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Risk of Rain Returns: Best Settings Guide

Easy to Read Text

The screenshots you’ll see in this guide were taken while using Alternate UI Font.

Whether or not you use this setting for your game is completely optional.

This is what the text looks like with it on:

And this is what it looks like by default:

Player Visibility

Pretty hard to play the game when your can’t see your character.

Let’s change that.

Go into Settings and copying these settings.

Then switch to Controls Tab, click on Accessibility Options, and copy these settings.

After doing both, your screen should now look like this:

Whereas before your screen most likely looked like this:

Having the ability to see your character while zoomed out is important, because it allows for easier traversal and discovery of your surroundings.
Here’s a scaled comparison to show the difference these settings make:

Easier Controls

The default keys aren’t the greatest.

But that doesn’t mean you need a controller.

Go into Setting, Switch to Controls Tab, and copy these binds.
(Feel free to make a new layout by clicking Default in the Profiles Section)

Then click on Accessibility Options and copy these settings.

  • Rapid Fire
    • Skills that require repeated inputs may be executed by holding the button down.
  • Auto Jump
    • Allows holding the jump button to jump again when landing.
  • Up to Jump
    • Replaces the ‘Jump’ button input with the up button.
  • Jumping from ropes now requires left or right.

I really like ‘Up to Jump’, because I’ve put way too much time into 2D Platformers during Highschool, and cannot imagine trying to accommodate for this game’s weird climbing controls.
After which scroll down for Menu Navigation, and copy these binds.