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Choose your powerful character with the Otherworld Legends Tier List and let it assist you in defeating your rivals in this visual spectacle.

Otherworld Legends is a roguelike action RPG game developed by ChillyRoom studios for PC, Android, and iOS platforms. Although the game’s pixel art graphics may not appeal to everyone, it provides an excellent opportunity for players who enjoy this genre. The game features various characters with different abilities, as well as items adorned with unique skills. If you’re wondering which character is strong, we have prepared the Otherworld Legends Tier List for you. By learning which character is powerful, you can easily defeat your opponents in the game.

Otherworld Legends Tier List

Despite being released in 2020, Otherworld Legends received its latest update on May 12, 2023. This shows that the game’s developer keeps it constantly updated, earning the appreciation of the player community and maintaining a high player count. In our prepared Otherworld Legends Tier List, you can always find the most up-to-date information on which characters are better. We keep this table updated regularly. Here’s the table we’re sharing with you:





Tier List Overview Criteria

  • T0: This is the highest tier in a tier list, reserved for the most powerful or effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are considered to be essential picks for competitive play and are often banned in tournaments.
  • T1: This tier is just below T0-tier and includes characters or strategies that are still very strong and effective, but not quite as dominant as those in the T0-tier.
  • T2: This tier includes characters or strategies that are considered to be average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. They may have some strengths and weaknesses, but they are not as dominant as those in the higher tiers.
  • T3: This is the lowest tier in a tier list, reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered to be inferior to other options and may be rarely used in competitive play.

It’s important to note that the exact definitions and criteria for each tier can vary depending on the game and the community creating the tier list. Additionally, a character or strategy’s placement in a tier list is not always an accurate reflection of its overall strength or effectiveness, as factors such as player skill and game balance can also play a significant role.


Ginzo possesses minimal health and armor, rendering him vulnerable to a few potent strikes that can swiftly claim his life without your immediate realization. Consequently, Ginzo employs rapid and lethal combinations of attacks to swiftly eliminate adversaries before they can reciprocate. With the highest critical hit rate in the game and abbreviated cooldowns on all abilities, coupled with versatile mobility choices, Ginzo emerges as a formidable force. However, owing to his diminished attributes and skills that lack adequate defensive measures, cautious gameplay is recommended to prevent a premature demise. Failing to exercise prudence may result in an untimely demise that catches you off guard.


Ginzo wields a swift and deadly swordplay style, characterized by various attacks and skills. Let’s break down his abilities:

  • Default Attack: By tapping the attack button, Ginzo executes a series of sword strikes in front of him, inflicting damage. He repeats this three-strike loop before starting the chain anew.
  • Roll: Ginzo excels in evasive maneuvers, particularly with his rolls. His forward roll boasts a swift animation, reducing vulnerability and facilitating well-timed dodges using invincibility frames. The backward roll incorporates a swift weak slash, enabling Ginzo to strike enemies adjacent to his starting position. Rolling is particularly advantageous for Ginzo as it cancels the vulnerable re-sheathing animation of all his skills, allowing for strategic repositioning. Although the back roll slash inflicts minimal damage, it possesses stun-lock capabilities, enabling Ginzo to both evade and immobilize formidable foes while setting up devastating combos.
  • Hiken – Shooting Stars: When activating this skill, Ginzo briefly winds up before swiftly moving to a position relatively far from his starting point in a straight line, slashing with his sword. This slash deals 55 damage to all caught within its range, stun-locking them for an extended duration. Notably, the slash pierces through objects, even if Ginzo himself cannot pass through them. After executing the attack, Ginzo must sheath his sword, although this animation can be interrupted by rolling. Cooldown: 6 seconds.

Skill Styles

  • Second Hit: This style incorporates a second slash following the initial one, striking the same spot. As the first slash stun-locks enemies, the second slash always connects with those affected. However, dashing immediately after the first slash cancels the second, rendering this skill style ineffective. Ginzo remains steadfast during the sheathing animation.
  • One Slash: If Ginzo manages to eliminate an enemy with the slash from this skill, the cooldown is instantly reset, and he does not need to sheath his sword. This aspect makes the move particularly useful for finishing off low-health foes.
  • Samurai: With this skill style, Ginzo initiates a forward dash, accompanied by three wide slash trails behind him. Although these slashes do not inflict damage (unless equipped with the Monocle, which grants them 1 critical damage), they disable enemies within their range. After a brief interval, a narrower slash follows, dealing 60 damage to all enemies within a considerably large area. This style boasts slightly higher damage output compared to the skill’s standard form. It’s important to note that using a dodge to interrupt the sheathing animation does not cancel the second damaging slash.
  • Hiken – Tsubame Gaeshi: Ginzo assumes a defensive pose lasting 0.75 seconds. If he is struck from the front during this stance, he takes no damage, ignores any control effects, and retaliates with a potent overhead smack dealing 50 damage. Subsequently, the pose immediately ends. If the triggering attack is melee, the attacker becomes stun-locked. Ginzo is invincible during the counter animation. It’s worth mentioning that this skill is less effective against ranged enemies, as the counter may not reach its intended target. Cooldown: 1 second.

Skill Styles

  • Iaijutsu: This style extends the defensive pose’s duration to slightly over 1 second, facilitating blocking and countering enemy attacks. The counter pose now lasts longer than the skill’s cooldown duration, allowing repeated tapping of the skill button to maintain the counter state indefinitely. However, being attacked depletes the counter pose, leaving Ginzo vulnerable during the cooldown period.
  • Rikigo: With this style, Ginzo gains the ability to cancel the defensive pose with a second press of the skill button. Instead of count


Uliana embodies a playstyle centered around freezing enemies and unleashing devastating combos for extraordinary damage. Her attributes, such as armor, health, attack speed, and critical rate, are moderate, while her movement speed is notably swift.


Uliana executes a swift and dynamic combat style, emphasizing freezing her foes and delivering devastating combos for immense damage. Let’s delve into her abilities:

  • Default Attack: Uliana swiftly dashes towards her targeted enemy, unleashing a three-part combo. The initial strike deals 3 damage, followed by a second strike dealing 4 damage. The final blow comprises two hits, each inflicting 5 damage and exerting a gentle pulling force on enemies in front of her.
  • Rolls: Uliana effortlessly performs a quick hop either forwards or backwards, determined by the direction held. During this maneuver, she becomes completely invincible. Notably, her default roll is the backward roll, similar to most characters.
  • Crystalline Salvo: By tapping the skill button, Uliana conjures a chilling gust of frozen wind within a cone-shaped area in front of her. This gust applies the Frostbite effect to all struck enemies, briefly stunning them. For the subsequent second, Crystalline Salvo transforms into a different skill. Uliana swiftly executes a potent cut attack, dealing 30 damage with considerable range. Enemies struck by this cut attack remain stunned for 2.5 seconds, bypassing stun protection. After employing the cut skill or the expiration of its one-second duration, Crystalline Salvo initiates its cooldown. Cooldown: 5 seconds.
  • Morana’s Rapture: Upon pressing the skill button, Uliana instantly teleports forward a predetermined distance, inflicting the Frostbite effect on enemies in her path and momentarily stunning them. Similarly, for the ensuing second, Morana’s Rapture transitions into an altered skill. Uliana teleports once more while delivering a slashing strike, dealing 25 damage. This slash attack stuns impacted enemies for 2 seconds, disregarding stun protection. Upon executing either of the skill’s teleportation moves, Uliana automatically reorients herself to face backward, simplifying subsequent combo attacks. Uliana remains invincible throughout both parts of the skill. Following the usage of the dashing cut skill or the expiration of its one-second duration, Morana’s Rapture commences its cooldown. Cooldown: 5 seconds.
  • Nivation: Uliana’s initial skill hit possesses the ability to apply the Frostbite effect, which can be stacked to unlock various properties. Striking an enemy once with Frostbite causes them to turn blue and experience reduced movement speed for the next 3 seconds. If Frostbite is applied twice, the affected enemies enter the Deep Freeze state, turning dark blue and moving at an incredibly sluggish pace. Furthermore, they suffer continuous damage over time for the subsequent 6 seconds. Applying Frostbite to an enemy already in Deep Freeze has no additional effect. Damaging an enemy in the Deep Freeze state with a skill triggers an Endothermic Rupture, subjecting them to approximately 20 hits of 4 damage each over the next second.


Ruthven, the vampire, harnesses the power of blood magic to assail his adversaries. While possessing average overall statistics, he lacks armor but compensates with a substantial health pool.

His abilities revolve around the Apotheosis bar, a crucial component of his playstyle. When fully charged, it enables him to undergo a formidable transformation, augmenting his strength for a limited duration. However, this enhanced form necessitates the utilization of health-restoring techniques to counteract its continuous health depletion. Ruthven’s design greatly rewards an aggressive approach, demanding precision and offering little room for error—an embodiment of the true glass cannon archetype.


  • Default Attack: Ruthven swiftly closes the distance to his target, executing a lethal combo consisting of a precise stab dealing 3 damage, followed by a sweeping slash inflicting 4 damage, and concluding with a powerful slash that strikes twice, each hit dealing 5 damage. Notably, every strike grants 1 Apotheosis for each enemy hit, fueling Ruthven’s transformation.
  • Rolls: Ruthven’s nimble movements include a swift forward dash and a quick hop backward, both of which grant invincibility throughout their entire animation. Should Ruthven perform a backward roll and promptly press the attack button, he launches into a piercing dash toward the targeted foe, dealing an increased 10 damage. This attack also bestows 1 Apotheosis for each enemy struck.
  • Effloresce: Unleashing his blood magic prowess, Ruthven initiates a devastating slash that deals 10 damage while granting 1 Apotheosis per enemy struck. He swiftly follows up by dashing towards the designated enemy, delivering another powerful slash dealing 10 damage. Remarkably, each of these strikes lands as critical hits. Moreover, the second slash ruptures all enemies hit, marking the initial target with a distinct bat icon. This marking designates the target as the focus of Ruthven’s bloodfiend familiars, as indicated by swirling bats. The familiars relentlessly assault the marked enemy, delivering 10 ticks of 4 damage over the subsequent 3 seconds, granting 1 Apotheosis per tick. During Ruthven’s Maledict form, the player can hold the skill button to unleash a continuous flurry of 5-damage slashes, which can be sustained for up to 3 seconds without initiating the skill’s cooldown. After the second slash or upon releasing the skill button, Ruthven swiftly retreats with a backward dash, culminating in another 10-damage dashing strike that consistently lands as a critical hit. The skill has a cooldown of 6 seconds.
  • Torment: Unleashing a Rending Orb, Ruthven launches it towards his intended target, rupturing them upon contact. If the orb fails to hit a target, the skill’s cooldown is reduced to a mere 0.75 seconds. However, if the orb successfully touches an enemy, it deals 1 damage and marks the target for 2 seconds. Ruthven gains 10 Apotheosis upon the orb’s impact. By holding the skill button, Ruthven possesses the marked enemy, becoming invincible and inflicting 6 damage while restoring 1 HP and gaining 1 Apotheosis per tick, which occurs multiple times per second. This ability can be sustained for just under 2 seconds, during which it will tick 8 times, without initiating the skill’s cooldown. Upon releasing the hold, reaching the time limit, or the enemy’s demise, Ruthven disengages from the possessed state and promptly executes a backward dash. In Maledict form, possessing an enemy results in additional ticks of damage within the same time window and summons a Crimson Corpuscle. When the skill’s duration concludes, the Crimson Corpuscle detonates, unleashing a 50-damage Goresplatter. The skill has a cooldown of 8 seconds.
  • Maledict [Passive Skill]: Ruthven’s attacks, both normal strikes and skill-based maneuvers, generate Apotheosis. Upon accumulating 100 Apotheosis, Ruthven seamlessly transitions into his fearsome Maledict form. In this heightened state, his attributes undergo significant augmentation, granting him a +5.0 damage boost, a 25% crit rate, a 1.0 attack speed increase, and a 0.5 move speed boost. Additionally, striking ruptured enemies enables Ruthven to restore health equivalent to the number of rupture stacks present on the afflicted enemy. However, sustaining life above 15% and maintaining Apotheosis necessitates Ruthven neither landing an attack nor being struck for at least 1 second. Maledict form concludes once Apotheosis depletes to 0. While in Maledict form, performing a triple-tap on both the primary and secondary skill buttons, even if they are on cooldown, causes Ruthven to instantaneously relinquish the Maledict state and plummet to 1 HP. He then becomes invincible for the subsequent 5 seconds and barrages a vast area with numerous 10-damage ticks, culminating in an average of 900 damage to a single target without external buffs. Following the execution of this attack, all of Ruthven’s skills and dodges undergo a complete cooldown. This devastating assault can only be unleashed once per scene or until the character is revived.

Quan Huying

Quan Huying thrives in close-quarters combat, relying on her skills that excel within limited range engagements. Despite her skillset being restricted to shorter distances, Quan makes up for it with her exceptional damage output, quick skill cooldowns, and impressive health and armor. These attributes enable her to withstand more punishment compared to other fighters. It is worth noting that her critical hit rate is slightly below average, resting at 10%. However, Quan’s simplicity in gameplay, thanks to her intuitive movements, makes her an ideal choice for beginners, perfectly suited as a starter character.


  • Default attack: Quan Huying exhibits a swift combo of two punches and two kicks upon pressing the attack button, delivering consecutive strikes.
  • Roll: Quan executes a forward roll with an extended animation and a considerable rolling distance. She possesses the ability to cancel the roll animation using a skill. By holding backwards or leaving the movement stick untouched while activating the roll-canceling skill, Quan launches the skill in the opposite direction, granting her the ability to swiftly dodge behind enemies and strike them. Additionally, her back roll propels her backward rapidly, providing her with a generous amount of invincibility frames.
  • Tiger Charge: Quan generates an energy orb in front of her. After a substantial windup, she forcefully punches the orb, releasing a concentrated stream of energy in a straight line over a short range. This attack inflicts 50 damage upon impact with enemies. Unlike Quan’s other skills, which prioritize speed and safety, this skill lacks those qualities but compensates with high damage and a low skill cooldown. Strangely, this attack is unable to break crates. Cooldown: 3 seconds.

Skill Styles

  • Tiger Climb: The attack deals 100 damage to the first enemy it hits.
    Tiger Claw: The punch divides into three parts, forming a fan shape that deals 30 damage per hit. This enhanced coverage makes it more effective in crowd control situations; however, it does not extend its linear range. In total, the move deals 90 damage, but all three parts must connect with the enemy in close proximity to Quan Huying. The size of the additional attacks remains constant regardless of Quan’s size.
    Tiger Palm: The punch’s cooldown is reduced to 1 second.
  • Shadow Strike: Quan Huying summons a temporary shadow behind her during default attacks, mirroring her combo and allowing her to deal double damage and hits with this technique, which she frequently utilizes. This skill activates automatically if the player selects it as one of their two skills. If both skills are set to Shadow Strike, two shadows will be summoned simultaneously. Cooldown: N/A.

Skill Styles

  • Shadow Puncture: The shadow gains an increased critical hit chance.
    Shadow Flap: Both Quan Huying and the shadow execute a shoulder ram attack after three default attacks, dealing substantial damage and amplifying its strength. The combo incorporates three additional attacks before looping back to the beginning.
    Shadow Jab: The default combo only consists of the first two punches. Although this may appear to be a disadvantage, Quan Huying preserves the faster attacks in the combo and can deliver more accurate punches. The first attack of her default attacks automatically propels the player in front of their target. With this style, Quan Huying can effortlessly battle through hordes by continuously holding down the attack button and moving on to the next enemy after defeating the first one. However, it is important to note that while she can dash precisely, she cannot dash back to strike enemies behind her, necessitating frequent player control.
  • Shoulder Bump: Quan Huying charges forward, forcefully colliding with enemies using her shoulder, dealing 50 damage. This hit causes the enemies to become dazed, creating an opportune moment to execute a stronger and slower attack like Thunder Phoenix Fist. Enemies are carried along with Quan during the charge, which aids in grouping them together, although heavier enemies may resist. Holding backwards during the skill allows for a reverse dazing hit at the end. Quan remains invincible throughout the move, except for a few frames at the conclusion. Cooldown: 6 seconds.

Skill Styles

  • Power Back: The move slows down the enemies it hits for approximately 5 seconds and grants full invincibility.
    Fast Retreat: The move’s cooldown is halved to 3 seconds.
    Dart: The move increases Quan’s attack speed for 4 seconds based on the number of enemies hit, providing a 10% boost per enemy. The attack speed buff caps at 40%.
  • Thunder Phoenix Fist: Quan Huying undergoes a windup animation labeled “Murderous thunder fiery wind punch” and forcefully strikes the ground, causing all enemies within a wide area around her to suffer 40 damage thrice and be knocked back to the skill’s perimeter. During the startup animation, Quan enters an unflinching state, rendering the attack immune to interruption unless canceled with a roll or skill. After the punch, Quan maintains her fist for a few seconds, but this animation can be canceled like any other. While Thunder Phoenix Fist possesses a longer cooldown than Quan’s other skills, it remains relatively short given its immense power. Cooldown: 12 seconds.

Skill Styles

  • Chi in Dantian: The move’s radius is halved, but it deals 50% more damage, totaling 60 damage per hit.
  • Landmine Fist: The move leaves a scorching mark on the ground for 5 seconds, dealing 5 damage multiple times per second to any enemy that steps on it.
  • Fiery Phoenix: The move’s windup (now displaying “Fiery phoenix demon-busting punch”) is slightly lengthened, causing Quan Huying to punch in a straight line. Flames emanate from her fist, covering a substantial area. After the move, Quan no longer remains stationary. Although the move loses its 360º coverage, it becomes one of the game’s longest-ranged techniques, ideal for keeping a safe distance from enemies. This skill style also amplifies the skill’s damage to 70 per hit.


Peddler possesses exceptional strength, boasting substantial health and shield reserves, and excels in close-range combat. His attacks are characterized by their distinctive nature, relying on long-reaching yet powerful melee maneuvers. Despite his emphasis on power, Peddler defies expectations with his remarkable speed in both attacking and moving. With a critical hit rate of 20%, he proves adept at targeting and exploiting enemy vulnerabilities.

When assuming the role of Peddler, the appearance of the Peddler character in the in-game shop changes to the Sakari skin. However, if you have the Sakari skin equipped, Peddler will retain his default appearance as usual. This ensures that the Peddler in the shop always sports a distinct look, separate from your own character.


  • Default attack: Peddler unleashes a flurry of punches by repeatedly pressing or holding the attack button. The combo begins with two straight punches followed by two powerful uppercuts, transitioning into a rapid flurry of weaker blows, and culminating in a devastating cross hook.
  • Roll: Activating the roll button while stationary propels Peddler forward in a swift dash, rendering him invincible during the animation. Holding the opposite direction causes Peddler to execute a backward backstep, slightly slower than the forward roll but covering a similar distance. The backstep also provides invincibility throughout its animation.
  • Anaerobic Exercise: This skill enables Peddler to enter an anaerobic state, granting a 20% increase in damage, movement speed, and attack speed. However, Peddler gradually loses health at a slow rate while in this state. Toggling the skill on and off is achieved by tapping the skill button. If Peddler’s health reaches 1 HP, he will not experience further health loss while the skill remains active. The anaerobic state is visually distinguished by trailing red afterimages behind Peddler. Notably, Peddler still benefits from skill style buffs even when not in the anaerobic state. Activating this skill does not interrupt ongoing animations or trigger any skill items. Cooldown: 1 second.

Skill Styles

  • Blitz: Increases Peddler’s movement speed by 10% and critical hit rate by 20%.
  • Sprint: Enhances Peddler’s attack speed by 30%. The final strike of every default attack combo is guaranteed to land a critical hit.
  • Marathon: Amplifies Peddler’s damage by 50%, causing his default attack combo to forego the flurry phase.
  • Whirling Blow: Peddler executes a turning backstep, followed by a swift charge back to his initial position, delivering a punch that inflicts 10 damage. Additionally, a tornado is generated, drawing nearby enemies inward and subjecting them to 10 ticks of 4-damage over 2 seconds. Peddler maintains invincibility during the backstep and pulls and staggers enemies along with him during the forward charge, increasing the likelihood of connecting with the final punch. Notably, the tornado possesses unique characteristics—it is unaffected by items, and its damage and attack speed do not scale with Peddler’s stats. Striking enemies with the tornado does not register as Peddler’s direct hits, causing their health bars not to appear, and it does not provoke Bulls’ aggression. However, certain on-hit items or skills may still interact with the tornado. Additionally, the tornado can damage Tengu even if he is airborne after employing his fireball attack. Cooldown: 3 seconds.

Skill Styles

  • Roundhouse Jab: The punch no longer generates a tornado but delivers the full 50 damage instantly. While this skill may present challenges in hitting enemies due to the absence of the tornado, it compensates by dealing damage more rapidly and synergizing effectively with specific items. Despite the significantly shorter cooldown, 1000kg Swing generally proves superior for this particular build.
  • Concentration: If the backstep successfully evades an attack, doubling the skill’s damage. This effect applies to both the punch and the tornado, offering Peddler the sole means of augmenting the tornado’s baseline damage.
  • Whirlwind: The tornado’s size is doubled, enabling it to draw in more enemies from a greater range. It also exhibits enhanced consistency in trapping foes with dashing attacks.
  • Swinging Kitty: Peddler initiates an extensive combo of ten consecutive punches, each dealing 10 damage, propelling him forward. The combo culminates with a final blow that inflicts the same damage and induces knockback. By holding forwards or backwards during the skill, the player can control the distance Peddler moves, ranging from a considerable distance to a stationary position. This attack yields substantial damage potential when all hits connect, while Peddler remains impervious throughout the animation. The move draws nearby enemies closer, preventing their escape and proving highly effective against groups of adversaries. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Skill Styles

  • Triple Swing: The skill can be stored and stacked up to three times, reducing the cooldown to 18 seconds. Rapid successive uses can chain the combo together, prolonging its duration.
  • Extreme Swing: Cooldown reduced to 6 seconds. The damage of the initial 10 hits is lowered to 8, but the skill retains its crowd control capability due to the gravitational effect it imposes. While equipped with this skill style, Peddler consistently maintains 0 shield, though his maximum shield value remains unchanged.
  • 1000kg Swing: Immobilizes enemies in a straight line before Peddler. Following a protracted windup, Peddler executes a far-reaching punch that deals a colossal 150 damage to any enemies it touches. This attack stands as the most potent single-hit move in the game, making it ideal for setups focused on one-shotting opponents.


In our article, we have prepared the Otherworld Legends Tier List for you, including the features and skills of our top-tier characters in the T0 category. We have taken into account the latest version of the game while writing these descriptions, and we have also consulted player community feedback. We hope that our article has been helpful for you.