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Now, take a look at our POE Black Morrigan guide. Learn how to hunt down Black Morrigan and navigate through the quest.

In this regard, we’ve explained where to find POE Black Morrigan, how to hunt her, and more. Let’s dive into the guide!

POE Black Morrigan

Path of Exile, a wildly popular action RPG, undergoes constant updates with developers regularly injecting fresh items, quests, and bosses into the mix. The latest addition, the Affliction update, is currently live on PC, with console players eagerly awaiting their turn.

Embarking on this new journey, players encounter one of the most formidable foes, Black Morrigan. However, the challenge isn’t in defeating her but in tracking her down. Join the hunt for Black Morrigan with this guide.

How to Track Down Black Morrigan in PoE

The Primal Huntress assigns you the task of hunting Black Morrigan in one of the new quests in PoE, known as The Crow’s Pursuit. While the actual battle with the boss is relatively manageable, the real challenge lies in locating her. Some players even speculate that this elusive opponent might be bugged due to its scarcity. In reality, Black Morrigan is genuinely rare, and her appearance seems to follow a somewhat random pattern. However, there are ways to increase your odds.

For those on the trail of Black Morrigan, head to Desecrated Chambers in act 10. Persistence is key, so keep trying until you succeed. To discover her whereabouts, follow the trail of blue wisps.

It’s essential to note that encountering her is not a guarantee. Some players have had to make numerous attempts, while others have been fortunate after just a few tries. Patience is your ally as you embark on this pursuit, hoping for the best outcome.