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This article provides a detailed overview of Palworld's Flying Mounts, showcasing their abilities. Choose the ones that suit you best for an enjoyable flying experience.

In this article, we have prepared a detailed overview of all types of Flying Mounts in Palworld, including their abilities and information. By reviewing this information, you can choose the Flying Mounts that are most suitable for you and enjoy flying with them.

Flying Mounts List

Below we have listed all the Pals that you can use as flying mounts in Palword.


Nitewing, a sizable avian creature, qualifies as one of the companions suitable for both terrestrial and aerial journeys. Its formidable screech can disorient, and it possesses the ability to emit harmful beams from its mouth. While Nitewing has been observed adopting and nurturing newborn Pals as surrogate offspring in its nest, the relationship takes a dark turn once the young one reaches a suitable age for consumption unleashing its savage instincts.

  • Type: Neutral
  • Competence: Functions as a flying mount.
Nitewing Flying Mount


Vanwyrm boasts an extraordinary wingspan, complemented by its remarkable partner skill, Aerial Marauder. Riding Vanwyrm enhances your ability to inflict damage on enemy weak points. The Vanwyrm Cryst variant, featuring Ice and Dark attributes, introduces the additional prospect of yielding Ice Organs and sapphires.

  • Type: Fire and Darkness
  • Competence: Functions as a flying mount, augmenting damage dealt to enemies’ weak points when mounted.
Vanwyrm Flying Mount

Vanwyrm Cryst

Suitable as a flying mount, this creature enhances the player’s damage output against enemy weak points while mounted.

  • Type: Ice and Darkness
  • Competence: Functions as a flying mount, amplifying damage inflicted on enemies’ weak points when ridden.
Vanwyrm Cryst Flying Mount


Elphidran marks the inaugural Palworld companion revealed as an aerial mount, providing the capability to traverse the Palworld map by flight. Its flying ability not only enables evasive maneuvers against attacks but also involves a toxic purple spew to harm adversaries. Elphidran’s partner skill, Amicable Holy Dragon, ensures that defeated Dark Pals yield a greater number of items.

  • Type: Dragon
  • Competence: Functions as a flying mount, and in battles, enhances item drops from defeated Darkness-type Pals.
Elphidran Flying Mount


Astegon, a ferocious creature spawned from the abyss, as described in its Paldeck entry, possesses the remarkable ability to serve as a flying mount. Despite its seemingly disproportionate body mass to wing capacity, it can be ridden through the skies. While mounted, Astegon enhances the damage dealt to ores, making it an invaluable Pal for mining endeavors. Additionally, it stands out as one of the few Pals recognized for dropping Pure Quartz, a highly sought-after crafting material.

  • Type: Dragon and Darkness.
  • Competence: This aerial mount significantly boosts damage inflicted on ores when ridden.
Astegon Flying Mount


Suzaku, classified as a Fire-type, possesses the ability to unleash powerful flame attacks. It was once thought to usher in the dry season upon its arrival, leading island inhabitants to pursue it for population control and to enhance the harvest in the following year. Its Wings of Flame partner skill becomes active when mounted, amplifying the damage of Fire attacks. Suzaku Aqua represents the Water-type variation of this Pal.

  • Type: Fire.
  • Competence: As a flying mount, it enhances the effectiveness of fire-type attacks when ridden.
Suzaku Flying Mount

Suzaku Aqua

Capable of being ridden as a flying mount, this Pal boosts Water attacks while in motion.

  • Type: Water.
  • Competence: As a flying mount, it enhances the efficacy of water-type attacks when ridden.
Suzaku Aqua Flying Mount


Shadowbeak is an enigmatic entity currently subject to investigation. Its formidable wingspan exudes intimidation, serving as an aerial mount. With remarkable speed in flight, it exists in-game as an alpha version. Devoid of any shared DNA with other pals, Shadowbeak remains veiled in mystery and darkness.

  • Type: Darkness.
  • Competence: As a flying mount, it enhances the effectiveness of Darkness-type attacks when ridden.
Shadowbeak Flying Mount


Can serve as a flying mount, altering the player’s attack attributes to Ice and bolstering Ice-based attacks while in use.

  • Type: Ice
  • Competence: This aerial mount transforms the player’s attack style to Ice, amplifying the effectiveness of Ice attacks.
Frostallion Flying Mount


Jetragon, an expansive airborne mount, possesses the Dragon elemental type and can be ridden in the game. As a Legendary Celestial dragon, it unleashes perilous Dragon missiles upon adversaries. Remarkably, it stands as the sole acknowledged companion that yields Diamonds, heightening its desirability.

  • Type: Dragon
  • Competence: Functioning as a flying mount, Jetragon swiftly launches missiles through its integrated missile launcher when ridden.
Jetragon Flying Mount


Faleris exudes a majestic presence, boasting expansive wings embellished with tribal patterns and a distinctive yellow crested mane that contrasts boldly with its black physique. As an aerial mount, it serves as the second Pal capable of soaring through the skies. Encounter Faleris in the game as a formidable boss awaiting a challenging fight.

  • Type: Fire
  • Competence: Capable of being ridden as a flying mount, Ice Pals yield increased item drops during joint battles, providing additional rewards upon their defeat.
Faleris Flying Mount


Quivern, an expansive white dragon adorned with massive wings and antlers resembling those of a ram, serves as a mount that augments Dragon attacks when ridden. Additionally, Quivern proves invaluable in various tasks such as handiwork, gathering, mining, and transportation around the base. Legend has it that enjoying a restful slumber while cuddling with Quivern is a truly “heavenly” experience.

  • Type: Dragon
  • Competence: Suitable for use as an aerial mount, it amplifies Dragon attacks when ridden.
Quivern Flying Mount


Beakon, an enormous avian Pal with an electric affinity, serves as a rideable companion. When mounted, Beakon infuses player attacks with electric damage. Additionally, it proves valuable for electricity generation, gathering, and transportation within the base. Despite having no direct relation, Beakon shares similarities with Ragnahawk and Helzephyr.

  • Type: Electric
  • Competence: Suitable for use as an aerial mount, it bestows Electric damage upon the player’s attacks while being ridden.
Beakon Flying Mount


Helzephyr summons lightning from the abyss of hell. Legend has it that succumbing to Helzephyr’s might results in a direct journey to the underworld. When used as a flying mount, its Wings of Death partner skill imparts Dark damage to your attacks.

  • Type: Dark
  • Competence: Suitable for use as an aerial mount, it inflicts Dark damage on the player’s attacks when ridden.
Helzephyr Flying Mount