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POE Viridian Wildwood

Welcome to the Viridian Wildwood in the Affliction Challenge League! Sacred Wisps guide you through overgrown paths, unveiling a forest engulfed in a sinister affliction. To quell this menace, you’ll need to unravel the mysteries hidden within the woods.

Approach the darkness cautiously, as your Wisps possess the power to dispel the affliction. However, their energy is finite, so tread carefully to avoid being thrust back to Wraeclast. The darkened expanse is rife with cursed monsters eager to end your journey.

Venture forth, and you might spot various Wisps trapped within the shadows. Collect them to follow trails that unveil secrets like new characters, shrines, boss battles, and unique encounters. Brave souls can reap numerous rewards scattered throughout.

Valuable Rewards

In the Affliction Challenge League, you’ll discover diverse rewards. The Wisps you bring back dramatically enhance the quality and quantity of items dropped by monsters across Wraeclast. Progressing through the league earns you a Wildwood Ascendancy Class, along with the Charms, Corpses, or Tinctures it employs. Explore the Mists to unveil hidden rewards, including over 15 new unique items exclusive to Path of Exile: Affliction.