PUBG Erangel Secret Room Locations (NEW!)

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Discover new secret spots on Erangel map in PUBG Battlegrounds update. Explore hidden rooms and their contents.

All the new secret room locations in Erangel map PUBG Battlegrounds update. Below you can see the locations of all the secret rooms in Erangel and what they contain.

PUBG New Erangel Secret Room Locations

What’s in the PUBG Secret Rooms?

Secret rooms can contain high value items but is not guaranteed. The items spawned in these rooms are random.

  • Secret rooms can be opened by destroying the wooden barrier then by using a key on the door underground.
  • The keys to unlock the secret room are a world spawn item and can be found randomly throughout the map.
  • When opening a secret room the key used to unlock it is consumed.
  • Secret rooms can contain level 3 gear and crate weapons.

Erangel Secret Room Map

PUBG New Erangel Map Secret Room Locations
Erangel Secret Room Locations

Erangel Secret Room Locations

  1. FI – North West of Stalber
  2. BJ – North West Georgopol
  3. EJ – South of Severny
  4. GK – East of Tasnaka Polyana
  5. CK – East of Georgopol
  6. FL – West of Museum
  7. BL – South of Hospital
  8. CL – North West of Pochinki
  9. EM – West of Farm
  10. GM – East of Mylta
  11. CN – North of Ferry Pier
  12. BN – North West of Primorsk
  13. EN – North Military Island
  14. EO – West Military Island
  15. FO – East Military Island

Note: To open the top part shoot the wood or blow it up, either works. You will need the key to open the inner door. This is what the newly added key to the game is for.