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Now, take a look at the Path of Exile Barbarian Build and start using the one you like the most. Instill fear in your opponents!

In this guide, we covered the Path of Exile Barbarian Build. We presented two different builds for you. Feel free to use the one you like!

Path of Exile Barbarian Build

Barbarians defined by their carnage ability. Being ability it also get +1 additional accuracy each level so at lvl 10 i is as accurate as main attack and later becomes even more accurate(and with accurate carnage accuracy becomes very high) so after a certain point it starts to crit very often. And since carnage carries main weapon effects barbarians are fantastic with “on crit” effects. Easiest one to get is Tall Grass Pike that can be bought in Dyford village shop and have “prone on crit” effect. There is also great greatsword with pron on crit and some other neat stunning weapons(tough mostly one handed)

Generally DEX is always better then MIG. Assuming you are not suffering underpenetration(i.e your damage per strike isn’t less then enemy DR), each point of might gives addictive bonus to damage, while dex provide multiplicative. Resolve and Con is actually not too important unless you want to fight in frontlines. Even at 3 CON you will have the same amount of HP as 10 Con fighter. Resolve is good if you maxing it out, but in second line you can easily have it at 3 and suffer nothing. If you worry about dropping too fast, you can just keep it neutral. And if you are going with effect on Crit weapons perception is great and even without it it is very good since at high level your carnage is very accurate.

Basically: DEX, INT > PER > MIG > RES > CON for damage dealing and control.

You can try and roll something like

MIG: 15

CON: 03

DEX: 16

PER: 15

INT: 19

RES: 10

Should work with any weapon and any race. Though I would still recommend to focus on Weapon focus: Soldier for greatsword(the Hours of St. Rumbart) and Pike(Tall Grass Pike) and maybe even go as Hearth Orlan for hit to crit conversion.

Alternative Build

When it comes to distributing attributes in Path of Exile, it’s worth noting that the AI tends to prioritize characters with lower survivability. So, completely dumping Constitution might not be the best move. Resolve, on the other hand, is generally considered less useful outside of dialogues. To strike a balance, it’s advisable to invest more points in Constitution than Resolve. However, if you’re aiming to excel in dialogue checks, feel free to tweak it according to your preferences.

Now, onto equipment:

If you’re set on using just one weapon type, Greatswords are a solid choice. They deal a mix of Slash and Pierce damage, ensuring you’re not halted by a single immunity. Plus, you can snag a potent Greatsword early in the game by defeating Lord Raederic.

Quarterstaffs are another cool option, offering extended range. This allows you to hit more enemies in your Carnage area. While Quarterstaffs typically deal Crush damage (watch out for Crush immunity), one of your companions starts with a Fire/Crush staff. Additionally, if you’re into 2H weapon speed, you can find ‘attack speed’ enchantments on an Estoc and a Quarterstaff. Pair either with Frenzy, Bloodlust, and Attack speed Gauntlets to achieve a speedy 0 recovery on your attacks.

Lastly, in the DLCs, there are Soulbound weapons in Pillars 1. These weapons benefit from any Weapon Focus talent. So, even if you’ve specialized your character in, let’s say, Greatswords, you’ll still enjoy that extra +6 accuracy if you stumble upon a Soulbound Estoc. Keep an eye out for these gems!