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Explore the ultimate Palworld guide! Unveil perfect Pals for each task across 12 work types Cooling, Farming, Gathering, and more. We've got your back with detailed breakdowns!

Welcome to the ultimate Palworld guide! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the 12 types of work in Palworld and unveil the perfect Pals for each task. Whether you’re diving into Cooling, Farming, Gathering, Generating Electricity, Handiwork, Kindling, Lumbering, Medicine Production, Mining, Planting, Transporting, or Watering, we’ve got your back with a detailed breakdown of the best Pals for the job.

Palworld: Best Pals for Every Job

With the list we have prepared below, you can find the most suitable Pal’s for each task and make your work easier by using them.

Best Cooling Pals

Cool down your Palworld with these ice-cool Pals:

  • Level 1: Chillet, Mau Cryst, Jolthog Cryst, and others
  • Level 2: Mammorest Cryst, Sibelyx, Reindrix, and more
  • Level 3: Wumpo, Ice Reptyro, Ice Kingpaca, Cryolinx
  • Level 4: Frostallion

Best Farming Pals

Cultivate your resources with these Level 1 farming Pals:

  • Lamball – Wool
  • Cremis – Wool
  • Melpaca – Wool
  • Caprity – Red Berries
  • Chikipi – Eggs
  • Beegrade – Honey
  • Mau – Gold Coins
  • Mau Cryst – Gold Coins
  • Mozzarina – Milk
  • Woolipop – Cotton Candy
  • Sibelyx – High Quality Cloth

Best Gathering Pals

Harvest your crops efficiently with these leveled gathering Pals:

  • Level 1: Various Pals including Cattiva, Chikipi, Lifmunk, and others.
  • Level 2: Elizabee, Grintale, Galeclaw, Maraith Nitewing, and more
  • Level 3: Verdash, Jetragon

Best Generating Electricity Pals

Empower your base with electric vibes from these Pals:

  • Level 1: Dazzi, Sparkit, Jolthog
  • Level 2: Beacon, Univolt, Rayhound
  • Level 3: Grizzbolt

Best Handiwork Pals

Craft and build like a pro with these skilled Pals:

  • Level 1: Various Pals including Astegon, Quivern, Bushi, and others.
  • Level 2: Elizabee, Grizzbolt, Incineram, and more
  • Level 3: Verdash, Lunaris, Wixen
  • Level 4: Anubis

Best Kindling Pals

Ignite your fires with these fiery Pals:

  • Level 1: Flambelle, Incineram, Foxparks, and more.
  • Level 2: Arsox, Gobfin, Bushi Ignis, and others
  • Level 3: Blazamut, Blazehowl, Blazehowl Noct, and more
  • Level 4: Jormuntide Ignis

Best Lumbering Pals

Harvest wood efficiently with these lumbering experts:

  • Level 1: A variety of Level 1 Pals including Univolt, Lifmunk,Pyrin, and others.
  • Level 2: Blazehowl, Blazehowl Noct, Cryolinx, and more
  • Level 3: Bushi, Wumpo Batan, Wumpo, Warsect

Best Medicine Production Pals

Heal your Palworld with these medicinal Pals:

  • Level 1: Beegrade, Flopie, Cinnamoth, and others.
  • Level 2: Bristla, Katress, Elizabee, and more
  • Level 3: Felbat, Vaelet

Best Mining Pals

Unearth precious stones with these mining Pals:

  • Level 1: Cattiva, Fuddler, Depresso, and more.
  • Level 2: Dumud, Mammorest Cryst, Mammorest, and others
  • Level 3: Anubis, Ice Reptyro, Digtoise, and more
  • Level 4: Blazamut, Astegon

Best Planting Pals

Grow your garden with these planting enthusiasts:

  • Level 1: Beegrade, Flopie, Bristle, and others.
  • Level 2: Caprity, Dinossom, Cinnamoth, and more
  • Level 3: Broncherry, Petallia

Best Transporting Pals

Efficiently move items around with these transporting Pals:

  • Level 1: A variety of Level 1 Pals including Dumud, Relaxaurus, Ribbuny, and more.
  • Level 2: Anubis, Bushi, Beegrade, and others
  • Level 3: Beakon, Grizzbolt, Gorirat, and more
  • Level 4: Wumpo, Wumpo Botan

Best Watering Pals

Keep your plants hydrated with these water-loving Pals:

  • Level 1: Celaray, Fuack, Dumud, and others.
  • Level 2: Gobfin, Penking, Relaxaurus, and more
  • Level 3: Azurobe, Suzaku Aqua, Broncherry Aqua
  • Level 4: Jormuntide

Armed with this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped to make informed decisions on assigning the best Pals for each task in Palworld. Whether you’re focused on efficiency in cooling, farming, gathering, or any other work type, these Pals will help you maximize your productivity.