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Discover details about the Pet Simulator 99 major update on December 9th. Explore our article for insights into numerous innovations and adjustments.

In this article, we will provide you with details about the major update that came to Pet Simulator 99 on December 9th. Let’s take a look at our writing, which includes many innovations and adjustments.

Update 1 Patch Notes – Pet Simulator 99

New Areas

Embark on an adventure through the Ninja Dojo into 8 captivating new areas:

  1. Samurai Village
  2. Bamboo Forest
  3. Zen Garden
  4. Flower Field
  5. Fairytale Meadows
  6. Fairytale Castle
  7. Royal Kingdom
  8. Fairy Castle

New Pets

Expand your pet collection with 31 adorable additions, including favorites like Kitsune Fox, Ancient Dragon, Knight Beagle, and Unicorn Kitten.


New Eggs

Discover 11 new eggs, from the Ninja Egg to the prestigious Royal Egg. Did you know the best egg yields huges?


New Ranks & Quests

Embark on new quests as you ascend to Rank 9 and Rank 10, unlocking additional egg opens and pet equips.

Ranks & Quests

New Upgrades

Enhance your gameplay with 4 new player upgrades in the newly unlocked areas: Pet Damage, Tap Damage, Pet Speed, and Luck.


New Shiny Relics

Discover 5 additional relics to boost your shiny chances. Go on a quest to find them!

Shiny Relics

Garden Minigame

Cultivate your green thumb! Plant up to 10 seeds at a time in the greenhouse, and watch them grow over time, yielding valuable loot upon harvest.

Garden Minigame

Types of Seeds

  • Coin Seeds
  • Potion Seeds
  • Diamond Seeds
  • Gift Seeds

Bonus Tools

  • Insta-Plant Capsule (instantly grows plants)
  • Watering Can (makes plants grow 5x faster for 20 minutes)
Watering Can

Garden Merchant

Visit the Garden Merchant in the Flower Field area for seeds, Insta-Plant Capsules, and the exclusive Golden Watering Can, whose effects last 1 hour.

Garden Merchant

Fruit Machine

Blend 20 fruits into a Rainbow Fruit using the Fruit Machine located in the Bamboo Forest.

Fruit Machine

Rare Enchant Machine

Purchase Rare Enchants for Diamonds at the Rare Enchant Machine located before the Samurai Village.

Rare Enchant Machine

Charm Stone Item

Unearth a Charm by breaking open a Charm Stone, dropped in every area, minigames, and Gift Bags.

Charm Stone

Huge Party

Join the pre-update celebration with the Huge Party, increasing your chance of hatching a huge. The multiplier varies based on timing:

  • 12 hours before: 3x huge chance
  • 3 hours before: 6x huge chance
  • 1 hour before: 12x huge chance

Participate at Spawn by hatching the best egg!

Huge Party

Clan Banners

Compete for glory! The top clan is showcased in the Royal Kingdom area in real-time. Let the rivalry begin!

Clan Banners

Lore Master

Delve into the Pet Collection for information on how to obtain each Huge & Titanic pet. Perfect for all the lore masters out there!

Lore Master


Auctions are back in the Trading Plaza! Bid on and sell pets & items with starting prices and a 60-second countdown.

  • EXCLUSIVES (pets, enchants, hoverboards, booths)

Recent Auction Price (RAP)

RAP is back, faster than before! Check the value of pets and items in a flash.


RAP Leaderboard

Track your wealth with the RAP Leaderboard, displaying a player’s total RAP value.

RAP Leaderboard

Pro Trading Plaza

The Pro Trading Plaza returns! Players now need at least 5 HUGE pets or 1 TITANIC pet to enter.

Pro Trading Plaza

The Ultimate Pack

Unlock The ULTIMATE Pack if you’ve purchased the other packs!

The Ultimate Pack


Power Leaderboard Change

The Power Leaderboard now considers the top 2,500 pets in your inventory, factoring in Rainbow, Gold, and Shiny status. It also accounts for Exclusives, Huges, and Titanics (including pet level and pet charms).

Better Teleport Map Icons

Say goodbye to hieroglyphics! Teleport Map Icons are now more visually intuitive.

Teleport Map

Balance Tweaks

Numerous buffs were implemented with minimal nerfs, affecting 11 enchants, 4 charms, a potion, upgrade, and flag. Explore the fine details yourself!

Fishing Changes

Fishing has been enhanced for better loot, more diamonds, reduced rod costs, and easier fishing.

Optimized Orbs

Orb drops have been redesigned for improved performance, especially in situations with a high number of orbs, such as Auto Farm and TNT usage.

Bug Fixes

Numerous bug fixes were implemented, including auto hatch enabling after server restarts, clearer Daycare claim errors, improved hover descriptions, and various interface enhancements. More bug fixes are slated for future updates!