NARAKA BLADEPOINT: 800+ Character Presets

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Now, take a look at our NARAKA BLADEPOINT: 800+ Character Presets guide. Get unique and fantastic characters by simply following the steps!

In this guide, we’ve covered NARAKA BLADEPOINT: 800+ Character Presets. Follow the steps, and apply your favorite characters from the hundreds of beautiful options in the game right away!

NARAKA BLADEPOINT: 800+ Character Presets

Here are some character presets for character customization. It includes some custom beautiful characters and reference characters such as Zoro, Ryze, Squidward, Pico, Shrek, Saitama, Veigo, and Thanos.

Preset Download Link

Google Drive link

Note: The presets are character specific, you can’t use them on different characters. Reference characters (Aquaman, Ultraman, Zoro…) can be found in the reference character folder.

How to Import Preset

  • Click on the Heroes on top of screen, then select customization.
  • Select a slot and click on edit.
  • Select import on the right hand side of the screen and click on the preset that you want to use from your local files.

Preset Preview

These are some of the presets. There are 800+ more in the Google Drive.