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PAYDAY 3 Overkill Guide


“Overkill difficulty can be quite challenging, and running out of resources can spell disaster. However, I’ve discovered a clever strategy to handle tough situations. This approach requires at least three players, though having four is even better.

The key to this strategy is having a dedicated anchor player who takes a more cautious approach. This player should position themselves near a safe spot with some armor in case things get tough. Here are the skills and equipment the anchor player should have:


  • Engineer Aced
  • AP turret
  • Cooling system
  • Dual sentries
  • Detonation and Spin Cycle (optional but preferred)

Beyond these skills, you can customize your build with survival skills or those that complement your playstyle.

Weapons: You have some flexibility here, but shotguns can be helpful in a pinch.

Deployable: The anchor player should use the sentry turret as their deployable.

Overkill weapon: The HET-5 Red Fox is recommended for this strategy. If you don’t have it, consider obtaining one from a teammate.

Throwable: Frag grenades are a good choice, but use them cautiously. Alternatively, you can go with flashbangs + magdump or throwing knives for dealing with multiple enemies at once. Smokes aren’t necessary.

Tool: You have a few options here:

  • Microcam for checking outside the door
  • Infrasonic mine for quickly stunning approaching enemies
  • Motion sensor for spotting

Here’s how the strategy works:

  1. The anchor player should lock themselves into a room with only one entrance or exit when things become challenging. Place your chosen tool outside or in the doorway as needed.
  2. Ensure the room has a hiding spot where you’re not visible from the doorway. Set up your sentries to either watch the door and shoot approaching enemies or position them around the door to shoot anyone who steps inside. Use your judgment.
  3. Keep an HET-5 Red Fox on hand, as it can deal with most enemies except bulldozers. Use the sniper to quickly eliminate bulldozers before they become a major threat.
  4. Once you’re securely set up in the room and can hold out for a while, wait for your teammates to die and respawn. Stay in the room while the other three players continue with the objectives. You’ll help draw some police attention away from them.
  5. If your teammates die again, repeat the process. Be patient; this strategy may take some time, especially on challenging heists like “No Rest for the Wicked.” You might need to push three bags at a time and make one final push when your team has some armor.

Note: This strategy won’t work on heists like “Road Rage,” which lacks suitable rooms for this tactic. However, on faster-paced heists, you can often complete objectives before running low on resources.”