One Punch Man World: How to Reroll

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Enter the One Punch Man World! Master the art of rerolling to start with top characters. Follow this guide to secure desired SSR heroes.

Welcome to the One Punch Man World! If you’re looking to kickstart your adventure with the best characters, you’ll want to master the art of rerolling. Follow this simple guide to ensure you snag the SSR heroes you desire.

One Punch Man World: How to Reroll

Start with a Guest Account

Begin by playing the game as a guest and complete the tutorial. This initial step sets the stage for your rerolling journey.

Visit the Hero Association Headquarters

Head over to the Hero Association Headquarters where Triple Staff Lily will introduce you to the game’s gacha system. This is where you’ll make your pulls for powerful heroes.

Utilize Free Rewards

Take advantage of the free rewards and currency you receive from pre-registration and the starter bonus. These resources will aid you in your rerolling endeavors.

Pull on Gacha Banners

Perform pulls on the gacha banners to acquire heroes or Impression Arms. If you’re satisfied with your pull, link your account to secure your progress.

One Punch Man World Reroll

Reset Progress if Necessary

If you didn’t get your desired heroes, don’t fret. Simply close the game and delete data to reset your progress. You can also consider reinstalling the game if needed, though clearing data is usually sufficient.

Optimize Rerolls with Beginner’s Banner

Maximize your rerolling efficiency by focusing on the Beginner’s Banner. This banner allows for ten pulls, with the flexibility to refresh up to ten times for free. Notably, the 4th refresh guarantees an SSR, making it an ideal choice for rerolling.

SSR Characters Worth Rerolling For

When rerolling, prioritize obtaining SSR heroes with exceptional abilities. Here are the top SSR characters to aim for in One Punch Man World:

  • Saitama – Dreamworld
  • Genos
  • Silverfang
  • Sonic

By following these steps and focusing your efforts on acquiring these elite characters, you’ll set yourself up for success in the dynamic world of One Punch Man. Good luck on your rerolling journey!