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Now, take a look at our One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 Special Log Yamato 1 Wano 100% Clear guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to reach your goal!

In this guide, our topic is One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 Special Log Yamato 1 Wano 100% Clear. Let’s proceed.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 Special Log Yamato 1 Wano %100 Clear

Objective Only Results

These are the points you can expect to get just focusing on the Objectives for this map. I didn’t try to get minion kills that weren’t necessary (300 points for every 500), and I ignored the Treasure Chests (1000 points each). Getting above the 15,000 Points mark on this map is really easy as it is a Level 5 Map, so enemies die super fast. I did still have over 8 minutes on the clock when I cleared this, so you can still go for Chests Points, Minion Points, and Soul Enemies if you desire to do so.

You can ignore all the Soul Enemies if you want to, as the farming spots for each Soul Type are as followed:
Land of Wano for Stamina Souls
Land of Confections for Health Souls
Navy Base for Defense Souls
Archipelago of Dancing Bubbles for Power Souls

Part 1

  • 1. Defeat Commander.
  • 2. Defeat Defense Commander.
  • 3A. Move to Location. Some people say that the Sentry Commander spawns shortly after you defeat the Defense Commander, but that actually isn’t true, you have to go into that small alcove in order to spawn him in.
  • 3B. Defeat Sentry Commander before he reaches the Destination. Doesn’t spawn until after you defeat the Defense Commander. He spawns in the highlighted area just below the Cherry Blossoms.
  • 4. Move to Location. Going into the Cherry Blossom area spawns 3 Sentry’s just outside in objective 3B area. You have 1 minute to defeat them.
  • 5. Defeat the Commanders. Only defeat the 2 in the highlighted area, as defeating all of them triggers the Map Search.
  • 6. Save Okiku from the Vigilante. Just defeat the Vigilante to save her and start getting your hit count up as you move towards objective 7.
  • 7. Defeat the Area Commander with a HIT 300 Count. If you were attacking enemies between objective 6 and here, you will have enough of a hit count to just defeat the Area Commander.
  • 8. Defeat the Commanders.

Part 2

  • 1. Defeat Hawkins.
  • 2. Defeat the Commanders. Defeating the Commander in the lower end of the highlighted area is what triggers the Watch Towers for objective 3.
  • 3. & 4. Defeat the Lookout in one of the Watchtowers (1 minute 30 seconds timer). There are 3 in total, and he will be in any of the 3 randomly, you need to destroy the Watchtowers in order for him to spawn if it is the correct one. Once he spawns and you defeat him, don’t move far from the location as Drake will spawn there immediately after the games dialogue. I believe you have 2 minutes to defeat Drake when he spawns.
  • 5. Go to Location. This will spawn Kin’emon who you need to escort, but just start it and head to objective 6, bypassing the Commander near the cliff, as killing all Commanders will trigger Map Search, which is why that Commander is objective 9, the others are all in pathing, so we need to save this one for the Map Search when everything else is done.
  • 6. Defeat Samurai Chiefs. There are 4 over the span of the bridge, defeat them and head to objective 7, again bypassing the Commander near the cliff.
  • 7. Defeat the Commanders. Kin’emon will be stopped here by Commanders after the dialogue to start the escort while you do objective 6 throughout the start of the escort mission.
  • 8. Defeat the Commanders. Kin’emon will stop here again as he gets ambushed by Commanders, just defeat them and he will keep advancing. Start moving to objective 9, but don’t defeat it until this escort mission is fully complete.
  • 9. Defeat the Commander. Once Kin’emon has retreated from the battlefield is when you can defeat this Commander. If you do it while he is still moving to the area, and before the dialogue scenes end with him retreating, this will be classed as failed, as it will advance the Map Search before it fully concluded.

Part 3

  • 1. Defeat Kaido. Defeating Kaido is what triggers the territories to be able to be captured. He can take a bit to spawn, so just stand there waiting for him, as minions will continue to spawn, piling up ready for when the territory can be captured after the dialogue.
  • 2. Defeat the Samurai Chief and Capture Territory. Wait until the territory can be captured before doing this so minions keep spawning where you defeated Kaido. Defeat the Samurai Chief then move back to where you defeated Kaido in order to capture the territory super quickly. Defeat the other Samurai Chief near where Kaido spawned on your way to objective 3.
  • 3. Defeat the Samurai Chief.
  • 4. Defeat Okiku and Kin’emon (1 minute 30 seconds timer). They will only spawn if you done both of their objectives in Part 1 and Part 2.
  • 5. Defeat Jack. He will spawn after dialogue talking about rumbling when you get near the area.
  • 6. Defeat the Samurai Chiefs and Capture Territory (if not already done). Defeating all the Samurai Chiefs and capturing both territories is what triggers Hybrid Kaido to spawn which is objective 7.
  • 7. Defeat Hybrid Kaido. If ALL objectives have been completed up to and including this one, then the last objective will spawn.
  • 8. Defeat Oden.