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Now, take a look at Risk of Rain Returns: Completed Save File. Get your hands on a save file where everything is unlocked, including all characters, items, trials (including the final one), logs, and more!

In this guide, we shared Risk of Rain Returns: Completed Save File with you. Now, download the save file and learn how to add it to the game to become the owner of everything through our guide!

Risk of Rain Returns: Completed Save File

Here’s a step-by-step on tweaking your game progress. Follow these moves to ensure you don’t accidentally trip over your achievements or stats:

  1. Navigate to \Steam\userdata(random folder name)\1337520\remote and do yourself a favor—backup that save.json file.
  2. Download this handy file [drive.google.com] and neatly tuck it into the same folder mentioned earlier. Alternatively, copy-paste the text—easy peasy.

Now, brace yourself for the warnings:

  1. The moment you dive back into the game, all your Steam achievements will light up like a Christmas tree. Blink, and you might miss it!
  2. Your game stats are on the line. If you’re keen on holding onto them, open your save file with Notepad. Select everything except the “stats” and “run_history” bits and copy-paste that goodness back in.
  3. Fair warning: This save isn’t flawless. Crowns might play hard to get in some trials, and the final trial won’t leave a mark (but hey, at least you’ll unlock all character paints).

Happy gaming, and may your virtual adventures be ever in your favor!