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Now, check out the Palworld Console Commands guide. Learn all the commands. Whether you want to teleport your friends or save the world data, everything is in your hands!

Welcome to our guide containing all the console commands in Palworld! We believe that these are all the commands in the game for now, but more will come with future updates. Let’s take a look at the commands!

Palworld Console Commands

Here are all the console commands:

  • /Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText}
    • The server is shut down after the number of Seconds Will be notified of your MessageText.
  • /DoExit
    • Force stop the server.
  • /Broadcast {MessageText}
    • Send a message to all players on the server.
  • /KickPlayer {SteamID}
    • Kick the player from the server.
  • /BanPlayer {SteamID}
    • BAN player from the server.
  • /TeleportToPlayer {SteamID}
    • Teleport to the current location of the target player.
  • /TeleportToMe {SteamID}
    • Target player teleport to your current location
  • /ShowPlayers
    • Show information on all connected players.
  • /Info
    • Show server information.
  • /Save
    • Save the world data.