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With the Remnant 2 classes tier list, choose a class for yourself and your friends. Arm yourselves with weapons, prepare perfect combos, and savor the story's enjoyment.

Remnant 2 immerses players in an action-packed and visually stunning post-apocalyptic world teeming with enigmatic beings called the Root. As the game’s protagonist, players embark on a thrilling journey across diverse realms, confronting formidable enemies and challenging bosses. Within this gripping adventure, a vast array of unique and potent weapons awaits, catering to various playstyles and combat strategies. Whether it’s wielding ranged or melee weaponry, players have the freedom to customize their approach to battles. Beyond its captivating gameplay, Remnant 2 boasts a rich and intriguing lore that captivates the imagination. Additionally, the option for cooperative multiplayer enhances the experience, making it a dynamic and enjoyable adventure for all involved. As players delve into the mysteries of the Root and strive to restore hope to their shattered world, Remnant 2 promises an unforgettable escapade filled with excitement and wonder. Here, we’ve ranked the weapons you should use in this world. It’s time to crush enemies with the Remnant 2 Class Tier List!

Remnant 2 Classes Tier List

With the Remnant 2 class tier list, you will choose your class and strengthen it for hours on end. We highly recommend paying close attention while reading. Classes are extremely important in the game. Your chosen class determines everything from your playstyle to which character you’ll use with your weapon. This way, you can create amazing combos with your friends. Let’s get started now!





S Tier

  • Handler
  • Medic

A Tier

  • Alchemist
  • Gunslinger
  • Hunter

B Tier

  • Summoner

C Tier

  • Explorer
  • Challenger

Tier List Overview Criteria

  • T0: This is the highest tier in a tier list, reserved for the most powerful or effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are considered to be essential picks for competitive play and are often banned in tournaments.
  • T1: This tier is just below T0-tier and includes characters or strategies that are still very strong and effective, but not quite as dominant as those in the T0-tier.
  • T2: This tier includes characters or strategies that are considered to be average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. They may have some strengths and weaknesses, but they are not as dominant as those in the higher tiers.
  • T3: This is the lowest tier in a tier list, reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered to be inferior to other options and may be rarely used in competitive play.

Remnant 2 Tips and Tricks

Empower Yourself with Consumables

In the challenging world of Remnant 2, consumable items are scarce compared to the first game. While you might be hesitant to spend your hard-earned scrap on them, don’t forget their potential benefits. If you find yourself struggling against a tough boss or facing a daunting challenge, don’t hesitate to use consumables to gain that extra edge. With a wide variety of helpful items at your disposal, they might be the key to claiming valuable loot. Don’t hoard them – use them wisely!

Automate Item Prompts

Tired of dealing with numerous item prompts cluttering your screen? There’s a quick and easy solution. Open your Settings menu, head to the Gameplay tab, and activate the “Auto Dismiss Item Prompts” option. Once enabled, you’ll no longer have to manually dismiss each notification that pops up when you loot items. They will automatically fade away after a few seconds, allowing for a smoother and more immersive gameplay experience.

Harness the Power of Advanced Stats

Creating the perfect Character Build is vital in Remnant 2. With multiple factors contributing to your character’s performance, keeping track of all the effects can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there’s a helpful feature tucked away in your Character Menu – the Advanced Stats screen. By pressing the designated key (such as ‘R’), you gain access to a comprehensive list of all your stats and bonuses. This makes optimizing your character’s performance much more manageable.

Uncover Secrets through Inventory Inspection

In Remnant 2, you can inspect the items in your inventory for a closer look. While this might seem like a simple feature, it can also be the key to uncovering hidden secrets, puzzles, and even powerful weapons. Pay attention to the details when inspecting items; some seemingly insignificant objects may hold crucial clues to your progress. Always take a moment to inspect every inventory item, as it might lead to unexpected discoveries.

Unlock and Utilize Archetype Traits

Each Archetype in Remnant 2 comes with a unique Trait that improves as you level up within that Archetype. However, when you reach level 10 and fully master an Archetype, its Trait unlocks for use with other builds. This means you can integrate the powerful Traits from various Archetypes into your preferred playstyle, making your character even more versatile and formidable. Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock and experiment with all the available Traits!

Maximize Archetype Experience Gain

When striving to max out an Archetype, remember that the experience gained is shared between the two equipped Archetypes. To level up a specific Archetype quickly, pair it with one that has already reached its maximum level. By doing this, the new Archetype will receive 100% of the experience earned, ensuring swift progression. Additionally, equip items and Traits that boost Experience Gains to expedite your growth even further.

Identify and Exploit Enemy Weakspots

It may seem obvious, but knowing an enemy’s weak spot isn’t always straightforward in Remnant 2. Experimentation in combat is crucial to uncovering the most effective strategies. Some enemies may have armored areas that, when shot off, reveal explosive vulnerabilities. Others might have exposed weak spots that deal critical damage when targeted. If you’re struggling to find an enemy’s weak spot, remember that there might be a hidden secret to uncover – so keep experimenting!

Frequent Vendor Check-ups

Ward 13 is home to various vendors, each offering unique wares. Make it a habit to check their stock regularly, as items available for purchase might change over time. What was not available before might suddenly become accessible, presenting new opportunities for upgrades and enhancements as you progress through the game. Stay vigilant and don’t miss out on potential game-changing items.

Leap to Find Secrets

Remnant 2 introduces an improved jumping and mantling system that opens up possibilities for uncovering hidden secrets. While the platforming mechanics might feel challenging at first, mastering them can lead to valuable rewards. Keep an eye out for suspiciously placed platforms – they might hold secrets or shortcuts that can make your journey easier and more rewarding.

Use Infinite Stamina to Sense Nearby Enemies

Infinite stamina outside of combat is one of Remnant 2’s useful Quality of Life features. Apart from aiding your mobility, it can also serve as a handy tool for detecting nearby enemies. When you’re in the vicinity of foes, your stamina bar will decrease as you sprint or dodge. If you notice your stamina diminishing unexpectedly, it’s a sign that enemies are lurking nearby. Be prepared for potential encounters, and stay alert to maintain the upper hand.

Convert Excess Items into Scrap

Upgrading gear in Remnant 2 is an ongoing process that requires a steady stream of scrap. Even if you diligently collect scrap from various sources, you may still find yourself short on funds. In such situations, consider selling excess items for scrap. Items you rarely use, surplus consumables, or excess crafting materials can be converted into much-needed currency. This way, you’ll be better equipped to afford essential upgrades when you need them most.

Exploit Enemy Friendly Fire

Friendly fire is a real threat in Remnant 2, especially on higher difficulties. However, it can also work to your advantage. Enemies are not immune to hurting each other, and when they do, it can be a significant advantage in battles. Strategically position yourself and draw enemies into situations where they inadvertently damage each other. It might just be the edge you need to emerge victorious in challenging encounters.

Remnant 2 Class Traits

1+10% Consumable Duration-1 Encumbrance+1% Movement Speed+5% Ammo Boost-8% Damage Reduction+60 Weapon Range Bonus (cm)Increases Healing by 5%0.15/s Health Regen
2+20% Consumable Duration-2 Encumbrance+2% Movement Speed+10% Ammo Boost-16% Damage Reduction+120 Weapon Range Bonus (cm)Increases Healing by 10%0.3/s Health Regen
3+30% Consumable Duration-3 Encumbrance+3% Movement Speed+15% Ammo Boost-24% Damage Reduction+180 Weapon Range Bonus (cm)Increases Healing by 15%0.45/s Health Regen
4+40% Consumable Duration-4 Encumbrance+4% Movement Speed+20% Ammo Boost-32% Damage Reduction+240 Weapon Range Bonus (cm)Increases Healing by 20%0.6/s Health Regen
5+50% Consumable Duration-5 Encumbrance+5% Movement Speed+25% Ammo Boost-40% Damage Reduction+300 Weapon Range Bonus (cm)Increases Healing by 25%0.75/s Health Regen
6+60% Consumable Duration-6 Encumbrance+6% Movement Speed+30% Ammo Boost-48% Damage Reduction+360 Weapon Range Bonus (cm)Increases Healing by 30%0.9/s Health Regen
7+70% Consumable Duration-7 Encumbrance+7% Movement Speed+35% Ammo Boost-56% Damage Reduction+420 Weapon Range Bonus (cm)Increases Healing by 35%1.05/s Health Regen
8+80% Consumable Duration-8 Encumbrance+8% Movement Speed+40% Ammo Boost-64% Damage Reduction+480 Weapon Range Bonus (cm)Increases Healing by 40%1.2/s Health Regen
9+90% Consumable Duration-9 Encumbrance+9% Movement Speed+45% Ammo Boost-72% Damage Reduction+540 Weapon Range Bonus (cm)Increases Healing by 45%1.35/s Health Regen
10+100% Consumable Duration-10 Encumbrance+10% Movement Speed+50% Ammo Boost-80% Damage Reduction+600 Weapon Range Bonus (cm)Increases Healing by 50%1.5/s Health Regen

While preparing the Remnant 2 Class Tier List article, we reached out to players who had the opportunity to experience the closed beta. Thanks to extensive discussions with them, we were able to publish this article. The game is expected to make a significant impact upon its release on various platforms such as Epic Games, Steam, Xbox, and PS5. There seems to be no market where the game hasn’t been released. The storyline is exceptionally captivating, and it has become a long-awaited title in the gaming community. We eagerly await its release.