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Revive Mayrina's spouse in Baldur's Gate 3 using acquired item, Workshop exploration, and choice-driven twists. Choose wisely for varied outcomes.

In our Baldur’s Gate 3 guide, we will show you how to resurrect Mayrina’s husband. Whether to resurrect or not is entirely up to your choice. You can see the consequences you will encounter below.

Resurrecting Mayrina’s Husband in BG3

Resurrecting Mayrina’s Husband in Baldur's Gate 3
To successfully conclude the Mayrina Husband segment of the quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s imperative to obtain this item from the Workshop. (left) If circumstances align favorably, you have the opportunity to revive Mayrina’s Husband within Baldur’s Gate 3. (right)

If you choose the path or are fortunate enough to win the affections of the girl and acquire the magical hag’s hair, you’ll gain the means to confront Mayrina’s deceased spouse. Venture into the Acrid Workshop and be sure to collect the Bitter Divorce, an item resting on the same bench where the Hag’s notes and Pig’s Heads are located. Proceed through the fungal portal situated at the rear of the Workshop, leading you to a scene where Mayrina stands by her husband’s casket. Engage her in conversation and reveal the bundle you discovered, bearing her husband’s name etched onto it (as described earlier).

Express your belief in its effectiveness and employ it to resurrect Mayrina’s husband. However, a final twist orchestrated by the Hag takes place, causing him to return as a zombie. Now, you face the choice of eliminating the zombie, giving Mayrina the wand, or retaining the wand and keeping the zombie as a pet. The decision rests entirely in your hands.

If you opt to relinquish Mayrina her husband’s wand, she will take him to Baldur’s Gate. It’s likely that in the complete version of the game, you’ll encounter the sight of Mayrina and the zombie wandering at some point.

With this, you’re now fully informed about the Hag in Baldur’s Gate 3. You possess a comprehensive understanding of the potential outcomes within this quest chain, including acquiring the Hag’s Hair, obtaining Ability Score Upgrades, the drawbacks associated with the Hag’s deals, and crucially, a strategy to overcome the boss should you find yourself struggling.