials and crafted items in My Time at Sandrock. Additionally, it can be generously donated.

Navigating the Refiner’s interface might be perplexing. When fulfilling a commission for items of specific quality, players must carefully select the relevant refining option identified by a hanging “banner” on the left side of the screen. This ensures successful completion of the commission. To avoid confusion, upgrade all commission items in a single batch. For example, if a commission requires four items of a certain quality, upgrade all four at once by choosing the appropriate option with the hanging “banner.”

Placing the Refiner in your yard (4×3 area) transforms it into a crafting station. Easily interact with it to refine items from your inventory, utilizing gems to upgrade their quality. Crafted items can achieve green (Outstanding), blue (Perfect), or purple (Rare) quality. Refining equipment at purple quality enhances its stats. The quality of an item impacts its selling price, relationship points when gifted, and fulfillment of specific commissions.

For furniture, crafting stations, and equipment, increasing quality boosts attribute bonuses and affixes. Rare (purple) quality items can be refined to elevate their level, stats, and reroll affixes at a reduced material cost.

My Time at Sandrock Refiner Recipe

Refiner Making Steps

Research the Blueprint – To begin crafting a Refiner, acquire its blueprint from the Research Center in town by trading Data Discs. The Refiner blueprint requires Data Discs x8 and takes three days to research. Once completed, find the blueprint in your mailbox. Meanwhile, gather necessary components during the research period.

Crafting the Refiner – After obtaining the blueprint, head to the Assembly Area outside your workshop. Select the Refiner blueprint, click “Assemble,” and place it on the Assembly Area platform. Interact with the blueprint by pressing “E” and add the required components:

  • Bronze Blade x1 (Crafted at Worktable using Bronze Bars x4 and Copper Gears x2)
  • Copper Screw x12 (Use Copper Bars x6 in a Grinder)
  • Marble Slab x2 (Obtained by using Marble Brick x4 in a Processor)
  • Rubber Shell x3 (Recycle Rubber Scrap or use Rubber x12 in a Processor)
  • Hardwood Stick x2 (Obtained by recycling Fine Wood Scraps or processing Hard Wood x8 in a Processor)

Completing the Refiner – If you lack any components, use the Furnace, Recycler, Processor, and Grinder to create them. Once all components are added, interact with the completed Refiner to place it in your inventory. With the Refiner, enhance item quality, boosting your profits from commissions in My Time at Sandrock. Refining goods proves to be a key strategy for progression in the game.