Paldium Fragment Location in Palworld

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Palworld: Unsure of Paldium Fragments' purpose? This guide reveals how to acquire and utilize them effectively.

In Palworld, do you not know what Paldium Fragments are used for? In this guide, we will explain how you can obtain Paldium Fragments and how these Paldiums can be used.

Paldium Fragment Location in Palworld

Blue Chunks on the Ground

In the early stages of your journey, keep an eye out for blue chunks of crystals scattered on the ground. These distinctive blue crystals are a beginner-friendly source of Paldium Fragments, making them hard to miss.

Mining Shiny Blue Ore Rocks

To step up your Paldium Fragment game, venture into mining shiny blue ore rocks using a pickaxe. Craft a pickaxe at any workbench, ensuring you have the necessary materials. Alternatively, you can use your bare hands, but be aware that this method is slower compared to using a pickaxe.

Paldium Fragment in Palworld

What are Paldium Fragments

Learn the significance of Paldium Fragments in the game. These precious resources serve as a key ingredient in crafting Pal Spheres at workbenches. Pal Spheres, in turn, play a crucial role in capturing Pals scattered throughout the game world.

How to Craft Pal Spheres

Discover how to craft Pal Spheres using the Paldium Fragments you’ve gathered. Head to any workbench and follow the crafting process outlined in this section. Pal Spheres are essential tools for capturing and interacting with the diverse range of Pals in Palworld.

Armed with the knowledge from this guide, you’re now ready to embark on a Paldium Fragment farming journey like never before. Whether you’re a completionist or simply seeking to enhance your crafting skills, mastering the art of collecting Paldium Fragments is a game-changer in Palworld. Happy farming!