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PAYDAY 3: Dirty Ice Guide

Here’s an edited version of your game mission guide for better clarity and readability:

Mission: Infiltration and Stealth – The Bank Heist

Objective: Retrieve valuable loot from the bank while remaining undetected.

1. Locate the Manager:

  • As soon as the mission starts, head into the bank and locate the manager; she consistently stands in the same spot.
  • Near the pillar where she stands, there’s an “Employee of the Month” image with a changing ID code. Consider placing a spy camera on the wall to capture the code for reference.
  • You can also close the window shades without wearing a mask; look for the button on the window frame.

2. Dealing with the Guard:

  • Exit the bank and go downstairs to take out the guard.
  • Occasionally, he carries a security card on the back of his pants. You can either steal it while he’s stationary or incapacitate him. Remember to disable any nearby cameras first.
  • Sometimes the guard has a blue security card, and sometimes he doesn’t.

3. Scanning Mobile Phones:

  • There are several mobile phones scattered around; scanning one provides a one-time use code to unlock doors.
  • Initially, scan only one mobile phone and save it to unlock the VIP jewelry room. Speed is crucial as the manager leaves after about 5 minutes.
  • Mobile phones can typically be found in the manager’s office, bathroom sink, near the civilian about 10 meters from the escape van, and in the coffee room.

4. Securing Civilians:

  • In the alley where you subdued the guard, open a window and enter.
  • Subdue any civilians you encounter (press ‘F’) and drag them to the stairs, then tie them up.

5. Cracking the Security Door:

  • You’ll notice a security-locked door. Examine the buttons for fingerprints and take note of the numbers.
  • Proceed upstairs, disable the security camera in the hall, and close the coffee room door (note the WiFi code on the whiteboard).
  • If the numbers on the security panel match the fingerprints, try the code; otherwise, check other locations for the correct code (WiFi code in the coffee room, a code in the VIP jewelry room on a desk, or hints in the manager’s office computer hacking text).

6. Accessing the Basement:

  • Once you have the correct code, swiftly head to the basement and enter it to open the door.
  • Speed is essential in this step for a successful stealth run.

7. The Safe Room:

  • Continue straight ahead in the basement and jump over a small wooden wall.
  • Lockpick the door into a small room. If a guard is present, take him down.
  • Inside, you’ll find a safe and a wall-mounted box. Open the safe and wait 2-5 seconds to read the documents inside.
  • This step is crucial if you plan to capture the manager. Afterward, use the keycard to access the camera room (if you found the right one) and eliminate the officer to disable all cameras.

8. Manager Capture:

  • Return to the VIP jewelry room and approach the eye scanner leading to the locked room.
  • You should hear a woman’s voice instructing you to go to the manager’s room and use the phone to lure her into the basement.
  • Once the manager is in your grasp, capture her and bring her to the eye scanner. Press ‘Q’ to force her to unlock it.

9. Scanning Loot and Extra Steps:

  • Place your loot bags into the machine and wait for your loot’s value to increase.
  • While waiting, escort a civilian to the manager’s room and make them use the button on the table.
  • Proceed to the vault and open the door for additional loot opportunities.

10. Exit Stealthily:

  • Empty the VIP room and the vault without raising the alarm.
  • You can complete the mission on hard difficulty with around 200k in loot.

11. Note for Solo Players:

  • If you’re playing solo, consider avoiding the front hall in the jewelry store. It’s tempting, but the risk of detection is high as you can’t close the door to prevent civilians from entering.

Remember, stealth and speed are your allies in this mission. Good luck!