Ratchet Clank Rift Apart: Optimized Settings Guide

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Now, check out the Ratchet Clank: Rift Apart Optimized Settings Guide. Boost your FPS and leave no excuses to play better than ever before!

In this guide, we’ve explained the Ratchet Clank: Rift Apart Optimized Settings Guide. Let’s dive into the guide and fine-tune your FPS!

Ratchet Clank Rift Apart: Optimized Settings Guide

Optimized Settings for Smooth Gameplay:

I’ve reviewed your settings, and I’ll help you optimize them for smoother gameplay. These recommendations are based on your system specs and the game’s performance in challenge mode:

  1. Resolution: Stick with 720p. Raising the resolution can significantly decrease FPS, even with your 32GB of RAM and 16GB allocated to integrated graphics.
  2. Window Mode: Use Fullscreen for better performance. If you encounter scaling issues, try switching between Exclusive Fullscreen and Fullscreen until it’s resolved.
  3. Upscale Method: Keep it on ‘xess’ for improved visuals without sacrificing performance.
  4. Upscale Quality: Stick with ‘Ultra Quality’ for the best visual experience.
  5. Texture Quality: Set it to ‘Low’ for integrated graphics. It seems ‘High’ might not be worth the performance hit, and you experienced crashes with it.
  6. Texture Filtering: Let your graphics driver handle this setting, as it can impact performance, and it’s often best left to the driver to optimize.
  7. Shadow Quality: On integrated graphics, set it to ‘Very Low’ to boost FPS. Discrete graphics might handle higher settings better.
  8. Depth of Field: Turn it off, as it’s more of a performance hit than it’s worth.
  9. Level of Detail: Keep it at ‘Very Low’ for improved performance.
  10. Traffic Density: Set it to ‘Low’ to reduce the strain on your system.
  11. Hair Quality: On integrated graphics, use ‘High.’ ‘Very High’ can cause glitches in textures.
  12. Ambient Occlusion: Go with ‘XeGTAO’ for integrated graphics.
  13. Screen Space Reflections: Opt for ‘High’ as integrated graphics perform well with screen space reflections.
  14. Weather Particle Quality: Set it to ‘Low’ to maintain smoother gameplay.
  15. Field of View: Try reducing it to -25 for a balanced experience.
  16. Sharpness: A value of 10 can significantly enhance the image quality.

With these settings, you should achieve better performance during the final battle in challenge mode. Remember that every system can have unique quirks, so don’t hesitate to fine-tune these settings based on your personal preferences and experiences. Enjoy your gaming!