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Discover the Pal Distillation Pod in Palworld! This guide unveils its role in fortifying your Pals, from unlocking to optimization, ensuring your collection's full potential.

In Palworld, the Pal Distillation Pod (also known as the Pal Essence Container) serves as a pivotal tool for enhancing and strengthening your Pals. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of unlocking, building, and effectively utilizing the Pal Distillation Pod to maximize the potential of your Pal collection.

Palworld: Pal Distillation Pod Guide

How to Get the Pal Distillation Pod in Palworld

To unlock the Pal Distillation Pod (Pal Essence Container), follow these steps:

  1. Obtain Ancient Technology Points: Ancient Technology Points become available after reaching Level 7 and can be acquired from defeating Bosses. The recommended Boss to defeat first is Zoe and Grizzbolt, located northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings in the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate.
  2. Reach Level 14: Once you reach Level 14, you’ll find the Pal Essence Container on the right-hand side under the purple column.
  3. Unlock the Pod: Spend one Ancient Technology Point to unlock the Pal Distillation Pod.
  4. Gather Resources: You’ll need the following resources to build the Pod:
    • 20x Paldium Fragments
    • 50x Ingots
Pal Distillation Pod

How to Use the Pal Distillation Pod

The Pal Distillation Pod allows you to enhance Pals by combining them with others of the same species. Follow these steps:

  1. Select Base Pal: Choose the Pal you want to enhance. This Pal will be kept after the process.
  2. Choose Fodder Pals: Select other Pals of the same species that you’re willing to sacrifice to enhance the Base Pal.
  3. Begin Distillation: Once you’ve selected the Base Pal and the required number of Fodder Pals, press the “Begin Distillation” button.
  4. Rank Up Effects:
    • Increase Partner Skill Level: Enhancing a Pal’s rank will improve its Partner Skill Level, boosting its effectiveness.
    • Increase Base Stats: The enhanced Pal will also see increases in Max HP, Attack, and Defense.

Pal Rank Up Requirements

  • ★: 8 Pals of the same species
  • ★★: 16 Pals of the same species
  • ★★★: 32 Pals of the same species
  • ★★★★: 64 Pals of the same species

Following these steps, you can efficiently unlock, build, and utilize the Pal Distillation Pod to enhance your Pals’ capabilities in Palworld.