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In One Punch Man: World, battles are central, featuring franchise favorites. Each fight is crucial for game progression, demanding mastery of character skills and precise timing for victory.

In One Punch Man: World, combat reigns supreme, revolving around the beloved characters of the franchise. Each battle is a crucial step towards advancing through the game’s phases and uncovering its rich content. Victory hinges on your ability to master the unique skills of the characters you command, making strategic choices and executing precise timing paramount to success.

One Punch Man World: Ultimate Guide

Mastering Skills and Controls

In the heat of battle, understanding the game’s controls and mastering character skills are essential. One Punch Man: World employs a straightforward control scheme:

  • Two Skill Buttons: Trigger character abilities.
  • Ultimate Button: Unleash powerful signature attacks.
  • Attack Button: Execute basic attacks through screen tapping.
  • Dash Button: Engage with enemies swiftly.
  • Occasional Button Inputs: Some maneuvers and combos require precise timing and specific button inputs, adding depth to gameplay.

Game Modes and Quests

One Punch Man: World offers a diverse array of game modes and quests to cater to different player preferences:

  • Linear Story Mode: Embark on a journey through the One Punch Man universe, unlocking characters and unraveling the narrative with each chapter’s progression.
  • Open-World Quests: Immerse yourself deeper into the storyline by interacting with various characters and engaging in side quests, enriching the overall gaming experience.

Gacha System

The Gacha system adds an element of excitement and chance to character and item acquisition:

  • SSR and SR Odds: Probability rates for obtaining SSR characters, items, and SR characters/items are specified, with guaranteed rewards after a certain number of draws.
    • SSR Odds
      • SSR Characters: Base probability: 0.3%
      • SSR Impression Arms: Base probability: 0.3%
      • SSR Items: Base probability: 0.6%
      • General Probability for SSR Items: 1.6%
      • Guaranteed SSR Items: Guaranteed with a limit of 90 attempts.
    • SR Odds
      • SR Characters: Base probability: 2.55%
      • SR Impression Arms: Base probability: 2.55%
      • SR Items: Base probability: 5.1%
      • General Probability for SR Items: 14%
      • Guaranteed SR Items: Guaranteed with a limit of 10 attempts. (99.4% probability).
  • R-Level Impression Arms: Probability rates for R-level items ensure a balance in the Gacha system, providing opportunities for players to acquire valuable assets.
    • General Probability for R-Level Impression Arms: 85.4%
One Punch Man World

Beginner’s Guide

  1. Story Quests: Dive into the narrative to unlock characters and reap in-game rewards, enhancing your gameplay experience.
  2. Team Building Mastery: Strategically assemble a balanced team with characters of complementary strengths and abilities.
  3. Character Development: Invest in leveling up characters to boost their stats, abilities, and combat effectiveness.
  4. Mastering Skill Combinations: Explore and experiment with skill combos to unleash devastating attacks on enemies efficiently.
  5. Understanding Enemy Weaknesses: Adapt your strategy by exploiting enemy vulnerabilities, maximizing your chances of victory in battles.


  • Utilize character skills and dodge enemy attacks effectively to preserve HP and ensure survival.
  • Master skill combos by swiftly tapping on-screen controls, delivering substantial damage to adversaries.

Boss Battles

  • Bosses pose formidable challenges with high HP and shields, requiring relentless attacks to break their defense.
  • Depleting the boss’s shield exposes vulnerabilities, allowing for increased damage output and eventual victory.


  • Complete missions for guidance, rewards, and accelerated progression through the game’s content.


  • Utilize teleportation to access different cities quickly, engaging in specific tasks and enhancing exploration opportunities.

Story Challenges

  • Participate in story challenges at designated player levels to earn valuable character rewards and progress through the game’s storyline.

Recruitment System

  • Utilize banners for hero recruitment, taking advantage of rerolling options to optimize character acquisition.


  • Explore cities, interact with NPCs, and partake in various activities to immerse yourself in the game’s expansive world.

Side Quests

  • Complete side quests for additional rewards and a diverse gaming experience beyond the main storyline.

Training with Characters

  • Engage in practice sessions to familiarize yourself with character skills and optimize their usage in battles.

Character Development

  • Level up characters, enhance their abilities, and unlock their full potential to overcome challenges and adversaries.

Team Composition

  • Strategically assemble a team with one main character and three supporters, ensuring a balanced and effective lineup for combat encounters.

Prepare for the release of One Punch Man: World by familiarizing yourself with these tips and tricks, ensuring a seamless transition into the game’s dynamic world. By mastering combat mechanics, character development, and exploration, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the challenges that await in this thrilling adventure.