Risk of Rain Returns: Tips for Beginners

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Learn Risk of Rain Returns with our beginner tactics! Master the game with ease and efficiency. Let's dive into the article!

In this article, we have prepared tactics and tips for beginners in Risk of Rain Returns. With these strategies, you will learn the game easily and effectively. Let’s move on to our article.

Tips for Beginners

Optimize Your View with Camera Options

Locating the teleporter is your primary goal, but the maps can be deceivingly large. Zoom out your camera to spot it faster. In the options menu, find the Zoom Scale slider under the General tab, set it to 1.0x for maximum FOV, and adjust the HUD Scale for a clear interface.

Conquer Flying Foes with Missiles

Flying enemies pose a challenge due to limited aiming. Seek missile-launching items like AtG Missile Mk. 1 or Disposable Missile Launcher. Items like Bundle of Fireworks, Ceremonial Dagger, Will-o-Wisp, Gasoline, Barbed Wire, and Tesla Coil passively damage flying enemies.

Jump to Survive in Combat

Combat hinders mobility, especially while shooting. Instead of holding down a movement key, jump during battles to maintain speed, dodge attacks, and deal damage. Hopoo Feathers are invaluable, except for the Huntress, who maintains full speed while shooting.

Tailor Challenges with Custom Rules

Adjust settings before each run using the Rules window. Customize your experience by choosing new enemies, stages, or altering damage dynamics. Perfect for learners, completionists, testers, and achievement hunters.

Play with Purpose: Set Clear Goals

Beyond reaching the final level, set specific objectives before a run, whether unlocking a survivor or conquering a difficult achievement. Adapt your strategy based on goals, adjusting chest interactions and pacing accordingly.

Risk of Rain Returns: Tips for Beginners

Begin on Drizzle Difficulty

Start on Drizzle difficulty for an easier early game. It offers no penalty, allowing you to unlock more survivors and items while improving your chance of survival.

Master Movement for Success

In a 2D game like Risk of Rain Returns, movement items are crucial. Items like Paul’s Goat Hoof and Hopoo Feather enhance speed and maneuverability, aiding in escaping enemies and evading attacks.

Choose the Right Survivor

With 15 different survivors, each with unique playstyles, find one that suits you. Unlocking survivors on Drizzle difficulty is recommended, allowing you to discover your preferred playstyle.

Learn from Mistakes

Embrace the iterative nature of the game. Learn from mistakes, such as spending too much time on a stage or misjudging when to attack or retreat. Improvement comes with each new run.

Unlock New Abilities with Providence Trials

Explore alternate abilities by completing challenges or opt for Providence Trials, short challenge stages providing unique rules and objectives. These trials serve as practical tutorials for unlocking new abilities.

Embark on your Risk of Rain Returns adventure armed with these beginner-friendly tips. May your journey be filled with countless victories and newfound strategies!