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Now, take a look at our Phasmophobia: Halloween Event Recipe Cards Locations guide, see the card locations in the photos, and join the event easily!

The subject of our guide is Phasmophobia: Halloween Event Recipe Cards Locations. Let’s take a look at our photos to quickly obtain the cards. Easily grab the event ticket!

Phasmophobia: Halloween Event 2023 Guide

Welcome In!

Welcome back to another guide! For this annual Halloween event, find multiple recipe cards scattered across the maps and brew a potion in Maple Lodge Campsite.

There are 9 cards you can find throughout: Tangle, Edgefield, Rdiegview, Grafton, Willow, Bleasdale, Prison, Maple Lodge and Camp Woodwind. If you felt like you may have missed a couple (having terrible memory like me), you can check the map board to track where cards have already been found. Find all the cards and create the potion at the cauldron inside Maple Lodge before the 1st of November, and you’ll complete this event.

The tick indicates that the challenge is completed for that map.

Setting Up

This event is pretty straightforward (no Undead Santa or Easter Bunny of Caerbannog chasing us, thankfully.) I would recommend a custom difficulty with infinite sprint and friendly ghost enabled. Load up one of the maps with the Pumpkin icon on the maps of your preferred difficulty and equipment, follow the guide and correctly guess the ghost to complete that map. The event doesn’t contain prerequisite or extra steps for us too follow, a simple find the card and go back to the van.

My equipment and difficulty.
 One of the Recipe cards.

Collecting the Recipe Cards

Tanglewood Drive

The first card on the list is in Tanglewood Drive. Go into the house as you normally would, enter the kitchen and underneath the foot-rest is a pumkin. Inside the mouth is the recipe card. Once you got this, you can leave via the van.

Edgefield Road

The next card is located insidethe Boys Bedroom. Head up the stairs and follow the hallway around the corner and the second room on the right is the room you’re looking for. It’s the one with the blue walls. By the right hand side of the desk is a pumpkin with the next recipe card.

Ridgeview Court

Onto (f)fridgeview. This one is a bit tricky and easy to miss. Head down into the basement and take a left. The pumpkin is on one of the metal shelves rather inconspicuously, you might not see it till you face the wall where you enter.

Grafton Farmhouse

This is an easy one thankfully. Head round the building to the right, or the left, heck even through the house if you’re adventurous, and you should be able to spot the glow of the Pumpkin in a parch of other normal ones.

Willow Street

Another sneaky one, Do a whole loop of the house, starting with the basement, then the garage and kitchen, step outside and then notice the Pumpkin is in actuality by the Post (Letterbox) as you leave the van.

Bleasedale Farmhouse

Head into the building, go up the first flight of stairs, follow the hallway till you reach the attic stairs, and head up those. Once you’re up here, turn right and there is some cardboard boxes, behind those is your pumpkin with the recipe card.


Trust me this one is a pain. So enter the prison and continue down the hallway. Unlock the jail door to your left and go through it, on your immediate left/in-front is a room called “Central Control Unit.” Head in there and on the back left of the room is a Pumpkin and recipe card in its mouth.

Maple Lodge Campsite

Camp Woodwind

Head through the gates, Loop the campfire twice, Crouch 3 times and then turn back to the gate, your silly dance may have spawned the Pumpkin and recipe behind the pole, by the fence on right. Or left as you enter if you don’t have a sense of humour.