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If you want to get the job done quietly, take a look at the PAYDAY 3 Stealth Guide. Read and apply it silently!

The subject of our guide is the PAYDAY 3 Stealth Guide. Let’s proceed with the guide, shh, don’t make a sound!

PAYDAY 3 Stealth Guide

First and foremost, let’s clarify that this isn’t like Payday 2’s stealth. Much of your experience there won’t be as useful here.

Now, let’s dive into the details:

Take It Slow: In Payday 3, stealth movement is quite the opposite of Payday 2. Your best way to move around is by crouching, while sprinting is your worst option. Your detection range and speed depend on your stance and speed, and it increases rapidly. So, remember to take it slow and stay stealthy.

Communicate with Your Team: Payday 3 puts a greater emphasis on communication compared to Payday 2, whether you’re playing stealthily or loudly. Having a spotter on your team is especially beneficial, and using security cameras is actually useful now. Coordination is key, so make sure to communicate effectively.

Don’t Mask Up Unnecessarily: If there’s no need to put on your mask, like when you’re taking down a guard or moving to a location you can’t access while casing, don’t do it. As long as you’re not in a restricted area or engaging in illegal activities, you won’t raise any alarms. Casing is an excellent way to move bag loot without arousing suspicion from civilians or guards.

Distract Guards: Effective communication also comes into play here. You can distract guards to create opportunities or prevent them from seeing something you’d rather keep hidden. In private areas, consider having guards escort players in casing, or use audio distractions. In restricted areas, you can sprint, slide, or barge through doors to make noise and divert nearby guards’ attention. Just be sure to move away quickly to avoid being spotted. Audio distractions can also be handy; just be cautious not to use them in restricted areas.

Avoid Grenades: And finally, a word of caution: It’s best to steer clear of using grenades in this scenario. They can often cause more problems than they solve when trying to maintain stealth.

So, in summary, adapt to Payday 3’s unique stealth mechanics, communicate effectively with your team, make strategic decisions about masking up, and master the art of distracting guards while avoiding the use of grenades. Happy heisting!