Palworld: How to Find & Use Beautiful Flowers

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Discover Palworld's vibrant landscapes and diverse creatures, where gathering Beautiful Flowers is crucial for crafting medicines and optimizing your base. Learn where to find and use them effectively!

Palworld, with its vibrant landscapes and diverse creatures, offers players the opportunity to explore and gather resources for their pals. One essential resource in the game is Beautiful Flowers, which play a crucial role in crafting medicines and enhancing the efficiency of your base. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best locations to find Beautiful Flowers and how to use them effectively.

Palworld: How to Find & Use Beautiful Flowers

Defeating Ribbunnies for Beautiful Flowers

The southern part of the Eastern Wild Island is a prime location for encountering Ribbunnies, adorable pals that drop Beautiful Flowers when defeated. This area is ideal for early-game players as Ribbunnies are easily caught and provide a quick source of Beautiful Flowers. Keep in mind that other pals such as Petallia, Wumpo, and Lyleen also drop Beautiful Flowers, albeit more rarely.

Beautiful Flowers from Sanctuaries

For an early-game supply of Beautiful Flowers, head to the Sanctuary at the South corner of the map. Unlike the other two Sanctuaries in the northeast and west, this location is less perilous, making it a suitable choice for players with basic gear. While the other Sanctuaries harbor powerful enemies with high-level Assault Rifles, the south Sanctuary offers a safer environment to collect Beautiful Flowers and discover rare pals like Azurobe.

Beautiful Flower

How to Use Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful Flowers serve a dual purpose in Palworld, acting as a key ingredient in crafting medicines and improving base functionality:

  • Crafting Medicines: Utilize Beautiful Flowers in the Medicine Work Bench to prepare Strange Juice and Suspicious Juice. Strange Juice significantly boosts pals’ moods and enhances their speed temporarily, providing a valuable advantage during various in-game activities.
  • Building Flower Beds: To increase your base’s gathering speed, construct a Flower Bed using 20 Beautiful Flowers. Keep in mind that Beautiful Flowers often respawn in the same locations every few days, allowing you to mark and revisit these spots for a steady supply.

By strategically incorporating Beautiful Flowers into your gameplay, you can ensure the well-being of your pals and enhance the efficiency of your base in Palworld. Happy exploring!