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Now, take a comprehensive look at our Phasmophobia: All About Halloween 2023 guide to secure your place in the Halloween event without missing anything!

Our topic in this guide is Phasmophobia: All About Halloween 2023. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover information and locations about Halloween that you haven’t seen anywhere else. Let’s get started!

Phasmophobia: All About Halloween 2023


This manual will contain all the information about the “Halloween 2023” event, what trophy you can get for completing the event, where the recipes are, what they are, some nuances and secrets, and so on…

Basics of passing

In this event we have to brew a potion on the Maple Lodge Campsite, but first we need to find pieces of the recipe in several locations, and then the ingredients, but on the Maple Lodge Campsite”itself.
Let’s start by finding the recipe pieces, they are embedded in the pumpkins…

Remember that you need to pick up a piece of the recipe, so if someone other than you picks it up, then this recipe will not be counted towards you on the location selection board*
If you die or simply leave the game, picking up the recipe will still count**
You need to memorize the recipes, or you can look them up here***
You can cook immediately
if you already know the recipes (there will be an explanation later in the guide)****


Pumpkins with recipe pieces are located in only 9 locations:
(Pumpkin is indicated on the map by “🎃”)

6 Tanglewood Drive

42 Edgefield Road

10 Ridgeview Court

Grafton Farmhouse

13 Willow Street

Bleasdale Farmhouse


Camp Woodwind

Maple Lodge Campsite (at this same location we will brew the potion)

After finding the recipe pieces

After finding the recipe pieces, you can go to the Maple Lodge Campsite to find all the ingredients and brew the potion.
Be aware that if you throw the right ingredients into the cauldron, a small amount of red will come out along with the green steam:

But if you throw the wrong ingredient into the cauldron, it will become empty, the steam will stop emitting and you will need to cook from the very beginning (to do this, just drive away in a truck and then return to the location):

Recipe -SPOILER-

Having found all the pieces of the recipe, you will have to remember the necessary ingredients, if you don’t remember, then it’s okay, you can look them up here:

Cooking and ingredients -SPOILER-

Search for ingredients

After you have collected all the recipe pieces (or not, this is not necessary), you must go to the Maple Lodge Campsite, there will be a cauldron installed and recipes will be located throughout the location, here is their location and list:


Bowl of Grins x1 (Bowl with teeth) – Found in the house near the lake, on the first floor in the kitchen.

Death’s rot x 3 (Rotten apples) – Located to the right of the entrance to the location and lying on the ground.

Toe of frog x1 (Blue-green doll) – Stands on the computer in the central building.

Sack of beans x3 (Bags) – Blue and red bean bags near the cauldron.

Light in the dark x1 (Flashlight) – Your flashlight (not UV) of any level.

Eye of bear x2 (Eyes) – In the toilet sink.

Screaming skull x1 (Skull) – On a log in the tent area.

Jar of mind x1 (Brains) – Stands on the table in the central building.

Love’s Blossom x1 (Flower) – In the hand of a skeleton who sits near the lake.


In order to brew a potion, you just need to add the ingredients to the cauldron; it is not necessary to follow the sequence, you can do it differently.
You can brew a potion even if you haven’t touched it before and don’t know the recipe*

After you add all the ingredients, perfume will begin to fly out of the cauldron:

And then they all together form the shape of a skull and paint the surroundings in a bloody color:

That’s it, now you can go back to base with peace of mind to collect your reward…

Event Reward

By successfully completing this event you will receive a trophy:

And also an icon with a background:

(You can see more backgrounds and profile icons in my manual about level and prestige)