PAYDAY 3 How to Improve Skill and Gun experience

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Now, take a look at our PAYDAY 3 How to Improve Skill and Gun Experience guide and learn step by step what to do!

In our short and image-rich guide, we’ve explained the topic of PAYDAY 3 How to Improve Skill and Gun Experience. Follow it step by step and witness the improvement!

PAYDAY 3 How to Improve Skill and Gun experience

Step by step (with screenshots)

1. Go into the alleyway on the right side of the store (where your van is waiting)

2. Zip tie the lone civilian and hide him behind the cement sacks or else the guard will spot him/her

3. Look to the left and climb the wooden pallets to reach the roof.

4. Jump onto the vents right below the window. Crouch and open up the window. Ignore the guard from below he will lose line of sight and only spot you for a brief second.

5. Get inside, disable the camera in the hallway and grab the civilian (either in the breakroom or along the hallway towards the staircase)

6. Move the civilian into the managers office and drop him/her close to the table. Hit up the computer and check which code you require ( Whiteboard, cupboard inside VIP or the employee of the month)

7. Check the two phone spots inside the office and grab a single QR Charge

8. Kill the guard that partols into the hallway, answer his pager and open up the VIP room with the QR Code. Disable the camera by shooting it.

9. Check your required code.
Whiteboard in the staff room, book on the middle cupboard in the VIP room or the employee of the month (for the latter just open the door inside the VIP room and take a quick glance at the picture frame)

10. Go downstairs, enter the code and break the two cameras and kill the roaming guard.

11. Go into the non keypad door and grab the red keycard on the table and disable the power for the alarm.

12. Go upstairs, grab the civ and shove him into the button so he/she presses it. Use the keycard at the vault door and either kill or ziptie the civilian that pressed the button for you.

13. Grab two jewelry bags from the VIP room we unlocked earlier with the QR Code and the rare stone from the vault.

14. Exit through the window that we first used to enter the building. Climb onto the roof and carry the three bags to the van and simply leave afterwards.

You did it!