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Take a look at the Roboquest Power Crystals Guide now. Learn everything about Power Crystals and make your choice!

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Roboquest Power Crystals Guide

Purple Power Crystal

  1. Begin your quest by heading to the Ruins’ secret area. To open the laser gate, you’ll want to follow the instructions in the Ruins Laser Gate Guide.
  2. Once the laser gate is open, make your way through the secret area’s purple door.
  3. Inside, you’ll need to navigate the scrap yard, so get ready for a battle.
  4. The coveted Purple Power Crystal awaits you after a challenging encounter with a gang of elite foes.

Blue Power Crystal

  1. If you’re up for a speedrun, head to Oasis and make your way to the first safe area as quickly as possible.
  2. If you’re swift enough, the purple door on the left should be accessible. Proceed through it to reach the rift.
  3. Make your way through the rift, and consider using rocket jumping for an easier time.
  4. Your prize, the Blue Power Crystal, is tucked away after successfully defusing a bomb at the end of your journey.

Red Power Crystal

  1. Your journey to the Red Power Crystal begins at the Quarry’s secret area. Consult the Quarry Secret Area Unlock guide for assistance.
  2. Locate the purple door on your left and venture into the pit beyond.
  3. Inside the pit, you’ll face challenges as you navigate the three purple rooms.
  4. The Red Power Crystal is your reward, waiting for you after a boss battle.

Green Power Crystal

  1. Start at Aqua Station and continue until you reach the area just before the first safe door.
  2. Look for some greenery on your right and venture through it to find the purple door.
  3. Travel to Waste Station and brace yourself for a series of battles.
  4. Your persistence will be rewarded with the Green Power Crystal, located after defusing a bomb at the end of your journey.

Yellow Power Crystal

  1. Secure the Fusion Core Key to begin your quest.
  2. Head to Aqua Station and utilize the key in the first safe area. Before leaving, don’t forget to check behind for the Fusion Core door.
  3. Continue through Aqua Station and make your way to Fusion Core.
  4. Battle your way through Fusion Core, and your efforts will be crowned with the Yellow Power Crystal after a challenging boss fight.

Light Blue / Teal Power Crystal

  1. Ensure that you’ve unlocked the tech room in the first Fields safe area using the Keys Guide.
  2. On a fresh run, gather and hold at least 25 power cells, then make your way to the Fields safe area.
  3. Unlock the power cell door to access the purple door, which will transport you to the Doom Gardens.
  4. Inside Doom Gardens, face the green exploding ball and persevere to reach the end, where you’ll discover the elusive Light Blue / Teal Power Crystal. Good luck!