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Check out the One Fruit Simulator Christmas Accessories Guide now. Learn everything about all the new Christmas Accessories!

One Fruit Simulator dives headfirst into the holiday spirit with its Christmas update for 2023, bringing a sack full of new accessories to collect and flaunt. Get ready to grind, battle, and discover as we unwrap the secrets to acquiring all the Christmas goodies in this festive event!

One Fruit Simulator Christmas Accessories Guide

Elf Armor Set

The Elf Armor set, a three-piece ensemble, awaits daring players willing to face the Armored Evil Elves. These festive foes spawn around the new event island, conveniently located behind the starter island. Be prepared for a challenge, as each piece has a notoriously low drop rate. Once you’ve decked yourself out, seek out the Good Elf NPCs on the island. They’re ready to upgrade your gear, transforming it into the formidable Reinforced Elf Armor.

Real Elf Armor Set

Contrary to its name, the Real Elf Armor Set can be plundered from the Yetis patrolling the event island’s outskirts. Slay these frosty creatures and persevere through the grind, as each piece demands your dedication. Venture into the wilderness and emerge victorious, wearing the Real Elf Armor Set with pride.

Frozen Flames Armor Set

The pinnacle of the Christmas additions, the Frozen Flames Armor Set, is an elusive treasure obtainable only through the Nicholas of the Frozen Flames raid boss. To engage in this frosty showdown, collect a minimum of 50 Frozen Presents and exchange them for an Ice Fire Locus with a Good Elf NPC.

Beside the Locus provider, find the elf offering passage into the raid boss arena. Prepare to face a formidable foe with approximately 30 billion HP. Brace yourself for the grind, as each piece of this superior set boasts a rare drop chance. As a cherry on top, keep an eye out for the coveted Christmas-themed weapons – the Candy Cane sword and the Snowball Launcher.

Gear up, brave the odds, and secure these festive treasures. The drop chances might be low, but the joy of donning these exclusive accessories is well worth the holiday grind in One Fruit Simulator.