Red Dead Redemption 2: Landmarks Of Riches Treasure Maps

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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC introduces Landmarks of Riches treasure map. Start in Chapter 2 or later to uncover this optional quest!

Red Dead Redemption 2 The Landmarks of Riches treasure map was added specifically for the PC version. It is an optional quest line that has you travel throughout the map. This quest appears to be available from Chapter 2 onwards.There are no other requirements. Getting started ,all you need to do is track down the location of the first treasure map in Landmarks of Riches. You may need to have finished Chapter 2 before doing so,but the first map is still pretty close to a couple of quests from that chapter ,so feel free to check it out. It’s definitely available from chapter 3 onwards,so if you’re already at that point, feel free to get started.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Landmarks Of Riches Treasure Map Locations

Map 1 Location

The first map is inside the Obelisk point of interest to the north-west of Strawberry in West Elizabeth. Go past the Owanjila and continue off-road north-east once the road turns north and you’ll see the Obelisk standing proud atop a hill. Check around the back of it to find the map.

Map 2 Location

The map shows the hand of God seemingly descending to a church and pointing at the bell atop the building. Well,this is a reference to the Tiny Church in Lemoyne. Head to Lakay,and you’ll see the tiny building there.Jump on top of it and investigate the bell for the next map.

Map 3 Location

The last map showed a strange turtle with a hole in it and some loose boards.This is obviously (not obvious) the Mysterious Hill House that sits on a mountain to the north-east of Fort Wallace and Bacchus Station. Head to the location,and you’ll see the strange Hobbit house with the turtle symbol above the door. Head around to the right-hand side of the building and jump up to find a broken window. Search it for the next Landmarks of Riches Treasure Map.

Map 4 Location

This clue might be the hardest to find.It merely shows a cannon and a tree with a hole in it. This is a reference to Bolger Blade, which is the site of a great battle. You’ll have to have a look around for this particular one,but you’ll find the tree near a broken cannon just south of the L in Blade on the map. Look inside the tree for the final clue.

Map 5 Location

The final clue shows a mountain and a clock,which is obviously (again,not obvious) the Sundial atop Mount Shamm in West Elizabeth. Make your way up the mountain on horse until you can see the sundial itself,you’ll need to climb up the final part on foot to get to the sundial. Then,search under a rock for your prize; 6 Gold Bars,which is a whopping $3,000 once you’ve sold them to a Fence.