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Risk of Rain Returns: The Trial of Judgement

The Basics

This challenge introduces four types of enemy variants that significantly contribute to its difficulty. These variants possess increased stagger resistance compared to regular foes:

  1. The green variants, responsible for healing allies, are generally less prevalent in the challenge but can be inconvenient due to their stagger resistance.
  2. The orange variants, armed with missiles, pose a threat to players who are too slow in combat. A white circle indicates the missile’s landing spot, but be aware that the explosion is slightly larger. Stay agile, and avoid attacks that limit mobility.
  3. The red variants leave fire trails, punishing players for staying in one area. While hopping through the fire can mitigate damage, it’s safer to keep a distance and attack from afar or engage briefly.
  4. The yellow variants randomly teleport, adding unpredictability to combat. Keep a distance, stun them on attack, anticipate teleports, and time rushes carefully to mitigate their threat.

When facing these special enemy variants, understanding your character’s limits is crucial. Focus on dealing damage when it’s safe, and chip away at enemies when necessary. There’s no time pressure, allowing careful elimination of enemies with strategic strikes.

Learning wave sequences and attack patterns of featured enemies is vital for success. Dodging non-airborne enemy attacks is possible by jumping, providing a constant means of damage avoidance. However, certain enemies may still hit players in the air, requiring attention.

Some enemies can be perpetually staggered with repetitive basic attacks. Pay close attention to stagger potential and attack patterns, crucial for effective enemy juggling.

Health regeneration is disabled in the Trial of Judgement. Passive regeneration occurs only through leveling up, acquiring the Harvester’s Scythe, or the Bustling Fungus later in the challenge. Rationing health replenishes across stages is essential, as there are five available between each stage.

I strongly recommend grabbing every Guardian Heart in this challenge. The shield they provide significantly enhances survivability, absorbing damage while allowing players to unleash abilities. Paired with the Unstable Watch, players can pause time, dealing damage and regaining their shield safely.

Note that ability and equipment cooldowns reset between stages, allowing their use without immediate concern for the future if the end is near.

The Characters

For simplicity, I’ve adjusted the text for better flow and clarity.

Drifter: Very Easy This character boasts a robust basic attack sequence for staggering enemies. Using the Gigantic Amethyst and Ancient Sceptre, their fourth ability can generate temporary items, making them formidable in the challenge.

Avoid the Alien Head, Backup Magazine, or Hardlight Afterburner on this character.

Engineer: Very Easy Equipping both the Gigantic Amethyst and Ancient Sceptre allows the Engineer to deploy three turrets simultaneously, providing effective crowd control. Standing on the turrets elevates them, adding a layer of safety.

Avoid the Backup Magazine or Hardlight Afterburner on this character.

(Continue this format for the remaining characters, addressing each one individually.)

Similarly, streamline the information for each character to enhance readability.

Sniper: Hard This character excels at ranged damage but is vulnerable during reloads and when charging abilities. The Hardlight Afterburner helps chain backflips for evading threats, while Backup Magazines and the Alien Head enhance combat options.

Avoid the Amethyst Crystal on this character.

Miner: Hard After the first arena, the Miner’s attack gains stagger, becoming more potent with a filled Scorching meter. The Ancient Sceptre amplifies the fourth ability, while the Unstable Watch freezes time for safe Scorching progress.

Avoid the Hardlight Afterburner on this character.

(Continue this format for the remaining characters.)

The Final Fight

Streamline the information for the final fight to make it more digestible.

The Final Fight Managing crowds, focusing on dangerous foes, and learning each character’s strengths are crucial. The final battle with Providence is challenging due to the absence of consistent healing and lack of invulnerability for many characters.

The Unstable Watch is vital, allowing players to pause time for shield regeneration. Rapid Mitosis decreases Unstable Watch cooldown, essential for the fight.

Providence’s final battle is similar to the main game but in a smaller arena, intensifying the threat of area effects and summoned enemies. New enemies, like the blue and green ones, are a minor nuisance, while the orange and red enemies pose significant challenges.

Players must anticipate Providence’s attacks, avoid beams, explosions, and summoned enemies, and pick strategic moments to attack. Mashing attacks recklessly can be fatal.

Outroduction: Provide a concise conclusion to summarize the overall challenge and offer a final perspective.


Despite its challenges, this combat trial stands out for its calculated and unforgiving enemy waves. While certain characters may seem more suited to the challenge, familiarity with each one’s strengths and enemy spawn patterns is key. Starting with easier characters can aid in memorizing wave sequences.

I initially struggled with several characters, but as I grasped the challenge’s dynamics and got acquainted with each character’s limitations, success became achievable.