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Roboquest: Step-by-Step Detailed Achievement Guide

Welcome to this evolving guide! While it’s a work in progress, I’ve included sufficient information to make it useful. Every achievement is cataloged, and most come with detailed descriptions on how to unlock them.

To navigate, simply hit Ctrl+F and input the achievement name.

What’s Pending:

  1. Bot Skewer: Needs organization, and a double-check of the complete skill/item list.
  2. Sushi Master: Currently lacking a walkthrough.
  3. Final Flash: Requires organization, and a full check of the skill/item list.
  4. Hardened Guardian: Needs additional tips; the current advice is a bit vague.
  5. Perfect Run: All level times need to be added.
  6. Ultimate Guardian: Needs tips and a walkthrough.
  7. Data-Logs: Requires complete text documentation.

Basic Progression:

Most achievements here will naturally unlock over time as you play the game. Completing other achievements will contribute to your progress.

Chapter Completion:

  1. Haven 8: Complete Chapter 1.
  2. Taking it Back!: Complete Chapter 2.
  3. Moonwalker: Complete Chapter 3.


For S rank and full exp every run, focus on critical hits for optimal damage. Achievements include:

  1. Damage Dealer (Bronze): Deal 10,000 damage.
  2. Damage Dealer (Silver): Deal 500,000 damage.
  3. Damage Dealer (Gold): Deal 1,000,000 damage.


Achievements include:

  1. Robo-Regulator (Bronze): Take down 500 enemies.
  2. Robo-Regulator (Silver): Take down 5,000 enemies.
  3. Robo-Regulator (Gold): Take down 10,000 enemies.


Achievements include:

  1. Powercell Gatherer (Bronze): Gather 50 Powercells.
  2. Powercell Gatherer (Silver): Gather 1,000 Powercells.
  3. Powercell Gatherer (Gold): Gather 2,000 Powercells.

Golden Wrenches:

Achievements include:

  1. Wrench Picker (Bronze): Gather 50 Wrenches.
  2. Wrench Picker (Silver): Gather 250 Wrenches.
  3. Wrench Picker (Gold): Gather 500 Wrenches.

Home Sweet Home:

Craft all Basecamp upgrades. Spend golden wrenches for upgrades; completion aligns with the 500-wrench achievement.


  1. My Little Buddy: Find and pick up Buddybot.
  2. Pimp my Buddy: Upgrade Buddybot to a Fantastic weapon.
  3. Legen… wait for it… dary!: Equip a Fantastic weapon.
  4. Best Buddy Forever: Finish the game with Buddybot equipped.

Class-Specific Achievements:


  1. The Last Bastion: Finish the game as the Guardian.
  2. Ammo Belt: Reach +75% bonus Ammo in a run as the Guardian.
  3. Whack-A-Mole: Take down Diggy Mole using the Bonk Hammer.


  1. Commando: Unlock the Commando.
  2. Booyakasha: Finish the game as the Commando.
  3. Special Delivery: Take down at least 3 different enemies with a single Rocket.


  1. Ranger: Unlock the Ranger.
  2. The Long Hunt: Finish the game as the Ranger.
  3. Bot Skewer: Deal more than 1,000 damage with a single Javelin.


  1. Recon: Unlock the Recon.
  2. Fast and Furious: Finish the game as the Recon.
  3. Sushi Master: Take down at least 3 different enemies in a single Dagger hit.


  1. Engineer: Unlock the Engineer.
  2. Science Above All!: Finish the game as the Engineer.
  3. For the Swarm!: Have at least 5 friends deployed at once as the Engineer.


  1. Elementalist: Unlock the Elementalist.
  2. Elementary: Finish the game as the Elementalist.
  3. Final Flash: Deal more than 1,000 damage with a single Comet.


Boss Kills: Your journey through the chapters will naturally rack up your Boss Punisher achievements:

  • Boss Punisher (Bronze): Take down 5 Bosses.
  • Boss Punisher (Silver): Take down 10 Bosses.
  • Boss Punisher (Gold): Take down 15 Bosses.

Misc Achievements:

  • Easy Peasy:
    • Take down a boss without taking damage.
    • Tips: Play on Discovery difficulty for an easier ride. Dr. Turret and Billy Boom are suggested bosses due to their telegraphed attacks. Utilize the Guardian’s Bastion ability for strategic blocking.
  • Oopsie…:
    • Trigger Billy Boom’s explosion.
    • Approach Billy Boom carefully; standing close will fill a meter. Alternatively, damage him to charge it up. When full, witness the boom!
  • Data-Logs:
    • Log Collector (Bronze): Retrieve 1 Data-Log.
    • Log Collector (Silver): Retrieve 20 Data-Logs.
    • Log Collector (Gold): Retrieve 51 Data-Logs.
    • While we work on a detailed documentation, refer to a video guide for data-log locations.


  • Gotta Catch’ Em All:
    • Complete the Museum.
    • To conquer this colossal achievement, aim for 100% completion in every category, unveiling every secret and collectible.
  • Leonardo Brushido:
    • Inside the Art Gallery on Haven City, find a painter bot seeking a paintbrush. After giving it, he’ll sell cards for 10 golden wrenches each.


  • Complete the challenge of getting 230 eliminations with every weapon. Prioritize incomplete weapons, and note that skill or elemental effects count toward the held weapon.


  • Every enemy has a chance to drop a collectible card. Farm cards efficiently by adjusting difficulty levels based on your needs.


  • Bosses are automatically marked as completed once you defeat them.
  • Various bosses like Diggy Mole, Dr. Turret, Billy Boom, El’ Moustiko, Duke Nuker, Sir Catercoaster, The Judgeball, Beetle Royale, Uncle Jim, and Iris await your challenge.


  • Collect or purchase every item in the game, including gadgets. Focus on new items in shops or chests. Corrupted items can be acquired from corrupted areas and Heisenbot’s store in the Energy Center.


  • Beat the game once.


  • Find every Data-log.


  • Complete every level at least once.

To the Limit Achievements:

  • Muscle +4000:
    • Reach level 15 in a run.
    • Follow a specific route through 10 stages, prioritizing eliminations for maximum experience.
  • Iron Maiden:
    • Reach the maximum Armor bonus.
    • Utilize skills and items to achieve the highest armor bonus of 70%.
  • Bazaar Best Friend:
    • Have at least 15 Items equipped at once during a run.
    • Strategically acquire items through Max’s chests, corrupted chests, Johnny’s fantastic items, and fully unlocking locations in Haven City.
  • Energy Wallet:
    • Spend at least 40 Powercells in a single run.
    • Accumulate cells by eliminating robots, achieving S ranks, and spending them as needed.

Difficulty & Skill:

  • Hardened Guardian:
    • Finish the game on Guardian 4 difficulty.
    • Unlock Guardian 4 difficulty by mastering each subsequent difficulty.
  • Perfect Run:
    • Finish the game with rank S average.
    • Achieve an average S rank across levels, allowing one A rank.
  • Ultimate Guardian:
    • Finish the game on Guardian 4 difficulty with rank S average.
    • The pinnacle achievement; master the game on the highest difficulty with consistent S ranks.


  • Meet my Brobot:
    • Join a Brobot’s game.
    • Simply join a game with another player.
  • Field Mechanic:
    • Reboot your Brobot.
    • Interact with your downed partner to revive them within the time limit.
  • The Power of Friendship:
    • Finish the game with a Brobot.
    • Conquer the final boss with another player, preferably on Discovery difficulty.

Miscellaneous Achievements:

  • Mamma Mia:
    • Perform 5 Headbonks in a row without landing.
    • Jump on a Goliath Worm five times consecutively for an easy achievement.
  • Master Gambler:
    • Win the Wonka Bar gamble.
    • Luck is your ally here; keep trying until the odds favor you.
  • Party Bus:
    • Jump with the Hoverbus in the Loading Screen.
    • Mash the jump button as soon as the loading screen starts.
  • It’s Gonna be a Looong Journey:
    • Get knocked out in the Canyons.
    • Embrace the inevitable; it happens to the best of us.
  • Confrérie du Croissant:
    • Change the game language to French.
    • Bon appétit! Change the language and enjoy a touch of French flair.