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Now, take a look at the Phasmophobia: Ouija Board Mastery Guide. Follow the steps and become the best on the Ouija board!

This guide will help you master the Ouija board in whatever you need it for. Let’s go, progress with the Phasmophobia: Ouija Board Mastery Guide!

Phasmophobia: Ouija Board Mastery Guide


This section zeroes in on the whereabouts of the ghost or bone. “Where are you?” reveals the current room that the ghost is in (not necessarily its favorite room). “Are you close/here?” indicates if the ghost is in the same room as the player. “Where is the bone?” points to the room where the bone is located. Note: “Where are you?” and “Where is the bone?” each deduct 50% sanity, so tread carefully. “Are you close/here?” is a more budget-friendly version of “Where are you?” as it only takes 20% sanity.


These questions come in handy when the sanity screen in the truck is on the fritz.

“What is my sanity?” elicits responses like

  • Healthy (sanity > 80%)
  • Good (60-80%)
  • Average (40-60%)
  • Bad (20-40%)
  • Awful (<20%)

“How insane am I?” has responses like ‘Not very’ (>50%), ‘Very’ (25-50%), ‘Insane’ (<25%).

Note: Although there are more sanity questions, you’ll only need these two. These questions deplete only 5% of your sanity.

Other Questions:

These questions aren’t as crucial as the others, and I’ve cherry-picked the useful ones. “Do you respond to everyone?” clarifies whether the player needs to be alone for the spirit box. “How old are you?” provides a random age. If it changes, the ghost is a Thaye. “Hide and seek?” initiates a countdown from 5 and triggers a hunt.