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PAYDAY 3 How to Quick Crouch Slide

How to Quick Crouch Slide (QCS)

The Quick Crouch Slide is an easy technique. I stumbled upon it accidentally in stealth and tested its capabilities thoroughly. It makes crouch walking faster, doesn’t force you to stand up/reveal your position, it acts like a full slide and not a short slide, and it’s quiet.

Note: A short slide occurs if you slide in immediate succession without letting at least a couple seconds pass between slides. Also, you must be masked up to do QCS.

Step 1: Crouch

Step 2: Walk forward

Step 3:

While you are crouch walking forward, press the run key (Left Shift) and immediately, in one fluid motion, press the crouch key (Left CTRL). I basically slide my pinkie finger across shift+ctrl to do this. If you did this correctly, there should have been no animation for standing up and running, your character should’ve instantly slid across the floor.

Step 4:

Repeat steps 2 & 3 and enjoy being a floor mop.

The best thing about this is that it is completely silent, so slide past guards as much as you want. It’s really useful to utilize in stealth to get you out of a pinch. It takes some practice to get the motion going, but it’s much quicker than crouch walking and a safer method of moving around quickly without running.