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Jump out of the plane and fight to the end to be the last surviving person!! Choose your ally who will help you with the Pubg Mobile Weapon Tier List.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an immensely popular battle royale game that has garnered widespread attention, even from individuals who may not be directly involved in gaming. This is how I would describe the game. Initially released for PC, it gained immense popularity and eventually made its way to the mobile platform, attracting millions of new players and generating substantial revenue for the company. Recognizing the potential, the game also expanded to include console platforms, although it may not have met all expectations in that regard. Nonetheless, the PC and mobile platforms proved to be sufficient for the company’s success. In the current era, we have created a PUBG Mobile Weapon Tier List for you, hoping it brings you plentiful wins.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Tier List

In our list, we have ranked the most powerful weapons in the game’s meta for you. This way, when you come across weapons on the ground, you can refer to our list to make informed decisions without hesitation. Our PUBG Mobile Weapon Tier List is regularly updated to keep up with the evolving game meta and new weapons. Here it is for your reference.





Tier List Overview Criteria

  • T0: This is the highest tier in a tier list, reserved for the most powerful or effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are considered to be essential picks for competitive play and are often banned in tournaments.
  • T1: This tier is just below T0-tier and includes characters or strategies that are still very strong and effective, but not quite as dominant as those in the T0-tier.
  • T2: This tier includes characters or strategies that are considered to be average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. They may have some strengths and weaknesses, but they are not as dominant as those in the higher tiers.
  • T3: This is the lowest tier in a tier list, reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered to be inferior to other options and may be rarely used in competitive play.

It’s important to note that the exact definitions and criteria for each tier can vary depending on the game and the community creating the tier list. Additionally, a character or strategy’s placement in a tier list is not always an accurate reflection of its overall strength or effectiveness, as factors such as player skill and game balance can also play a significant role.

Pubg Mobile Weapons Stats

You have reviewed our PUBG Mobile Weapon Tier List. How about taking a look at the characteristics of these weapons? We have prepared Weapon Stats Tables for you.

Assault Rifle (AR) stats

WeaponDamageAmmoRangeBullet SpeedMagazine CapacityFire Rate
AKM497.62100-400m715 m/s300.100s
GROZA497.62100 – 300m715 m/s300.080s
M762477.62100-400m715 m/s300.086s
M416435.6mm100-400m880 m/s300.085s
FAMAS395.6mm100-500m925 m/s250.15s
AUG A3435.6mm100-500m940 m/s300.085s
M16A4435.6mm100-500m900 m/s300.075s
SCAR-L435.6mm100-500m870 m/s300.096s
QBZ95435.6mm100-500m870 m/s300.096s
G36C415.6mm100-500m870 m/s300.086s
Pubg Mobile Assault Rifle (AR) stats table

Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) stats

WeaponDamageAmmoRangeBullet SpeedMagazine CapacityFire Rate
MINI-14445.56mm100-600m990 m/s200.10s
SKS557.62100-800m800 m/s100.09s
SLR567.62100-500m840 m/s100.10s
MK-MUTANT497.62100-400m780 m/s200.10s
MK14617.62100-800m853 m/s100.090s
Pubg Mobile Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) stats table

Sub Machine Guns (SMG) stats

WeaponDamageAmmoRangeBullet SpeedMagazine CapacityFire Rate
VECTOR31.4550-100m350 m/s190.055s
UMP45419mm100-300m360 m/s250.09s
P90355.7mm25-200m350 m/s500.045
TOMMY GUN40.45100-200m280 m/s300.08s
MICRO UZI269mm100-200m350 m/s250.048s
MP5k339mm100-100m400 m/s300.066s
Pubg Mobile Sub Machine Guns (SMG) stats table

Sniper stats

WeaponDamageAmmoRangeBullet SpeedMagazine CapacityFire Rate
AWM105.300 Magnum100-1000m945 m/s51.85s
KAR-98k797.62100-500m760 m/s51.90s
MOSING NAGANT797.62100-600m760 m/s51.90s
M24757.62100-500m790 m/S51.80s
WIN9466.45100-500m760 m/s80.60s
VSS419mm100-200m330 m/s100.086s
CROSSBOW105Bolt25m160 m/s10.075s
Pubg Mobile Sniper stats table

Light Machine Gun (LMG) stats

WeaponDamageAmmoRangeBullet SpeedMagazine CapacityFire Rate
M249405.6mm100-500m915 m/s750.075s
DP-28527.62100-1000m840 m/s470.109s
Pubg Mobile Light Machine Gun (LMG) stats table

Shotgun stats

WeaponDamageAmmoRangeBullet SpeedMagazine CapacityFire Rate
S18972612 gauge25m360 m/s50.075s
S6862612 gauge50m370 m/s20.20s
S12K2412 gauge25m350 m/s50.250s
Pubg Mobile Shotgun stats table

Pistol stats

WeaponDamageAmmoRangeBullet SpeedMagazine CapacityFire Rate
P18C199mm50m375 m/s170.06s
P92299mm50m380 m/s150.10s
P191135.4550m250 m/s70.110s
R1895467.6250m330 m/s70.20s
R4549.4550m330 m/s60.25s
SAWED-OFF2212 gauge25m330 m/s20.25s
Pubg Mobile Pistol stats table

Pubg Mobile Weapon Attachments

In this section, we will explain the features and benefits of Pubg Mobile Weapon Attachments to you. There are many attachments in the game, and by reading our article, you will learn what each of them does.


Pubg Mobile CompensatorCompensatorThis attachment can be equipped on various types of weapons such as AR, SMG, DMR, Sniper, LMG. It increases the rate of fire and damage of the weapons. However, its disadvantage is that it makes your position more easily identifiable to opponents due to the increased sound.
Pubg Mobile Flash HiderFlash HiderOur Flash Hider attachment can be equipped on any weapon that has a Compensator slot. The advantages of this attachment are that it shadows the muzzle flash when firing and reduces the sound to some extent, helping you remain less visible.
Pubg Mobile SuppressorSuppressorWe can say that the most reliable among our attachments is the Suppressor. This attachment minimizes the firing sound of the weapons and allows you to remain concealed.
Pubg Mobile ChokeChokeThis attachment can be commonly found as loot on the map and it decreases pellet spread by 25%, resulting in a narrower shot cone that extends the effective range.
Pubg Mobile DuckbillDuckbillThe duckbill choke reduces the overall spread by 20%, modifying the shot pattern to disperse pellets across a greater vertical distance and a narrower horizontal distance. This adjustment enhances the likelihood of hitting standing targets with more pellets.
Pubg Mobile Muzzles Table


Magazine attachments are divided into three types: Extended, Quickdraw, and Quickdraw Extended.

Pubg Mobile ExtendedExtendedIt increases the magazine capacity of the weapon. It is available in four different types: AR, DMR, SMG, and Pistol.
Pubg Mobile QuickdrawQuickdrawIt increases the reload speed of the weapon. It is available in four different types: AR, DMR, SMG, and Pistol.
Pubg Mobile Extended QuickdrawQuickdraw ExtendedIt increases the reload speed of the weapon and also enhances the magazine capacity.
Pubg Mobile Magazines Table


StockSpecies Capable of Using
Pubg Mobile Tactical StockTactical StockM416-Vector
Pubg Mobile Cheek padCheek PadKar98-S1897-S686-Mosing Nagant-M24-SKS-SLR-AWM-VSS-Win94-MK14
Pubg Mobile Bullet LoopsBullet LoopsKar98-Mosing Nagant
Pubg Mobile Bullet Loops for shotgunBullet Loops for ShotgunS1897-S686
Pubg Mobile Stock for uziStock for UZIMICRO UZI
Pubg Mobile Stock Table


GripSpecies Capable of Using
Pubg Mobile Lower_ForegripVertical ForegripM762-M416-AUG-G36C-UMP-SKS-QBZ95-SCAR-L-MK-MUTANT-VECTOR
Pubg Mobile Lower_AngledForeGripAngled ForegripM762-M416-AUG-G36C-UMP-SKS-QBZ95-SCAR-L-MK-MUTANT
Pubg Mobile Half_GripHalf GripM762-M416-AUG-G36C-UMP-SKS-QBZ95-SCAR-L-MK-MUTANT-VECTOR
Pubg Mobile Thumb_GripThumb GripM762-M416-AUG-G36C-UMP-SKS-QBZ95-SCAR-L-MK-MUTANT
Pubg Mobile Light_GripLight GripM762-M416-AUG-G36C-UMP-SKS-QBZ95-SCAR-L-MK-MUTANT
Pubg Mobile Lower_LaserPointerLaser SightM762-M416-AUG-G36C-UMP-SKS-QBZ95-SCAR-L-MK-MUTANT
Pubg Mobile Grip Table


ScopeSpecies Capable of Using
Pubg Mobile red dotRed dot sightAR DMR SMG LMG Sniper and Some Pistols
Pubg Mobile holoHolographic sightAR DMR SMG LMG Sniper and Some Pistols
Pubg Mobile Canted_sightCanted sightAR DMR SMG LMG Sniper and Some Pistols
Pubg Mobile 2x2x scopeAR DMR SMG LMG Sniper
Pubg Mobile 3x3x scopeAR DMR SMG LMG Sniper
Pubg Mobile 4x4x scopeAR DMR SMG LMG Sniper
Pubg Mobile 6x6x scopeAR DMR SMG LMG Sniper
Pubg Mobile 8x8x scopeDMR & Sniper
Pubg Mobile 15x15x scopeDMR & Sniper
Pubg Mobile Scope Table


Pubg Mobile Level 1 HelmetLevel 1 Helmet
Pubg Mobile Level 2 HelmetLevel 2 Helmet
Pubg Mobile Level 3 HelmetLevel 3 Helmet
Helmet is the equipment that helps reduce the damage we receive to the head. As your level increases, the damage you take decreases.
Pubg Mobile Police vestLevel 1 Armor
Pubg Mobile Police vest level 2Level 2 Armor
Pubg Mobile Military vestLevel 3 Armor
Armors are equipment that help reduce the damage we receive to the body. As your level increases, the damage you take decreases.
Pubg Mobile Backpack level 1Level 1 Backpack
Pubg Mobile Backpack level 2Level 2 Backpack
Pubg Mobile Backpack level 3Level 3 Backpack
Backpacks allow us to store the loot we obtain. As our level increases, our item capacity also increases.
Pubg Mobile BeltBeltBelts are given to each player at the beginning of the game. This way, we can store some items, even if it’s only a small amount.
Pubg Mobile Equipment Table

Pubg Mobile Others

Pubg Mobile BandageBandage

Bandage is one of the tools that allows us to replenish health. Each bandage consumes 2 storage capacity. A bandage used in 4 seconds restores 10 health points. It allows you to replenish up to a maximum of %75 health points.

Pubg Mobile FirstAidKitFirst Aid Kit

Another health replenishment equipment we have is the First Aid Kit. The kit, used in 6 seconds, instantly restores 75% of your health.

Pubg Mobile MedKitMed Kit

Our last health item, the Med Kit, is a very rare item compared to others. It is used in 8 seconds and fully restores your health to 100%.

Pubg Mobile Energy DrinkEnergy Drink

Energy Drinks provide an immediate boost of 40 to a character, resulting in health regeneration. Consuming multiple cans increases movement speed and enhances health regeneration. However, performing certain actions like jumping or unholstering a weapon will interrupt the consumption process. The effects of a single can will last for around 2 minutes, restoring approximately 23 health in total.

Pubg Mobile PainKillerPainkiller

Painkillers provide an immediate boost of 60 to a character, resulting in health regeneration and increased movement speed. However, certain actions like jumping or unholstering a weapon will interrupt the consumption process. The effects of a single bottle will last for around 3 minutes, restoring approximately 40 health in total.

Pubg Mobile AdrenalineSyringeAdrenaline Syringe

The Adrenaline Syringe is a highly sought-after item that can be obtained from air drops or found as rare loot on the map since Update 12. In comparison to Energy Drinks and Painkillers, the Adrenaline Syringe is a significantly more powerful booster, requiring 6 seconds to administer and completely filling the boost bar. Once the boost bar is filled, it provides health regeneration and a substantial increase in running speed for a limited duration. The effects of the boost will last approximately 5 minutes, resulting in a total health regeneration of around 86% and an additional 6.2% increase in movement speed.

Pubg Mobile Gas canGas Can

The item that allows you to refill the vehicle when it runs out of gasoline is called a gas can. It contains a random amount of fuel that can be used to refuel a vehicle. Since a random amount of fuel is added to the vehicle, it is best to refuel when the vehicle is less than half full. It occupies 20 units of storage capacity.

Pubg Mobile Bombs

One of the other fundamental elements of the Pubg Mobile game is the use of bombs. We would like to explain to you the purpose and extent of use for each type of bomb.

Pubg Mobile GrenadeFrag Grenade

A Frag Grenade, commonly known as a Fragmentation Grenade, is a type of grenade designed to utilize an explosive charge to fragment its outer shell in either a shaped or radial pattern. This fragmentation creates shrapnel that spreads out, inflicting significant damage to enemies within its range. The explosive force can cause severe internal injuries or exert pressure and shock, especially when detonated in enclosed spaces.

In PUBG, the safest method to throw a frag grenade is to press and release the throw button instantly. However, if you hold the grenade for approximately 3 seconds after pulling the pin, it becomes more challenging for your enemies to react to the impending explosion.

The grenade will detonate after a delay of 5 seconds once it is ready to be thrown.

Pubg Mobile SmokeBombSmoke Bomb

Smoke grenades are throwable devices filled with a combination of potassium chlorate, lactose, and often a dye for signaling purposes. When these chemicals interact with the air, they produce a smoke screen that temporarily obscures visibility on the battlefield, reducing situational awareness.

Pubg Mobile Stun GrenadeStun Grenade

A Stun Grenade, also referred to as a flash grenade or flashbang, is a type of grenade that combines various chemical and metallurgical properties to create a loud popping sound and a blinding flash of light upon detonation. The purpose of this grenade is to temporarily disorient rather than cause permanent damage, making it ideal for incapacitating enemies without inflicting fatal injuries. It is commonly employed as a prelude to armed conflicts to clear rooms and buildings.

When a Stun Grenade detonates within its blast radius of approximately 5 meters, it induces significant disorientation among individuals exposed to it. This disorientation manifests as a loud ringing noise and a noticeable drop in the frame rate of visual perception. If the grenade detonates within a player’s field of view (based on the first-person perspective camera), the player will experience complete blindness due to the intense white light for several seconds. (Exact timing information is needed.)

Pubg Mobile MolotovMolotov

Molotov Cocktails are designed to create a fiery area upon impact with the ground. Any players hit by or passing through this area will catch fire, suffering continuous damage over time. While Molotov Cocktails can be used as offensive weapons, they lack the bouncing capabilities of other throwable items. However, they can serve as effective tools for area denial. By setting a staircase on fire, for example, you can prevent players from pursuing you to higher floors, providing you with extra time to establish a kill zone or make a quick escape from a balcony.

Additionally, Molotov Cocktails have defensive applications. They can be employed to obstruct an enemy’s line of sight, similar to Smoke Grenades, creating a visual barrier that hampers their ability to see clearly and target accurately.

Pubg Mobile C4C4

C4 is an intriguing and formidable addition to the arsenal, providing players with fresh strategic options to deal with cautious adversaries. With its impressive 25-meter effective radius and the ability to inflict damage through cover, the unmistakable beeping of this explosive brick will surely make you consider a hasty retreat. It’s important to note that C4 isn’t just another throwable item. While its range may be relatively short, it can effectively block enemy access to a building or new zone, as well as force opponents out of their secure positions.

Pubg Mobile Sticky_BombSticky Bomb

Sticky Bombs fall under the category of Throwables. Upon impact and sticking to an object, they initiate a countdown. However, due to their nature, they are notably challenging to throw over medium distances, making them less versatile compared to Frag Grenades, for example. Nevertheless, Sticky Bombs excel at inflicting significant damage in close proximity.

Exclusive to the Karakin map, Sticky Bombs serve a unique purpose. They can be employed to demolish Paper Walls, as well as destroy entrances to concealed rooms or the Tunnels, offering tactical advantages in specific scenarios.

Pubg Mobile DecoyGrenadeDecoy Grenade

The primary purpose of a Decoy Grenade is to deceive the opponent. This bomb emits fake gunfire sounds in the area where it is thrown, causing the opponents to divert their attention in that direction. It assists you in overpowering them with your combat strategies and helps you defeat them.

Pubg Mobile Blue_Zone_GrenadeBlue Zone Grenade

The radius of the grenade’s blue zone expands to 10 meters, maintaining its full size for 5 seconds, before gradually shrinking and vanishing within the following 5 seconds. Players within the blue zone sustain damage at a rate of 10 points per second.


Our PUBG Mobile Weapon Tier List provides a comprehensive ranking of the game’s weapons. With this list, you can make informed choices when it comes to selecting weapons from those you find on the ground. The tier list is regularly updated to reflect the evolving meta and the introduction of new weapons. Explore the weapon stats tables to gain a deeper understanding of each weapon’s unique characteristics. Make the most of this valuable resource to enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of achieving victory in PUBG Mobile. Wishing you many “Winner Winner Chicken Dinners!”