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Exploring Palworld for Lucky Pals is a thrilling quest, providing opportunities to snag rare, uniquely colored versions of beloved creatures. Our guide navigates you through the steps, enhancing your chances to capture these elusive Pals and expand your collection.

Catching Lucky Pals in Palworld can be an exciting endeavor, offering players the chance to capture rare and uniquely colored variants of their favorite Pals. This guide will walk you through the process of finding and catching these elusive Lucky Pals, ensuring you maximize your chances and add these special creatures to your collection.

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How to Get Lucky Pals in Palworld

Lucky Pals are Palworld’s equivalent of “shinies” distinguished by their variant colors and increased rarity. Keep an ear out for a distinctive jingle noise and watch for golden sparkles to know when you’re in proximity to a Lucky Pal.

Lucky Pals possess a unique passive ability named ‘Rare’ or ‘Lucky,’ enhancing both their Work Speed and Attack by +15%. At present, only Lucky Pals can unlock this skill, rendering them highly sought after, particularly for those seeking efficient workers for their base.

Lucky Pals

Catching Process

Catching a Lucky Pal follows the same procedure as capturing any other Pal. Focus on reducing their health to boost your percentage chance of a successful catch. Additionally, leverage upgraded Spheres to further increase your odds. Aim for a bonus by directing the Sphere behind the Pal’s back for an even better chance at success.

Catching Lucky Pals in Palworld adds an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay. Follow these tips to enhance your chances, explore strategic locations, and upgrade your tools. With persistence and strategy, you’ll soon be adding these rare variants to your growing Pal collection. Happy hunting!