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In this article, we’ve covered the Quasimorph Dupe Glitch Infinite Items Guide. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the guide!

Quasimorph Dupe Glitch Infinite Items Guide

Step 1: Acquire a heart

Hearts can be acquired fairly easily by equipping a bladed melee weapon, such as the knife you start out with, and then using it to amputate a dead human enemies chest. This menu can be reached by clicking the person button that is above the inventory of our donor. Then, with your BLADED melee weapon equipped, click the chest indicator if it is not already destroyed from you killing them. There is no guarantee you will get a heart. Or even a drop at all. You just have to keep going till you get one. Once you do, extract by either finding a blueprint/character chip or by completing your mission.

Step 2: Bring this heart to Venus

Venus is the home to the Tezctlan, a race of Aztec DOOM demons. They have various ports on venus, at least one should be taking hearts. If not, it may be under attack- travel to and from earth or some other planet to pass current contracts. On my save it is the bottom left, but it might be different for you. There, you will want to click the station to plan a mission to it with only the heart you found and maybe a backpack to make walking loot to your ship easier. Then, you are going to need to find a big pile of box looking things. This is where you will place your heart. Then, you can hit G or click the exchange button to trade the heart for… multiple hearts?? I would advise from here you take an extra heart as a failsafe, and so you can do this again when you inevitably die with everything you get. Then, from here on out, just keep hitting the trade button, The single heart trades for 2 or 3 hearts. Then these trade for 5. Then the 5 trades for a random item and a single heart. Rinse. Repeat. Reap. You can keep doing this and hauling things to your ship. It will make new rows for storage when your inventory gets full. Seriously.

The junk you will be getting, and what to do with it.

Most of the armor you will be getting at first is not very good, but it is better than nothing, so I would save a few sets as it provides good blunt protection, and blunt enemies can easily instantly kill you with their stuns if you are unprotected against it. Eventually, you can get better plate armor that protects against more than just blunt. I would then start breaking these armor pieces down for their fabric, which, at +100 quasimorphosis penalty, heal any wound type extremely effectively, and stack up to 10 while also being trade-able to the AnCap Faction for ludicrous amounts of weapons and backpacks.
The guns you get are ridiculous. The shotgun lays people out like no ones buisness. the pistol is just a worse version of the shotgun but is good for salvaging the ammo from. Eventually an assault rifle unlocks, and it melts even fairly dangerous human enemies, as they deal cold damage which is hardly ever defended against.
The melee weapons are pretty good. The club deals good damage and has a good chance to stun, and the sickle thing does piercing damage which is usually less defended against. You can break these down for infinite metal pipes and blades. Will update as I progress further with their reputation